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Baroque Time Period 1600-1750.

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1 Baroque Time Period

2 Historical Events 1607 –The first permanent British colony is est. at Jamestown, Virginia 1609 – Galileo made the first observations with a telescope

3 Historical Events 1619- The 1st African slaves are brought to British America 1620 – Mayflower arrived in America 1705 – Virginia Act established public education

4 Historical Events 1672 – Admission charged for the 1st time at a concert in London 1710 – Bartolomeo Cristofori develops modern pianoforte in which hammers strike strings 1741 – Handel completes the “Messiah”

5 General Facts People were either really wealthy or really poor (no middle class) Lifestyles became more elaborate (fancy) Rise in drama, theater, painting, architecture, and music (entertainment)

6 Music Facts Sharp dynamic contrasts
The livelihood of musicians started to come from the public Opera was invented Music became ornate

7 Music Facts Music expressed emotion (even in church music)
Piano is invented, but does not yet become popular Opera and other performances become accessible to the general public Brass instruments used more often

8 Composers Johann Sebastian Bach George F. Handel Antonio Vivaldi

9 J.S. Bach composed for the church played the organ and violin
wrote for organ and keyboards mainly had 20 children, 5 of which became musicians wrote Toccata and Fugue in D minor and Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring

10 G.F. Handel played clavichord composed for the church
wrote for orchestra and choir composed Messiah ( 3 sections depicting 3 sections of Jesus’ life) composed Water Music ( written for King George I)

11 Antonio Vivaldi ordained priest wrote 40 operas and 500 concertos
played violin wrote for strings mainly (violin solos) wrote The Four Seasons

12 Instruments Harpsichord and strings are the most popular instruments
Instrument families were combined to form small groups Composers wrote solos for instruments Dance music was popular

13 Instruments gigue – lively tempo waltz – slow, stately tempo
Types of keyboards organ harpsichord clavichord

14 Styles of Music during the Baroque
Fugue – keyboards Chamber Music – strings mainly, small orchestra Symphony – large orchestra Opera – solo singers and orchestra Oratorio – choir and orchestra, tells a sacred story

15 Important Vocabulary Baroque period Oratorio Opera Chorale
Concerto grosso

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