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Culture of Occupational Safety Core Competency: Performance Excellence Program.

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1 Culture of Occupational Safety Core Competency: Performance Excellence Program

2 City Safety Philosophy Effective safety programs contribute to making the City the best city in the nation in which to live, work and raise a family Safety is core value All are responsible and accountable for preventing injuries Extend safety beyond the workplace

3 Performance Objectives How to make the City the best city in the nation to live, work and raise a family Reduce claims Reduce severity of claims Reduce costs Include home safety

4 Manager’s Role Develop written S&H policy Incident reporting and investigation Assure adequate personnel resources Assign Responsibilities Safety Committee Rep Hazard Recognition and Correction Training Ensure adequate financial resources Evaluate program performance regularly

5 Accident Costs Direct Costs Medical bills Off work pay Write a check Easily tracked Indirect Costs Retraining Production decreases Coworkers’ lost time Difficult to track Estimated to be 3 – 10 x direct costs

6 Cost of Accidents Administrative Support Occupations SOC 4799 $378,253 Direct Costs = Construction Laborers > Health Aides, Groundskeepers, Electricians, Grader and Dozer operators, Electrician and Construction Trade Helpers, Clean and Building Services

7 Eliminate Incidents HOW? Eliminate hazards Planning Audits Hazard Recognition Increase awareness Training Awareness activities

8 Office Hazards Falls Strains and Overexertion Struck by or Strike Object Caught in or between Material Handling and Storage Workstation Design Electrical Emergency Preparedness

9 Falls Most common office accident Disabling injury rate 2.5 x non office workers Causes Open drawers Standing on chairs Loose flooring Wet floors

10 Strains & Overexertions Highest cost injuries Costs are rising Causes Incorrect lifting technique Twisting while lifting Lifting while seated

11 Struck By or Strike Object Preventable Causes Bumping into furniture Bumping into people while walking Striking objects after bending over Doors opening

12 Caught In or Between A leading disabling injury Causes Fingers and hands caught in drawers, doors, windows Clothing and jewelry caught in office machines Fingers caught in paper cutter

13 Materials Handling & Storage Poor housekeeping and improper storage Causes Objects falling on Poor visibility Fire hazard

14 Workstation Design Fit the workplace to the worker Discomfort in neck, shoulders, back Causes Poor design between chair and desk Bad postures Repetitiveness and pace

15 Electrical Essential for operation Hazards include shock, burns and fire Causes Ungrounded equipment Overloaded outlets Defective, worn equipment Extension cord use Working on live equipment

16 Emergency Preparedness Injury Response First Aid Weather Communication Evacuation, Assemble and Account Internal shelter Fire Communication Evacuation

17 Performance Measurements Incident reporting and investigation Time frame Safety Committee Meetings Hazard Recognition Audits Hazard reporting Hazard Elimination Corrective actions Time frame, responsible party

18 Other Performance Measurements Safety Training % completed on time Reduce incidents Frequency Severity Enforcement Disciplinary action New Projects and Purchases Safety review

19 More Ideas New Employee Interviews Off the job safety information Emergency planning Yard work PPE Chemical storage

20 Questions? Dianne Grote Adams, MS, CIH, CSP, CPEA

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