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Introduction Presented by Jason Gunness & Ronald Adaken MRT5 Mauritius Update on second chance project.

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1 Introduction Presented by Jason Gunness & Ronald Adaken MRT5 Mauritius Update on second chance project

2 Round table Austria Thank you


4 Agenda Background info Kevin’s story Aim of project Benefits of Project The financials Time frame Conclusion

5 “Towards Education for All”. Peter Smith, former Director general of UNESCO

6 Glasses of Hope MAURITIUS  Located Indian Ocean  1.3 million people & emerging economy  Education – non paying / compulsory 16 years  Since 2005 – Educational reform  Innovative programs in line  Plan of Action for Education for All (1990) adopted in Jomtien, Thailand  ZEP schools - (PEZ)  Priority education zone

7 Glasses of Hope ZEP SCHOOLS Why ZEP Schools?  The ZEP project was created to address the problem of educational under achievement. The aim was also to prevent subsequent marginalisation or outright exclusion.

8 Glasses of Hope ZEP SCHOOLS Facts about ZEP School?  25,000 families  Poverty pockets  The concept - holistic approach to education  A pass rate of less than 40% over the past 5 years.  The overall rate of absenteeism in ZEP schools in 2007 was 15.7 %.  Average income of a family is Rs. 6,000.00 (€ 150.00).

9 Glasses of Hope KEVIN’S STORY Kevin 9 years old attends a ZEP school. Understood his family financial situation. Finally Attended an eye test. It turned out that Kevin was short sited. Met the right person who wanted to help. Obtain his primary education certificate.

10 Glasses of Hope MRT5’S ‘Glasses of hope project’ The aim of the MRT 5 ‘Glasses of hope’ project is to help needy children with vision difficulties in the primary ZEP Schools.  The objective is to raise funds to donate 500 quality and durable spectacles  To remove one barrier to education, by providing equal opportunities to all children

11 Glasses of Hope BENEFITS OF PROJECT All children deserves to have the same fighting chance. Efficient education can only be achieved if student has necessary tools. To boost their confidence. Paving the way for similar projects. To raise general awareness about vision difficulties amounts children. To spark a child's interest into learning.

12 Glasses of Hope PEOPLE SHARING OUR VISION Miss Carosin (Social Worker)-766-8536 Mr. Gurib (ZEP Facilitator)-781-5756 Miss Gnany (Optometrist)-686-1882 Mr. Li (Optometrist)-212-8269

13 Glasses of Hope FINANCIAL FACTORS Initial Screening  Will be carried out by trained Health and P.E. Instructors (Training will be given by Mr. Li, Optometrist) Secondary Screening  Will consist of a full eye test in an optometric practice. Purchase of Frames and appropriate prescription lenses. Transport to and from the optometric practice. Informational Campaign  All MRT5 members will been involved in informing children and parents in the different schools.

14 Glasses of Hope TIME FRAME Feb-11Apr-11Jun-11Aug-11Oct-11 Project Setup Informational Campaign Initial Screening Secondary Screening Handing Out of Glasses Informational Campaign Opening Summer Party 2011

15 Glasses of Hope GLASSES OF HOPE BUDGET Informational campaign- € 5000.00 Initial Screening- € 0.00 Secondary Screening- € 10.00 (Instead of € 23.00) 500 Frames- € 10.00 (Per Frames) Prescription lenses- € 10.00 (Per Pair) Targeted Amount of Children - 500 Estimated Budget- € 20,000.00 Funding from “Opening Summer Party”- € 3,000.00

16 Glasses of Hope Conclusion A good project Raised funds for 500 glasses Informational campaign Initial and secondary screening Prescription lenses Big picture – helping 500 families Better vision, self esteem, passing exams, better jobs, out of poverty cycle, organic eradication PPP – purchasing power parity – I Euro = Rs. 40.00 Austrian round table and MRT – building ties

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