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4/30/2015 Welcome! 2013-2014 TRiO-Student Support Services ORIENTATION.

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1 4/30/2015 Welcome! 2013-2014 TRiO-Student Support Services ORIENTATION

2 4/30/2015 Agenda/Topics to Be Covered Supplemental Grant Aid/Scholarships CashCourse Tutoring Required mid-term meeting Workshops Book Club Academic Progress Goal Setting Questions ?

3 4/30/2015 Goals of Orientation Discuss services of TRiO- Student Support Services Explain new tutoring procedure Review Student Support Services expectations of students

4 4/30/2015 Who’s Who Director Sara Graham Counselor Cathy Curtis Tutor Coordinator Margie Gilliam Tutoring Staff Administrative Assistant Leslie Bayne

5 4/30/2015 Supplemental Grant Aid A grant award available only to active TRiO –Student Support Services participants who: Complete an application Attend workshops Receive Pell grant (Federal Government Regulation)

6 Scholarships TRiO-Scholarship essay Help Essay outline handout Essay critiquing For a listing of scholarships available to CPCC students see: assistance/scholarships assistance/scholarships Complete the CPCC general scholarship application: assistance/scholarships/new- scholarship- application05132010.pdf assistance/scholarships/new- scholarship- application05132010.pdf 4/30/2015

7 CashCourse Workshops in person and eventually online Fulfills the TRiO-Student Support Services financial literacy requirement 6 workshops, each will be offered a variety of times throughout the semester Students are expected to attend at least 2 workshops of their choice each semester

8 4/30/2015 Tutoring Services New sign up format Rules and regulations Expectations

9 Mid-term meeting A TRiO-Student Support Services Expectation Meet with counselor at the mid- point of each semester  Prepare/plan for the next semester  Discuss current semester  Discuss questions/concerns 4/30/2015

10 Workshops A variety of educational and social skills workshops will be offered each semester Both in person and online Students are expected to attend at least 2 each semester Topics include: Self-esteem Note taking Organization Time management

11 Student Support Services Book Club Each semester we choose a work or works of fiction to read Book club meets typically two times a month for 45 minutes to talk about the reading and members are expected to attend all meetings Book club is open to any active/enrolled member of TRiO-Student Support Services Depending of funding; books may be provided to members Examples of books we have read: Water for Elephants; 2 Kathy Reichs “Bones” series books; works of Sherlock Holmes; Joyland by Stephen King and more… 4/30/2015

12 Standards of Academic Progress Maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least a 2.0 each semester as computed by the Financial Aid Office-this may be different than your transcript GPA. Complete a minimum of 67% of cumulative credit hours attempted each semester (if the student has attempted 50 credit hours, the student must earn credit for at least 33 hours). Maximum Time Frame—Must complete program of study in a timeframe not to exceed 150 percent of the published length of the program for full-time students (if the academic program length requires 60 credit hours, maximum timeframe cannot exceed 90 hours attempted).

13 Federal Pell Grant Program— Duration of Eligibility Once you have received a Pell Grant for 12 semesters, or the equivalent, you are no longer eligible for additional Pell Grants. Pell Grant 4/30/2015

14 Your College Goals 4/30/2015

15 4/30/2015 Summary Discuss topics covered Reiterate welcome Wrap-up

16 THE END 4/30/2015

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