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Intensive Alternative Family Treatment® RAPID RESOURCE FOR FAMILIES.

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1 Intensive Alternative Family Treatment® RAPID RESOURCE FOR FAMILIES

2 HISTORICAL VIEW *2009 Database for TFC referrals *2011 beginnings of Intensive Alternative Family Treatment® *Future opportunities (recruitment, IAFT® parent training, kinship care, data tracking, national presenters, transitioning )

3 25 plus presenting problems 3 or more Axis I diagnoses Exiting a PRTF (step down) As a prevention to entering a PRTF Step down from hospitalization THE CHILDREN WE SERVE

4 Required Elements

5 Rapid Resource for Families Oversight. Measures at designated intervals (Outcome Evaluation tools are inclusive of: Calocus, CGAS, NC Topps, Roles, and additional tools identified in the training manual) 1 child per family Case load of Daily Contact (minimum of 5 times a week with data for all 7 days recorded) Weekly face to face contact IAFT parents and staff Weekly face to face between IAFT staff and supervisors 24/4 crisis support Psychiatric Oversight at a minimum of 30 day intervals Proactive, consistent, teaching oriented behavioral intervention system Weekly documentation inclusive of efforts for parental engagement in IAFT® Access to specialized therapeutic services designed for individual children and their support systems Respite available 2 days a month for IAFT® parents Integration of Model Fidelity (TF, Pressley Ridge, Together Facing the Challenge, Multidimensional ) IAFT  2013 Property of Rapid Resource for Families

6 Cardinal Alliance Smoky Eastpointe Coastal East Carolina Behavioral Health Partners Centerpoint Sandhills (in process) Quarterly reports Consultation Training Collaboration on new services and implementation MCO SUPPORTS

7 Alexander Youth Network Bair Foundation Barium Springs Carolina Choice Easter Seals UCP Integrated Family Services Kids Peace Lutheran Services of the Carolinas Turning Point Family Services PROVIDER NETWORK MEMBERS

8 Recommendation from the MCO based on capacity needs Application and review RRFF Board recommendation Contract and financial commitment (maintain a capacity of 6 consumers per quarter after a building time frame of 6 quarters) MEMBERSHIP

9 Trainings (6 formal) Monthly webinars Consultation Quarterly file reviews Quarterly reports on agency performance DELIVERABLES FROM RRFF

10 Currently working with DMA, DMH, 3 MCOs, 3 PRTFs, 4 provider agencies to develop a best practice model for transitioning children from more restrictive settings (Planned pilot). Kinship care---New Orleans Recruitment events (held in various catchments---presently ECBH and providers in that catchment) Invitations from other States Expanding capacity (our greatest need) WHERE WE ARE HEADED

11 Phyllis Stephenson, MPA, CEO Danny Nolen, MA Director Program Operations Ben Riesser, MPA Data Analyst, CONTACTS

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