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IMA LinkUp and LinkedIn An Overview August 21, 2010 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

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1 IMA LinkUp and LinkedIn An Overview August 21, 2010 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

2 Discussion Outline and Timeframe 1.How to get started 2.What to do next 3.Comparison 4.Conclusion (and site surfing if time permits) LinkUp (20 minutes) LinkedIn (30 minutes) Comparison and Conclusion (10 minutes)

3 Concept user user’s friend #1 user’s friend #2 Before social networking, a user who knows two people is a network of 3. 1 + 2 = 3

4 Concept user user’s friend #1 user’s friend #2

5 Concept user user’s friend #1 user’s friend #2 user’s friends’ friends #1 to #16 With social networking, a user who knows two people can become a network of exponential opportunity. In our example, 1 + 2 = 19 + access to site extras

6 LinkUp

7 Getting started with LinkUp

8 Logging in to LinkUp regular log-in process (User Name used is the IMA member number) password reset registration technical assistance

9 LinkUp Site Menu user account related tasks (we will refer as the “user menu”) community related tasks (we will refer as the “primary menu”)

10 LinkUp “User Menu” Profile Messages Bookmarked Sites Participated Pages Sign out

11 LinkUp Profile Avatar (picture) Display name (write-protected) Tagline First name Middle name Last name Name you use Address Additional photos Employer Title Previous employer E-mail Work phone Fax E-mail alternate Cell phone Web site Highest degree earned Institution Graduation year Certifications Additional Certifications Facebook Linkedin Twitter Instant messenger IDs Preferences for: o E-mail notification of message received o Tips on certain pages o Network privacy (for self only, for people in network, for all registered users)

12 LinkUp Profile Shows alternate log-in ID and e- mail address (both cannot be changed by user)

13 LinkUp Messages

14 LinkUp Bookmarked Sites

15 LinkUp Participated Pages

16 LinkUp “Primary Menu” public Discussion forum Articles, whitepapers, webinars and related resources Job Wall and link to IMA Career Center Group Events and Calendar IMA Support Discussion forum Community Members, Network, Groups Green tab is dynamic based on history

17 LinkUp Community Home  Link to Announcements  Summary of Group Activities  Summary of Network  Summary of Events  Submenu links to:  Profile  Network  Inbox

18 LinkUp Friends Network

19 LinkUp Groups  Link to All Groups  Link to create a group  Categorized Groups  Most popular subject groups  Most popular CMA study groups  Most popular chapter and council groups  Most popular regional groups  Committee and director groups

20 LinkUp Request a New Group Official Group Name (Required) Group Objectives (Required) Group Type Council Region Chapter/Council Position First Name Last Name E-Mail City State/Province Zip/Postal Code Region Country Group Avatar Other Information

21 LinkUp Support Forum

22 LinkUp Library IMA Contents with link to member submitted contents Member submitted contents

23 LinkUp Job Board  Job Wall  Career Center

24 LinkUp Events

25 LinkUp Help and Feedback

26 LinkUp Community Members

27 End of LinkUp Topic

28 LinkedIn

29 Getting started with LinkedIn

30 Creating a LinkedIn account

31 LinkedIn Log-in

32 LinkedIn Site Menu user account related tasks (we will refer as the “User Menu”) community related tasks (we will refer as the “Primary Menu”) $$

33 LinkedIn User Menu Home Networking Settings F.A.Q. (pop-up) Sign out

34 LinkedIn Home


36 LinkedIn Account Settings $$

37 LinkedIn Account Settings Public Profile: URL that anyone can access Reviews from other connections Option to add Twitter account Site provides filtering options and email preferences Make LinkedIn updates an RSS feed

38 LinkedIn Account Settings Access setups Option to disable and remove account Profiles viewed are tracked By default, profile and status updates are reported to all connections Option to be included in the Service Provider Directory Customization option

39 LinkedIn Photo

40 LinkedIn Public Profile Setup on a first-come-first-served basis. Preview

41 LinkedIn Recommendations

42 Default message

43 LinkedIn Member Feed Visibility

44 LinkedIn Contact Settings

45 LinkedIn Message Settings

46 LinkedIn Invitation Filtering

47 LinkedIn InMail Settings

48 LinkedIn Network Updates Options

49 LinkedIn RSS Feed

50 LinkedIn Group Invitation Filtering

51 LinkedIn Group Order and Settings Settings Group Search “Subscriptions”

52 LinkedIn Name and Location

53 LinkedIn E-mail Addresses

54 LinkedIn Change Password

55 LinkedIn Close Account

56 LinkedIn Research Surveys

57 LinkedIn Connections Browse

58 LinkedIn Profile Views

59 LinkedIn Viewing Photos

60 LinkedIn Profile and Status Updates

61 LinkedIn Service Provider Directory

62 LinkedIn Advertising

63 LinkedIn Applications

64 LinkedIn Customization

65 LinkedIn Primary Menu Profile Edit Profile View Profile Recommendations Contacts My Connections Imported Contacts Profile Organizer Network Statistics Add Connection Groups My Groups Following Groups Directory Create a Group XXXX1 Groups XXXX2 Groups Jobs Find Jobs Job Seeker Premium Post a Job Manage Jobs Hiring Solution Inbox (Different from InMails) View Received Messages Sent Archived Compose Message

