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Time Sensitive Standards Presented by RPM Vince Dauro.

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1 Time Sensitive Standards Presented by RPM Vince Dauro

2 LOGO Important information ! If at any time during this program your neighbor starts falling asleep, please make sure that they are comfortable.

3 What is a Time Sensitive Standard? Communications Standard 6.4.4 The agency has an independent backup communications system and a documented test is performed at least monthly.

4 Timeframes Annual: Once a year Triennial: Every three years Semi annual: Every six months / twice a year Quarterly: Every three months Biennial: Every two years Monthly: Once a month / every 30 days Weekly: Once a week / every 7 days Per Incident: Each occurrence

5 Appendix E (Comm.)

6 Prioritizing Standards What standards should be addressed first? When, in self assessment, should time sensitive standards be addressed?

7 Campus Security: 23.2.4 A documented survey of campus community perceptions and opinions is conducted at least once every three years with respect to…..

8 72.4.11 A written directive requires a documented report of all incidents that threaten the facility or any person therein. Commentary: None (MMM)

9 True or False?

10 An agency just signed a CALEA contact. The accreditation manager should immediately recognize all time sensitive standards and establish compliance.

11 Of all of the 8 types of standards, time sensitive standards are the most popular.

12 Most issues that stem from assessments are from agencies not complying with time sensitive standards.

13 If the agency’s procedure exceeds the standard timeframe, it takes priority over the standard statement.

14 The Commentary can also give you binding timeframes for time sensitive standards.

15 Potential Problematic Standards All standards listed in Appendix E!!

16 The number one problem! Law Enforcement 84.1.6 In order to maintain a high degree of evidentiary integrity over agency controlled property and evidence; the following documented inspections, inventory, and audits shall be completed:

17 a.An inspection to determine adherence to procedures used for the control of property is conducted semi-annually by the person responsible for the property and evidence control function or his/her designee; b.An audit of property occurs whenever the property and evidence custodian is assigned to and/or transferred from the position and is conducted jointly by the newly designated property and evidence custodian and a designee of the CEO to ensure that records are correct and properly annotated;property and evidence custodian c.An annual audit of property and evidence held by the agency is conducted by a supervisor not routinely or directly connected with control of property and evidence; and d.Unannounced inspections of property storage areas are conducted, as directed by the agency’s chief executive officer, at least once a year.

18 Establishing Timeframes  What happens if an activity is not shown in the timeframe indicated by the agency?  Can time sensitive activities be generated early?  How much time should I give to produce an analysis or review after the data is generated?

19 Analysis  Definition: A systematic, structured process for dissecting an event into its basic parts to identify any patterns or trends. Analysis should reveal patterns or trends that could be predictive or could indicate program effectiveness, training needs, equipment upgrade needs and/or policy modification needs. (Christies class this morning.)  If no occurrences, an analysis is still needed.

20 Analysis Requirements Analysis Requirements 5 42 3

21 Resources CALEA Regional Program Manager CALEA Electronic Standards Manual PowerDMS™ Lite


23 Appendix G Exercise

24 24 Law enforcement 41.2.2 A written directive governs pursuit of motor vehicles, to include: i. requiring a written report and an administrative review of each pursuit. (MMMM) Appendix G

25 25 The Anywhere Sheriff’s Office did not allow deputies to participate in pursuits prior to a policy change implemented by the new Sheriff. The new Sheriff changed the pursuit policy allowing deputies to engage in pursuits, given the right circumstances, in August 2013. Since implementation, and prior to the agency’s April 2014 assessment, 4 pursuits have occurred. The Sheriff’s office will be reviewed for reaccreditation at the Schaumburg, IL conference in July 2014. According to Appendix G, how many proofs should be in the file? 1

26 26 Communications 6.8.5 A documented inspection of the computer records and security system is conducted on all passwords or access codes for violations and improper use at least quarterly. (MMM)

27 27 The Any State Communications Center signed a CALEA contract in January 2013. The center had all policies and procedures in place when they signed the contract. The agency conducted their initial assessment in February 2014. According to Appendix G, how many proofs should be in the file? 2

28 28 Training Academy 9.1.7 The safety officer has written policies or procedures that are annually reviewed and approved by the academy that address the issues in standard 9.1.6. (M) The Anytown Training Academy was reaccredited at the March 2013 CALEA Conference. According to Appendix G how many proofs were in the file for standard 9.1.7? 3


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