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Measure Report Profile Project Planning 10.09.14.

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1 Measure Report Profile Project Planning 10.09.14

2 Project Management Approvals (Chris) – CQI WG – approved on 9/16! – PMO – project created in Project Insight – FMG – approved on 10/8! – DESD? will follow up after FMG – TSC after FMG + DESD Identify Facilitators (____) – MnM don’t need but CQI WG should be getting a FHIR liaison soon – Vocab – Publishing Notice of Intent to Ballot (____) – Approval from CQI NLT Friday 10/31 – Due Sunday 11/2 12:00am ET

3 Review of Risks Recap of FMG discussions Incorporation into FHIR DSTU next year (time frame TBD) – Deadlines for profiles to be included FHIR DSTU? – Proposals for new resources and profiles end of sept. – Draft content 12/4 – Final content 3/30 Documentation on creating profiles coming soon from FMG QRDA/CDA on FHIR relationship Maturity FHIR

4 Next steps Time Frame Overview of CDA on FHIR changes to FHIR development version 10/2 conference callRick Start conceptual high level modeling of Profile 9/24 – 10/9all Start becoming familiar with using Forge9/24 – 10/9All Investigate Value Sets concernsall Review high level models10/9 conference callall Decide on using stable DSTU or development version 10/9 conference callall Write actual profile10/9 - 10/16 Test profiles10/16 – 11/13all January or May Decision?10/31 CQIall Develop corresponding QRDA examples10/30 – 11/13

5 Next steps(tbd) Time Frame Email draft to CQI list serv for review11/7 Review with CQI WG and interested WGs11/14 CQI WG callChris 2 nd review with CQI WG and interested WGs 11/21 CQI WG call Email final draft to CQI list serv for review11/31 Final Approval from CQI12/5 conference callChris Submit final approved content for ballot12/7

6 Tools and References Project Wiki: – Slides on authoring profiles – Forge: – HL7 publishing calendars – Questions for FMG – Google Doc Google Doc

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