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Policy Renewal Project 2012 - 2013 Press [enter] or left click on mouse to go scroll though pages of this presentation.

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1 Policy Renewal Project 2012 - 2013 Press [enter] or left click on mouse to go scroll though pages of this presentation

2 Background The Policy Renewal Strategy (PRS) Project is a critical component of the University's review of its legislative framework, following the enactment of the new University of Ballarat Act 2010. The PRS Project aims to ensure that policies and procedures are:  simple, clear and comprehensive;  consistent with legislation, relevant standards and compliance requirements; and  developed, implemented and reviewed consistently throughout the University.

3 Current Status Closer inspection and review of the University's policy/procedures by Academic Services revealed that: the classification of policies and procedures required review a large majority of policies and associated documents are out of date and no longer relevant some documents were created but never published there are overlap and duplication of policies policies were not compliant to government requirements there are gaps in policy coverage documents that are not considered to by University wide policies and procedures (local documents) were being stored on the Policy Administration System Key policies that are being implemented are stored on department/schools websites or hard drives and not in PAMS.

4 Policy Renewal Strategy In 2011, the Policy Renewal Strategy was established with the following three main objectives: contribute to the development of a relevant, rational, risk-based policy structure consistent with University legislation; consolidate relevant Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Higher Education policies to better support the requirements of a dual sector institution; support the implementation of the Policy Framework, ensuring policies and supporting documents are developed, reviewed and approved appropriately.

5 UB Policy Framework The Policy Renewal Strategy Project developed the UB Policy Framework, which was approved by Council on 7 December 2012. The UB Policy Framework provides:  a hierarchy of documents that govern the operations of the University;  a revised classification for policies and procedures in PAMS;  a clear policy/procedure development process  a clear description of roles and responsibilities for development, approval and implementation of policies and procedures

6 University Policy Committee The University Policy Committee manages the predevelopment process to ensure policies are: Relevant Consistent with legislation Strategically viable The University Policy Committee oversees the planning, implementation and monitoring of the Policy Framework which is facilitated through the Policy Renewal Strategy.

7 Current Status Policy Framework Procedure has been revised and awaiting approval by Council Policy Matrix Project has been completed and in the process of being implemented Project Tasks and timelines have been established and are in progress

8 Policy Renewal Strategy Activities ActivityTimeframe Launch of UB Policy CentralBy end of August 2012 Launch of PAMS Training Sessions1 Week after 1 st Policy Committee Meeting 2013 Launch of UB Policy Central BulletinBy end of August 2012 Update policies that have been ‘Under Review’ pre 2012 Ongoing campaign Establish Global GlossaryBy end of November 2013 Implement ‘5 Year review strategy’ – Manual Campaign Start campaign January 2013

9 Policy Renewal Strategy Outcomes  New domains/categories will be established into which policies and procedures will be classified  Definitions will appear in the policy library glossary  Policies and procedures will have unique codes for easy referencing  Collaborating related policies and procedures to minimise the large amount of documents stored in the Policy Administration System (PAMS)  The launch of the new UB Policy Central website which will provide an online support and reference guide for staff  PAMS Training and 5 Year Review Strategy information sessions  Increase the Policy Committee membership to enable more comprehensive and expert advice on policies sitting in particular domains/categories.  Online submission of University wide comments

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