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Email and Calendar Roadshow Microsoft Online Services for Staff and Students.

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1 Email and Calendar Roadshow Microsoft Online Services for Staff and Students

2 Introduction Jim O’Brien Director, Media and Communications

3 Background Kent Adams Director, Information Technology & Resources

4 Where have we come from - Mirapoint System Mirapoint did not achieve product roadmap and business expectation Cloud (Hosted, SaaS) Services matured; full function and scalable Evaluated incumbent Mirapoint against Google and Microsoft Cloud Evaluation undertaken based on a Number of factors Functionality, Support, Spam/Virus, Mobility, Storage, Cost, AARNet Peering, Reference Sites, integration and industry commentators... JCU, Flinders and Curtin and many SMEs have adopted for staff Approx 18 universities have adopted for students, 5 for Alumni VCAC Endorsed proposal to negotiate and contract with Microsoft Using Dimension Data as Microsoft Implementation Partner Assist with migration to ExchangeOnline and Live@EDU Archival in addition to improved functionality and storage Partially addresses legislative compliance for record keeping Contract to address Privacy, Security and Record Keeping Information Security – As is the case now under RTI of POI

5 The Project Margaret Cato-Smith ICT Projects Director

6 Who’s Involved? Project Sponsor Jim O’Brien Project Manager Margaret Cato-Smith Implementation Manager Julie Land Implementation Officers Stiaan Andreassen Joshua Anthony Margo Dean John O’Reilly Kate Palmer Vincent Pullella Wayne Spagnol Greg Walsh Change, Communication and Training Managers Julie Land Michael Rush Solution Team Lead Adrian Tarca LDAP Specialist Jeffrey Bird Email Specialist Alex Celotto Project Officer Alex Celotto User Champions Director, IT&R – Senior Supplier Kent Adams

7 What are we doing? Defined and agreed The approach is defined and agreed Timelines have been associated with tasks Project is being monitored Status reporting starts from 3 Sept Weekly status updated on website Email and Calendar Right Now

8 Major Project Stages Project Initiation Design – Staff Email/Calendars Build – Staff Email/Calendars Deployment – Staff Email/Calendars Design – Student Email/Calendars Build – Student Email/Calendars Deployment – Student Email/Calendars Project Close Nearly done Just Test Plan to do To start Monday To start Sept/Oct Currently planning

9 Demo Lawrence Crumpton Microsoft Online Services

10 Migration: What you should know Michael Rush Information Systems and Architecture

11 Project Scope: Migrate all Staff Mirapoint email and calendars to Exchange Online Migrate all Student Mirapoint email to Live@EDU To be completed by 31st January 2011 Exclusions: JCUS, JCUB and Mt Isa

12 Timelines ITR and School of Business: September/October Rest of Uni: Staged rollout school-by-school, office-by-office All Staff completed by end of January Students: Over summer break

13 Migration Strategy Combination of automated and manual steps Messaging Implementation Team formed to help each staff member with migration All staff for a School/Office will be migrated in the same timeframe

14 Staff Migration Process Redirect email alias to Exchange Online account Migrate Mirapoint email to Exchange Online account Next day… Messaging Implementation Team member meet one-on-one with each staff member in a school/office to migrate calendar and other migration tasks Signatures, email filter rules, account delegations, mobile device setup…

15 Migration Process Planning Will consult with Heads of Schools/Offices for convenient time for staff migration Staff being on hand during migration cutover will help minimise delays

16 What you can do now Julie Land IT Services and Support

17 What you can do now? We are recommending that staff move from their current email client to an Exchange Online supported client as soon as possible. If you are using Outlook 2007, Entourage 2008 now there will be no need to be converted over to a new client, however we will have to install an update to Entourage 2008 and a Single Sign on tool to both Outlook 2007 and Entourage New computer installations will not include the Thunderbird client as of 30 th August. (both PC and Mac) All email and calendar related Service Requests logged via the IT Helpdesk will be referred to the Messaging Implementation team. This started this week.

18 What you can do now? The Messaging Implementation Team will be there to help you both prior to the migration of your email and after the migration of your email with one-to-one support. There will be documentation available to assist you A member(s) of the Messaging Services Team will be in touch shortly to discuss a suitable supported email client with you and the best way forward to migrate you to this client. How to get assistance. Log a call to the IT Helpdesk and it will be placed with the Implementation Team.

19 Issues with Co-existence Adrian Tarca Computing Infrastructure and Architecture

20 Co-Existence Two systems – Mirapoint and Exchange Online Interoperable for email – Not for calendaring No group calendaring between the two systems –Calendar invitations will not flow directly between systems, but people using Outlook or Entourage clients will receive event messages. –Free/Busy will not be available between the two systems. Still using Mirapoint “ConnectR” for Outlook until migrated Migration Team working on strategies to minimise impact e.g. moving logical groups at the same time and publishing timelines

21 Account Security Mirapoint – Not great at calendar, really good at sending lots of email. –A great tool for spammers Since change to email system was announced there has been a lot more targeted “phishing” attempts. –Trying to trick users into providing their details *DO NOT REPLY* –ITR do not require, and will not ask for your username and password

22 Frequently Asked Questions FAQ1: –Why do we archive?

23 Frequently Asked Questions FAQ2: –How does this affect privacy?

24 Frequently Asked Questions FAQ3: –What does this all mean to me?

25 Questions????

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