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Academic Continuance in Case Of Contagion Jonathan P. Mathews.

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2 Academic Continuance in Case Of Contagion Jonathan P. Mathews

3 About Penn State Formed 1855 Land Grant Institution 25 Campus Locations >90,000 Students (total) 42,294 at University Park (Main Campus) 6,267 being graduate students 160 Majors 7,000 undergraduate courses 157 graduate programs at 5 Campus Locations And a World Campus (5,009 students) (6% growth last year) 15 Colleges 5,439 full time faculty*, 2,600 part time (*non-administration) “One University geographically dispersed”

4 Student Body & Pandemic Need to protect the PSU name, students, and revenue (to ensure continuance) WEB Classes can play a role World Campus can play a role But can not accommodate the 7,000 courses or the 44,000 + students at University Park or 42,000 other students at other campus locations-currently We all need to pitch in (assuming we are able to do so) Can we carry on in case of pandemic? Should we? Time frame? How can we recover/restart a semester?

5 What About Web Classes?

6 e-Learning Cooperative? Flow of Courses from Campus to Campus in the e-Learning Cooperative

7 largest PSU campus Established 1998 Sole delivery channel for non- campus students Profit sharing Marketing (& market research) Student services Technical support  “World Campus”

8 Who is Teaching Online (WEB)? 5,439 full time faculty*, 2,600 part time (*non-administration), 3,000 full time at UP

9 Snowday Approaches Rapid Online Responses to Academic Interruptions-Longer term Solution

10 Special 6-Week Mostly GenEd Semester (if we are unprepared) If the University was to cancel classes: –Keep World Campus Open Special 6-week* semester of only existing WEB classes via CMS (ANGEL), same as summer schedule Massive increase in enrollment capacity via using additional faculty (voluntary) 6-weeks is defined time period (long enough for pandemic to take its course?) Restart the previous existing semester after with adjustments (faculty availability | semester length) Faculty continue to mentor graduate students online Revenue is protected (no need to cancelled a semester) *Typical Semester is 15 weeks

11 Acknowledgements Stephen Abrams Jeanie AndrewsPaula Milone-Nuzzo, Diane BrannonMargaret E. Spear John HarwoodSusan Welch Linda C. HigginsonReginaVasilatosYounken Ronald L. Jackson IIPatricia Mills Janet MayDavid DiBiase Cole Camplese

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