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Totto-chan project Group 1C8.

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1 Totto-chan project Group 1C8


3 Hui ru’s post Did totto-chan enjoy studying at Tomoe?
Had totto-chan change her bad habit when studying during lesson(kept open and close the drawer) Was studying at Tomoe stressful to her?

4 Answer to the question Yes, she enjoy studying there.
No exact answer but based on our inference she might have kick the habits . No it was not.

5 Comments Khang Leng – Good question. Jia Hong – Add more picture.
Lisa – Question are quite difficult Randall - Neat

6 Lisa’s post In chapter 5: The Headmaster
Totto-chan was curious ~ She asked the headmaster whether he is schoolmaster or stationmaster, therefore causing her mother feeling embarressed

7 Comments Khang Leng – Try to cut down the words.
Hui Ru – Good, many picture. Jia Hong – Too many words. Randall – Neat.

8 Jia Hong’s post Chapter 5, paragraph 10, line 5
Word: higgledy-piggledy Explanation: doing things in a messy way, or we can say that things are arranged in a messy way. Picture:

9 Comments Khang Leng – Good, but there is still room for improvement.
Lisa – Explanation are clear. Randall – Too much words Hui Ru – Good.

10 The next few post is on our role, our problems and answer.
- Khang Leng

11 Khang Leng’s post Roles: Jia Hong ~ vocabulary wizard
Lisa ~ character tracker Randall ~ Plot- Mapper Hui ru ~ Questioner Khang Leng ~ Discussion Leader

12 Khang Leng’s post First Meeting: Saturday, 20 June 12 pm
NLB[Jurong East] Second Meeting: Saturday, 4 July 11am NLB[Jurong point]

13 Problems encountered and solutions:
Live very far away, quite difficult to meet all of us No internet connection Solutions: Try meeting in a place where everyone is able to go Use Modem

14 Khang Leng’s reflection
After this project,…… Built up more teamwork and cooperation between group mates. During the meeting we discuss the powerpoint slides,…… Encountered problems like how to attach powerpoint slides to post on class blog. But we managed to solve all the problems. We had finally successfully finished our project!!! :D

15 Jia Hong’s post After the project,……
I found out that this is an interesting project though it was difficult. We had solved all problems encountered. I learnt that being a vocab wizard wasn’t easy as there was many work to do even for a word.

16 Hui ru’s post After the project,……
Doing project is not as easy as I expected. There are many difficulties my group and I met. It teaches me,……. Not to give up easily, cooperation among each other is important.

17 Lisa’s reflection After the project,……
I learnt that we need to cooperate with each other. I have also learnt that we need to do our part to have a good production. I found that I have known more about how to understand stories. I also know how to know more about the characters in the stories.

18 Randall’s reflection After the project,……
I felt that it was an interesting experience as I have never done a project like this before. I had also learnt how to use wordpress and freemind. We also encountered problems when meeting up due to my tuition. Totto-Chan Character Curious Playful Action playing

19 Pictures from:

20 Credits: Jia Hong Hui Ru Khang Leng Lisa Randall

21 Thank You!

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