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Urban League of Greater Dallas Summer 2009 THE INTERN EXPERIENCE.

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1 Urban League of Greater Dallas Summer 2009 THE INTERN EXPERIENCE

2 This is the story of 7 interns... Our gift for Summer 2009

3 Q: What do you do with 7 school-age interns for 7 weeks??? Jabari F. Destiny F. Destiny L. Kelvin D. Kalifah M. Patrick M. Stancy P.

4 You put them to work! A: Create a business idea Plan and operate the business Generate real revenue Plan and execute a major event from the proceeds of the business

5 But first you recruit a wonderful college undergraduate team leader to keep everyone on track. RAAVIN E.

6 Now, prepare a business proposal 1.What will you do? 2.How much revenue will the business generate? 3.What is the start-up cost? 4.Is your plan realistic given your timeframe? 5.What is your team name?

7 Next, market your plan to the decision- makers

8 Operation: MAYKAWAI 2 SUCCESS! (MAKE-A-WAY) Approved!!!

9 Generate Revenue: C oncessions and Hot Meal Distribution Cha-ching$$$ Thank you for your business!

10 Walk & Rally for Change Basketball Tournament Dominoes & Spades Tournament Plan & Execute a Major Event: Community Family Reunion A celebration of family and unity. A coming together of the residents, churches, community organizations and businesses in our area to make the statement that we are a progressively strong and united family community.

11 Lot’s of planning... 1.Recruit volunteers 2.Solicit donations from businesses and churches 3.Market to the community 4.Get all required permits 5.Coordinate logistics 6.Obtain event security 7.Recruit vendors 8.Register participants 9.Secure a DJ 10.Invite local personalities 11.Pick up donations 12.Get pinecones (Jabari!!!)

12 Getting the word out... everywhere!

13 The night before... These interns are real troopers!







20 TIME TO PLAY THE INTERNS’ LAST DAY After all that hard work, it was time to let loose on the interns’ last day

21 TIME TO PLAY THE INTERNS’ LAST DAY Texas A&M University – Commerce Celebration Station 1. 2.

22 TIME TO PLAY THE INTERNS’ LAST DAY Texas A&M University – Commerce

23 TIME TO PLAY THE INTERNS’ LAST DAY Celebration Station!!!

24 Accomplishments Gained Skills 4 Life Business planning/Proposal creation Marketing/Public speaking Event planning/Promotion Financial planning/Accounting Teamwork/Communication Sparked Community Unity Brought together businesses, churches, organizations for a common cause – The first annual Community Family Reunion Generated Funds Ran a money generating business for 4 weeks Acquired over $4,000 in donations in 3 weeks!

25 LESSONS LEARNED in their own words... Planning an event is hard work Teamwork & compromise I am a good public speaker I have the ability to do what I want when I am determined I can be a team player working with people my age 7 heads are better than 1 The team has to have strong teamwork. Teamwork is important. I learned how to talk to other people and speak up I learned how to organize and plan

26 What they will remember in their own words... My co-workers I will take the organization skills and planning. I will also remember the people I have met. The presentation the first day we started. The water fight at the Community Family Reunion The team and my supervisors. Ms. Sanchez, Biggs, Raavin, all the Destinys, Stancy, and everybody who supported us this summer. I was around good people and I had so much fun just working. The way we love each other and wuz together.

27 Thank You Urban League See you next summer...

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