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Athens City County Health Department Athens County Sheriff’s Office.

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1 Athens City County Health Department Athens County Sheriff’s Office

2  Athens County Sheriff’s Office  Athens City County Health Department  Athens County Prosecutor’s Office  Athens County Job and Family Services  Ohio Environmental Protection Agency  Ohio Department of Natural Resources  Wayne National Forest  Athens County Engineer’s Office  Township Trustees  Athens Municipal Court, SEPTA Center  Rural Action  Ohio Department of Transportation  The Village of Glouster, Ohio  The City of Athens, Ohio  The City of Nelsonville, Ohio

3  Section 3767.32: (A) “No person, regardless of intent, shall deposit litter or cause litter to be deposited on any public property, on private property not owned by him, or in the waters of the state…”  (B) “No person, without privilege to do so, shall knowingly deposit litter, or cause it to be deposited, in a litter receptacle located on any public property or on any private property or on any private property not owned by him…”

4  Chapter 3745-27-05(C): No person shall conduct, permit, or allow open dumping. In the event that open dumping is occurring or has occurred at a property, the person(s) responsible for the open dumping, the owner of the property, the person(s) responsible for the open dumping, the owner of the property, or the person(s) who allow or allowed open dumping to occur, shall promptly remove and dispose or otherwise manage the solid waste in accordance with chapter 3734, of the Revised Code, and shall submit verification that the solid waste has been properly managed.

5  Complaint logged, assigned to field staff for investigation.  Evidence gathered, Notice of Violation with orders for compliance with time frame issued.  Non-compliance within specified time frame results in referral to Board of Health for escalated enforcement…referral to County Prosecuting Attorney.  Non-compliance with Prosecutor’s orders…Court appearance.

6  Complaint filed anonymously or with a name  Evidence collected and a formal report started  Letter/Verbal Warning presented to the perpetrator and documented  Criminal Charges filed

7  If evidence is found at an open dump site (utility bills, letters, etc.), charges can be filed directly in Municipal Court.  Important for complainant to understand that the site is a crime scene and any evidence gathering must be conducted by authorized personnel.


9 OPEN DUMP SITES  Are Crime Scenes.  May Contain Dangerous Or Hazardous Materials.  Are Generally Located In Remote Areas.  Any Items Are Potential Evidence. DO NOT DISTURB THE SITE. CONTACT LAW ENFORCEMENT.



12 Interagency Cooperation Dover Township Trustees Wayne National Forest Law Enforcement Athens City County Health Department




16 BEFORE – MARCH 31, 2011AFTER – APRIL 29, 2011

17  Section 3714.03 – No person shall dispose of solid wastes by open burning or open dumping except as authorized by the director of environmental protection in rules adopted in accordance with Section 3734.02 of the Revised Code….

18 > Labor teams provided by: Athens Municipal Court Diversion Program SEPTA Center, Nelsonville Athens County Job and Family Services  Trucks: Township Trustees, County Engineer’s Department  Supervision/Traffic Control: Athens County Sheriff’s Office, Athens City-County Health Dept.  Disposal Fees: Athens City County Health Dept., ODOT County Engineer’s Office


20 CONSENSUAL SCRAP TIRE PROGRAM  Program administered through the OEPA, Division of Solid and Infectious Waste Management’s Scrap Tire Unit  Mission is to collect, remove, and recycle scrap tires from open dump sites and roadsides  Qualifying sites must have between 100 and 5000 tires  Six conditions: 1. Tires placed on the property after the owner acquired title or before if property acquired by bequest of devise. 2. Property owner had no knowledge or took actions to prevent placement. 3. Property owner did not participate or consent to placement. 4. Property owner received NO financial benefit. 5. Property title was not transferred to evade liability. 6. Responsible party was not acting as agent for property owner.

21  As of June 30, 2012:  37 Projects in Athens County  28,808 tires…  $61,323.55 in funding from OEPA

22  Funding provided by ODNR Division of Recycling and Litter Prevention. (Now OEPA)  An opportunity for private citizens to properly dispose of scrap tires in their possession at no cost.  Goal: To prevent illegal dumping of scrap tires and to eliminate mosquito breeding sites.

23  As of June 30, 2013(End of Second Grant Cycle):  16 Collection events at various locations in Athens County.  $32,922.40 in funding through the grant.  26,507 Tires collected.  Program funded through June 30, 2014.


25  Section 4.14 – “Exterior property areas and accessory structures shall be free from health, fire and accident hazards, and vermin, insect and rodent harborage and conditions which might create a nuisance.”

26 DETAILS, DETAILS……. Open Dumping -or- Living Like Pigs? Village/City Ordinances…. Public Health Problem or just unsightly?

27  Continue to work with and support all partnering agencies…We are all on the same team working to solve a common problem.  Work with adjoining county agencies…environmental crimes don’t stop at the county line.  Constructive recommendations from all stakeholders are welcome. We all bring different skills to the table. For the Future: 2013 and Beyond

28 New Affiliate Keep America Beautiful 13 County Region Largest Affiliate In Terms Of Geographic Area Initiative of the Wayne National Forest Many Collaborative Partners


30 “ Environmental Investigations Resource Guide” Joseph R. Durham, 2002 “O.E.H.A. Field Reference Guide” Ohio Environmental Health Association Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Recycling and Litter Prevention Ohio Administrative Code Ohio Revised Code Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

31 Contact Information: Michael Cooper, R.S., Athens City County Health Department, (740) 592-4431, ext. 248 Deputy Jen Atkins Athens County Sheriff’s Office, Environmental Division (740) 563- 4331

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