66 LinkedIn Primary Menu More Companies Answers DirectAds Learning Center Reading List by Amazon Events WordPress Application Directory Polls WordPress Reading List by Amazon Events Files Blog Link Company Buzz Legal Updates Real Estate Pro Application Directory (continued) SlideShare Presentation Portfolio Display Google Presentation My Travel Huddle Workspaces SAP Community Bio Tweets

67 LinkedIn Profile Name First Name Last Name Former/Maiden Name Display Name Option Professional Headline Country Zip Code Industry Position (Current and Past) Company Name Title Time Period Description Education Country State Degree Field of Study

68 LinkedIn Profile Education (continued) Country State Degree Field of Study Dates Attended Activities and Societies Additional Notes Recommendations Received Sent Request Websites Link Twitter Link Public Profile URL Additional Information Websites Twitter Groups and Associations Honors and Awards

69 LinkedIn Profile Personal Information Phone Address Instant Messaging Birthday Marital Status Contact Settings Default message Opportunities to receive Career opportunities Consulting offers New ventures Job inquiries Expertise requests Business deals Personal reference requests Requests to reconnect

70 LinkedIn Contacts Needs account upgrade Create folders, add notes and view message history Manage contacts Import contacts Add and delete connections $$ Paid Feature $$

71 LinkedIn Add Contacts An e-mail address is the minimum requirement to connect to another user. LinkedIn suggests connecting to users with similar interests, work history and/or school history.

72 LinkedIn Statistics

73 LinkedIn Groups Professional groups will usually only allow members to join. Updates will be reflected in the Network Activity for groups and users being followed. Search Groups option is in Groups Directory tab.

74 LinkedIn Groups Submenu Group job board Discussion search Send an invite to join a group

75 LinkedIn Groups Settings

76 LinkedIn Creating a Group Logo Group Name Group Type Alumni Corporate Conference Networking Non-Profit Professional Others Summary Description Website Group Owner Email Access Open Request to Join Language Location

77 LinkedIn Jobs Find jobs Apply for jobs through available links Browse and save job openings $$ Paid Feature

78 LinkedIn Inbox Internal LinkedIn messaging for users in your network or group. Don’t confuse with InMail (paid feature). InMail allows you to send messages and solicitations to people out of network or group depending on opportunities preference selected.

79 LinkedIn Applications NameDescription Reading List by AmazonShare your reading list Blog LinkConnect your blog PollsMarket research tool (i.e. collect data from connections) FilesSave and edit files online Google PresentationUpload PowerPoint presentation or use Google’s app to embed presentation SlideShare PresentationsShare presentations My TravelShare trip, locations and travel statistics Company BuzzShow twitter activity SAP Community BioAdd SAP contributions and credentials Huddle WorkspacesOnline workspace for collaboration WordPressSynchronize profile with WordPress updates

80 LinkedIn Applications NameDescription TweetsTwitter client that can be used within LinkedIn Legal UpdatesGet legal news EventsFind and discover events Portfolio DisplayShowcase multimedia content Real Estate ProAccess and track real estate

81 LinkedIn Introduction 1.Go to connection’s profile. 2.Select “Get introduced through a connection”

82 LinkedIn Upgrade Pricing


84 End of LinkedIn Topic

85 Part of IMA website Connect with IMA users and groups Full access for IMA members only Access is part of IMA membership Sharing with more social networking sites (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.) Site features include o Library o Job Board o Forums o Inbox o Events 3 rd party website Connect with public users and groups Full access for any registered users Free membership with option for paid upgrade Site features include o Job Board o Discussions o Inbox o Events o Ads o Applications

86 Caveat Do not make confidential information public. Note that a negative review or negative publicity can be viewed by everyone. Bad apple in the network can hurt image. For accounts that need frequent interaction, be ready to spend time with updates. Be prepared to adapt to major site changes. May add to “information overload.” Individuals with bogus credentials for groups that do not verify membership. For corporate social media marketing, ensure that a strategy is in place. Nothing beats face-to-face time.


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