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Intensive Alternative Family Treatment® RAPID RESOURCE FOR FAMILIES.

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1 Intensive Alternative Family Treatment® RAPID RESOURCE FOR FAMILIES

2 HISTORICAL VIEW *2009 Database for TFC referrals *2011 beginnings of Intensive Alternative Family Treatment® *Future opportunities (recruitment, IAFT® parent training, kinship care, data tracking, national presenters, transitioning )

3 25 plus presenting problems 3 or more Axis I diagnoses Exiting a PRTF (step down) As a prevention to entering a PRTF Step down from hospitalization THE CHILDREN WE SERVE

4 Required Elements

5 Rapid Resource for Families Oversight. Measures at designated intervals (Outcome Evaluation tools are inclusive of: Calocus, CGAS, NC Topps, Roles, and additional tools identified in the training manual) 1 child per family Case load of 8 - 10 Daily Contact (minimum of 5 times a week with data for all 7 days recorded) Weekly face to face contact IAFT parents and staff Weekly face to face between IAFT staff and supervisors 24/4 crisis support Psychiatric Oversight at a minimum of 30 day intervals Proactive, consistent, teaching oriented behavioral intervention system Weekly documentation inclusive of efforts for parental engagement in IAFT® Access to specialized therapeutic services designed for individual children and their support systems Respite available 2 days a month for IAFT® parents Integration of Model Fidelity (TF, Pressley Ridge, Together Facing the Challenge, Multidimensional ) IAFT  2013 Property of Rapid Resource for Families

6 Cardinal Alliance Smoky Eastpointe Coastal East Carolina Behavioral Health Partners Centerpoint Sandhills (in process) Quarterly reports Consultation Training Collaboration on new services and implementation MCO SUPPORTS

7 Alexander Youth Network Bair Foundation Barium Springs Carolina Choice Easter Seals UCP Integrated Family Services Kids Peace Lutheran Services of the Carolinas Turning Point Family Services PROVIDER NETWORK MEMBERS

8 Recommendation from the MCO based on capacity needs Application and review RRFF Board recommendation Contract and financial commitment (maintain a capacity of 6 consumers per quarter after a building time frame of 6 quarters) MEMBERSHIP

9 Trainings (6 formal) Monthly webinars Consultation Quarterly file reviews Quarterly reports on agency performance DELIVERABLES FROM RRFF

10 Currently working with DMA, DMH, 3 MCOs, 3 PRTFs, 4 provider agencies to develop a best practice model for transitioning children from more restrictive settings (Planned pilot). Kinship care---New Orleans Recruitment events (held in various catchments---presently ECBH and providers in that catchment) Invitations from other States Expanding capacity (our greatest need) WHERE WE ARE HEADED

11 Phyllis Stephenson, MPA, CEO 336-263-7491 Danny Nolen, MA Director Program Operations 704-516-4870 Ben Riesser, MPA Data Analyst, 704-999-1325 CONTACTS

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