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1. 2 MCC Overview Compacts in Africa Procurement Structure.

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2 2 MCC Overview Compacts in Africa Procurement Structure

3 3 MCC is an innovative foreign assistance program designed to “reduce poverty through sustainable economic growth” MCC links greater contributions from developed nations to greater responsibility from developing nations MCC is managed by a Chief Executive Officer and a public-private Board of Directors comprised of: MCC CEO Secretary of State Secretary of the Treasury U.S. Trade Representative USAID Administrator Individuals from the private sector

4 4 1.Sound governance, economic and social policies: To countries who can use assistance effectively Spur private investment and increased trade, the real engines of growth 2.Country ownership: Increases responsibility Builds capacity Yields better results 3.Clear objectives and measurement of results: Increase accountability Contribute to development success MCC Core Principles

5 5 Policies Matter – Annual Competition Country Scorecards Malawi Compact Eligible Niger Threshold Eligible FY 2009

6 6 MCC Overview Compacts in Africa Procurement Structure

7 7 $4.6 Billion in Compacts for African countries CountryTotal $307 $481 $110 $547 $363 $110 $461 $698 $507 $305 $698 $4.6B

8 8 Irrigation and Roads ProcurementTimeframe Design and Supervision of Communes and Agriculture Markets RFP Launch: March 2009 Design and Supervision (Option) for Banfora Sindou Roads (50km) and Rural Roads Comoe (151km) EOI Launch: March 2009 RFP Launch: April 2009 Design and Supervision (Optional) for Sabou-Koudougou Didyr Roads (76km) EOI Launch: March 2009 RFP Launch: April 2009 The Burkina Faso Compact

9 9 ProcurementDistanceTimeframe N1 highway14 kmFirst contract signed Dec 2008, Tender for 2nd to be issued in 09 Ghana feeder roads363 kmTenders issued starting March 09 Ghana trunk roads77 kmTenders issued starting April 09 Ghana ferry projectVessels & Civils Tenders to be issued in 09 Mali Niono–Goma Coura Road81 kmConstruction & Supervision contracts signed in Fall 2008 Mali airport airside infrastructureRunwayTender to be issued in 2009 Ghana Transportation $244 million total Mali Road & Airport $65.2 million total The Ghana & Mali Compacts

10 10 Water Projects $145 million total ProcurementTimeframe Metolong ConveyanceConstruction: Late 2009 – Early 2010 Metolong Water Treatment WorksDesign-Build: Late 2009- Early 2010 Water Distribution SystemsDesign: Mid 2009 Construction: 2010 Rural Water Supply & SanitationProgram Management: Mid 2009 Construction: Late 2009 – Early 2010 Health Clinics, Out-Patient Departments, etc. Program Management: Late 2009 Design-build: Late 2009 The Lesotho Compact Health Projects $103 million total

11 11 Water & Sanitation $203.6 million total ProcurementTimeframe Rural Water Supply (wells & boreholes)Construction IfB: Q1 2010 Nacala Dam Rehabilitation & Raising Construction IfB: Q4 2010 Water Supply and Sanitation in 5 secondary cities and towns Construction IfB: Q4 2010 Urban water supply and sanitation in 3 provincial capitals Construction IfB: Q4 2010 4 Road segments in Cabo Delgado, Nampula, and Zambezia provinces (491 km)Construction IfB: Q4 2010 The Mozambique Compact Road Rehabilitation $176.3 million total

12 12 Education ProcurementTimeframe Design and Supervision of 47 Primary and Secondary Education Schools RFP Launch: Q2 2009 The Namibia Compact

13 13 ProcurementTimeframe Mainland Trunk Road ActivityConstruction Prequalification: March 24, 2009 deadline Construction Supervision RFP: March 31, 2009 deadline Zanzibar (Pemba) Rural RoadsFeasibility & Design: Mid 2009 Construction: TBD Mafia Island Airport Activity (Runway, facilities and road link improvements) Engineering: Mid 2009 Construction: 2010 Lower Ruvu Water Treatment Plant Expansion & Morogoro Water Treatment Plant Upgrades Engineering: Ongoing Construction: 2010 The Tanzania Compact Transport Project $353 million total Water Project $66 million total

14 14 Energy Projects $206 million total ProcurementTimeframe Transmission & Distribution ActivityEngineering: On-going Construction: Q1 2010 Zanzibar Cable ActivityEngineering: On-going Construction: Q4 2009 Hydro ActivityEngineering: On-going Construction: Q2 2010 The Tanzania Compact

15 15 MCC Overview Compacts in Africa Procurement Structure

16 16 Compact procurements Administered by MCA Entities. Contract opportunities – all untied – are published to: 1. 2. 3. Threshold procurements Administered by USAID. Tied to US companies. Opportunities published to MCC corporate procurements Administered by MCC. Tied to US companies. Opportunities published to

17 17 Becoming a one-stop-shop for bidders MCC is transforming its procurement website to better reach potential bidders

18 18 Implementing Structure Sound Fiscal Accountability MCC MCC Rep Government $$ Project Manager 1 Accountable Entity Project Manager 2 Vendor Procurement Agent Fiscal Agent/ Funds Control Project Manager 3 Common Payment System (ITS) Bank Account

19 19

20 20 Where MCC operates

21 21 MCC’s portfolio, in millions

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