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How the South Won the War????? A web quest looking at what would have happened if the South had won The Battle of Gettysburg.

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1 How the South Won the War????? A web quest looking at what would have happened if the South had won The Battle of Gettysburg.

2 Introduction The year is 1865 the Civil War is finally over after much bloodshed and the South has won. The North has been destroyed and Jefferson Davis has assumed control of the US government. You are the local historian and you have been asked to write several journal entries describing how the North lost the war after the Battle at Gettysburg.

3 Task You will be required to create 4 journal entries which chronicle the eventual fall of the United States of America to the Confederate States of America after the battle of Gettysburg. You must include the following  how the South defeated the North at Gettysburg  how things are different now that the South has won the Civil War,  what happened on the day the North surrendered  what happened to the slaves/freedman as a result of the North losing the War.

4 Process 1.The class will watch the movie “Gettysburg” and take notes as to how the North won this particular battle. Watch the trailer to the movie here 2.The class will then have a discussion as to how the South could have actually won this battle using the notes that were taken during the movie.

5 Process (cont) 3. You will research the following topics  North and South strategy at the Battle of Gettysburg  Southern Surrender at Yorktown  Slavery in the South and the life of the freedman  Antebellum South (the South prior to the war)

6 Process (cont) 4.As you do your research you will be taking notes on note cards. Your note cards will be set up in the following way: on the front of the card there will be the question from the task you wish to answer. On the back of the card you will give facts that you could use to answer that question. (Mr. Allen will show you how to set up your cards).

7 Process (cont) 5.Once you have completed your research you can begin writing your rough draft of your journals. Remember that each of your journals need to be at least ½ page in length. 6.After completing all of your rough drafts return them to Mr. Allen so he can proofread them and make any necessary corrections.

8 Process (cont) 7.Look at the rubric in order to determine that you are doing the best possible job on your journals. Revise your rough drafts as needed. 8.Once you have been given the okay on your rough drafts you may begin to type your journals. All journals need to be typed in order to receive full credit.

9 Resources (a great Civil War cite: photos, primary source documents and links) Lee surrenders to the North historical site for Appomattox Courthouse, VA Information of Lee’s surrender Information about Gettysburg and the strategy information about Battle of Gettysburg panoramic pictures of the battle of Gettysburg (diary of Soldier Boy)

10 Resources (cont) information about the role of slaves and freedmen during the civil war how African Americans dealt with the Civil War more information about African Americans during the War information about antebellum South more antebellum south information

11 Evaluation Each of the classes will make up a scoring rubric prior to conducting research in the lab. The students will select three categories that they think they should be graded on. The teacher will add them to the following scoring categories; organization, content knowledge and fluency.

12 Conclusion Congratulations on your completion of this web quest. Now that you have finished you hopefully you realize how important the Battle of Gettysburg really was. You also should have an idea that the US would be a very different place if the South had won the war. Answer the following question and prepare for a class discussion 1. How would this class room be different if the South had won the Civil War. Explain your answers with facts.

13 Teacher Page (1) Learning Outcome –As part of my web quest the student will research topics from the Civil war. The student will demonstrate their understanding of the Civil war by creating fictional journal entries as to what would have happened if the South had won the Battle of Gettysburg. Curriculum Standards –Follows BCPS 8 th Grade Social Studies Curriculum and MD Voluntary State Curriculum Grade Level/Time Frame –8 th Grade Class over a 2 week time frame (from showing movie to final project being due) Prior Knowledge –Rubric Construction (Taught early on in class) –Basic Research Techniques –How to organize note cards for project (taught at beginning of the year

14 Teacher Page (2) Task Students must understand how to write journal entries, reading/showing a fictitious entry might help in student learning Process #1 As the students watch “Gettysburg” as a part of their Social Studies and English classes the they will be completing a worksheet with selected questions that will help them begin on the project. –This worksheet can be accessed in the worksheet section of the webpage

15 Teacher Page (3) Process #2 –Class discussion should take no longer than 20 min. Make sure that the students understand if the North had lost this battle the course of the war could have changed Process #4 –Note card should be designed in the following format Front of card: Research Topic Back of Card: Information related to the topic

16 Teacher Page (4) Process #6 –As you proofread make sure that you check all of the spelling and grammatical mistakes, check for flow of the entry and content. Process # 7 –If you choose not to allow the class to assist you in the creation of the rubric there will be one attached to the document page on the website –If you do let the students help post the rubrics up around the classroom so that the students always know what is expected of them

17 Teacher Page (5) Process # 8 –If you would rather have the journals done electronically you may have them make a blog online. –Extra credit may be offered if the students weather (burn, bake, toast) their journals

18 Credits (Gettysburg Map) (picture of Robert E Lee) (picture of Jefferson Davis) (Gettysburg Movie Poster) (cannon Picture) (Gettysburg Drawings: Pickett’s Charge, Little Round Top) (picture of Stonewall Jackson) (Picture of James Longstreet) (picture of battle of Gettysburg) (picture of Devil’s Den, confederate view point on battlefield) icle/picturepopup.html (picture of Lincoln at Gettysburg Address) icle/picturepopup.html (Photo of Capitol in Washington DC during the civil war (civil war headstones) (House where Lee surrendered to the North)

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