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WELCOME TO CELTT! Your Center for Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Technology.

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1 WELCOME TO CELTT! Your Center for Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Technology

2 What Is Our Purpose? Ensure quality of teaching & learning through: centralized professional development support based on learning-college pedagogy technology support Promote the scholar- ship of teaching.

3 What Is Our Purpose? Enhancement of the technology infrastructure across campus Campus servers Network security Voice & Data networks Efficient provision of campus services through the use of technology


5 Description of Services








13 Performance Data

14 Help Desk/Customer Care

15 Distance Learning/IMD Respiratory

16 Information Technology Unit

17 AudioVisual/Repair & Maintenance

18 Impact of Merging CELTT & IMTS: Novel Training Tactics Showcase Format Hands on Workshops Instructional Faculty + Techie Trainer Trainers + Assistants

19 Impact of Merging CELTT & IMTS: Novel Training Tactics Customized Response to repeated trouble calls Response to specific need of audience Attend to people of all skill levels Training for staff

20 Impact of Merging CELTT & IMTS: Innovations! Refocusing Units for Innovation Leadership IMD –teaming up with innovative programs and faculty ITU –teaming up with units to improve service provision with innovative uses of technology Sense of Team Assuming new roles

21 Impact of Merging CELTT & IMTS: Developing our Human Resources Assuming new roles within Unit & Campus Sense of Being Part of the Team Understanding customer needs Pride in work Data-Driven Decisions

22 Impact of Merging CELTT & IMTS: Increased Use of Facility

23 FYE for FACULTY Charting a journey for new faculty at KCC


25 Overview Academic Year managed in phases: 0: New Faculty Orientation 1: Scenarios Online CourseScenarios Online Course 2: Teaching & Learning Inquiry GroupTeaching & Learning Inquiry Group 3: Transformed for Learning TeamsTransformed for Learning Teams 4: Engaged in Education ProgramEngaged in Education Program

26 1: Scenarios (Sept-Oct) A 6-7 week online course developed by Valencia Community College. Facilitated by KCC leader Possibly implemented system-wide bi-weekly work/life balance offerings Back to Outline

27 2: T&L Inquiry Group (Nov & Dec: 5 meetings) Builds on existing DVD: rapport, empowerment, questioning, feedback. Live scenario practice of sensitive situations: disruptive students, grade grievances, harassment Guest speakers based on faculty needs: UHPA, campus initiatives Back to Outline

28 3: Transformed for Learning Teams (Jan-Mar: 5-6 meetings) builds on a similiar program for seasoned faculty : 5 fac in fall receive 3 cr. Assigned time for learning theory and course redesign. Each of those 5 facilitate a new faculty group. New faculty choose a lesson or unit to revise & present Back to Outline

29 Engaged in Education (Mar-May: two meetings) New faculty are supported in creating a 2- year faculty development plan New faculty are supported in beginning their e-portfolio (Matrix)(Matrix) Upon completion (2 years) new faculty receive EE designation Back to Outline

30 Other Initiatives Orientations in August and January Support in predicting and interpreting student evaluations Revision of Peer Evaluation process for new faculty

31 Other Initiatives Updated Faculty Handbook on Quill Passport Planner outcomes for each phase campus workshops and dates contact information space for notes quotes about teaching

32 Programs for Seasoned Faculty

33 Overview EE (Engaged Educator) Program TLT (Transformed for Learning Teams)TLT (Transformed for Learning Teams) Dream Scheme Open Classroom Focused Coaching

34 EE (Engaged Educator) Program overall framework for professional development individuals tailor plan to their own interests and goals tied to Faculty Showcase e|Portfolio time frame approximately 2 years results in EE designation and recognition can be renewed with additional professional development Back to Outline

35 TLT (Transformed for Learning Teams) framework & support for course transformation employs backwards design and a focus on SLOs reading and training on specific learning- centered pedagogies and technologies provided time frame 1 year (3 credits reassigned time) faculty members apply to participate in a team of 5 mutually supporting course transformers (Fall) each team member facilitates a scaled down TLT of new faculty members (Spring) Back to Outline

36 Dream Scheme individuals apply or are nominated to participate each applicant or nominee has in mind a specific Dream Project s/he would like to see implemented on campus proposed Dream Projects are directly linked to college’s strategic plan and/or to a department’s tactical plan applications/nominations are prioritized by LSC with selected Dreamer, LSC assembles a Dream Team consisting of members with the skills and/or authority necessary for implementation Dream Team and Dreamer continue to meet and act until Dream Project is implemented Back to Outline

37 Open Classroom faculty members invited to open their classrooms to colleagues, either generally or on specific days schedule made available on CELTT website and/or posted in Naio 203 additional structures added as needed Back to Outline

38 Focused Coaching integrated into EE program participants will select specific focus area pedagogy (specific or general) technology (specific or general) self-assessment documentation coaches will be trained coaching will be focused on specific outcomes Back to Outline

39 Future Directions

40 On the Horizon: Operations Data Collection Service request forms Evaluation forms Data Analysis for Planning & Improvement Build pool of student opportunities Internships Grad St.

41 On the Horizon: Services Expand loan pool LCD projectors & Laptops DVD players Expand wireless network Improve network security Enable remote access

42 On the Horizon: Training/Tech Training live AND on the web Platform-specific workshops ePortfolio support Computing Ergonomics New software: Camtasia Webstractor Inspiration More demos

43 CELTT: Changing Our Campus Culture?

44 What’s Happening in Public Higher Ed? Accountability movement dwindling public funding competition with private colleges accrediting bodies Learning college movement alternative to standardization? Additional pressure to conform?

45 What Are the Effects? Pressure to compromise classroom autonomy Resistance, leading to isolation Blaming students Judging colleagues Leadership crisis

46 Is it happening at KCC? Culture of high expectations Tension between departments around resources Insufficient support for faculty

47 How can a shift in campus culture help? implementing learning-centered pedagogies is not easy there is no such thing as a master teacher mistakes should be celebrated as opportunities for learning leadership is not about a title life balance should be honored all “levels” and all approaches deserve support everyone has something to offer open conversations about classroom practices should be nurtured

48 CELTT: Seeking to Promote a Campus Culture of Mutual Trust, Respect, & Support

49 E|Portfolio Matrix for Faculty Click Here

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