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HSE certification scheme Trevor Distin RPF May 2008.

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1 HSE certification scheme Trevor Distin RPF May 2008

2 Background Dedicate funding by Oil Companies enabled development of triple bottom line policies COSHEC steering committee formed in 2007 to replace working committee Sabita developed HSE Charter which was approved by Council in July 07 Paper at CAPSA07 to develop a time frame to move towards industry self regulation Central to achieving the goal of self regulation is the development & implementation of a certification scheme

3 Steering Committee Bitumen manufacture –Bob Hornsey (Shell) Chairman Asphalt Manufacture –Phillip Hechter (Much Asphalt) Binder manufacture & application –Hugues de Champs (Colas) –Marius Cronje (Tosas) Contracting –Kevan Rocher (RMS) –Andrew Thompson (Zebra)

4 Self regulation time frame ‘08 Develop measurable criteria for & implementation of a certification scheme Develop & implement an incident reporting scheme (Bitinrep) Discontinue use of coal tar primes and stone precoating fluids Complete permitting of disposal sites for bitumen waste Develop and implement codes of practices for: –Loading bitumen at refineries –Off loading bitumen –Heating and storing of bitumen –Use of solvents in laboratories Implement an load accreditation program for asphalt tippers as part of certification scheme Develop guidelines for the use of RAP in HMA

5 Self regulation time frame ‘09 Recycle 50% of total RAP recovered in HMA –i.e. use up to 15% in new mixes by end of 09 Recycle 80% of total RAP recovered in HMA –i.e. use up to 30% by end of 10 Conduct audits & make first award for meeting requirements of certification scheme by Mar 09 Host the first Industry conference on HSE for RSA with international speakers in Aug 09

6 HSE Certification:Introduction Developed to make industry become self regulated & legally compliant in HSE Encourage members to build on their own initiatives by using Sabita tools To ensure a greater level of safety awareness within the Industry

7 Benefits of Certification Certification through an independent auditor Certification = ‘license to operate’ Ensuring compliance with HSE laws Ensuring sustainability of the industry

8 Measurable criteria Members sites will need to be fully compliant with selected criteria depending on the nature of activities. Criteria have been developed to: –Measure conformance against the requirements of the HSE Charter –Ensure minimum legal requirements are met Criteria are dynamic and will change with time & legislation Sabita has and will develop tools & guidelines to assist members to achieve compliance

9 Audits Sabita to appoint independent auditors Cost of audit = R3,000 –excludes cost of travel to remote locations –includes 2 site visits per audit Audits will be done once Pre Audit Checklist has successfully been completed Member has 3 months to rectify non- conformances after first visit If he fails to meet requirement after 2 visit then he can reapply after 6 months

10 Acknowledgement of certification Certification issued per site not per member –processing plant or depot –regional office for contractor Certificate valid for 12 months Process to be repeated annually Successful sites will be: –Issued with COSHEC certificate –Issued with COSHEC flag –Able to use COSHEC logo on stationary –Published on Sabita website

11 How the process works 1.Self audit –Each site to complete a Pre-Audit Form 2.Review –On successful completion submit to Sabita –Sabita to notify auditor 3.On-site assessment –Auditor agree date with site for audit –Auditor to advise site of non-conformances –Site has 3 months to rectify before final audit 4.Certification –Certified compliant if the site meets all requirements after 2 audits

12 Criteria to measure conformance with HSE Charter requirements

13 1.Be compliant with legislation Keep records of: –Payments to DoL –Payments to COIDA –Minutes of Safety meetings Display –OHS Act –Minutes of Safety meetings Letter of appointments Hold Safety meetings

14 Compile written Company HSE policy Display Sabita Safety Charter Generic HSE Policy HSE Charter poster 2. Compile company Safety policy

15 3. Induct & train employees Safety induction –scheme for all new employees –keep signed records of induction BitSafe training –training schedule –all ops staff –in 2 years –in all 13 modules BitSafe Induction form BitSafe Training Modules BitSafe Training Register BitSafe DVDs: 410, 420 & 430 BitSafe

16 4. Issue PPE Issue all workers with PPE Keep a register All vehicles & plant to have: –first aid kits –fire extinguishers PPE posters

17 5. Conduct risk assessments Written safe work practices & risk assessments Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all hazardous substances used and manufactured Safety Contract File Manual 8: Safe and responsible handling of bitumen

18 6. Report all incidents Quarterly submission of bitumen related incidents Proof of corrective action Display lessons learnt on notice boards Bitinrep

19 7. Use manufacture & apply non harmful products Do not use, market or supply coal tar binders Do not use petroleum derivatives for hand cleaning Have fume cupboards in all laboratories using solvent Manual 26: Guidelines for priming and precoating Guidelines for using solvents in laboratories

20 8. Reduce waste Written procedures for disposing waste Keep records of disposal at permitted landfill sites Recycle RAP List of permitted landfill sites Update TRH 21: Recycling HMA

21 9. Transport and accept All vehicles transporting bitumen must have: –safe loading pass for loading at refineries –orange box with all documents –flushing certificates –dangerous goods declarations All drivers transporting bitumen must have: –Undergone BitSafe training All tippers carrying asphalt must be legally loaded –Plants must keep records –Contractor must keep records Manual 25: Quality management in handling bitumen Code of practice for loading bitumen

22 10. Storage of bitumen Offloading –Display instructions –Dedicated trained person –Sufficient lightening –Emergency shower –Fire extinguishers –Method for draining hose Manual 25: Quality management in the handling of bitumen Code of practice for offloading bitumen

23 10. Storage of bitumen cont. Storage –Bund walls –Oil separation sumps –Security fencing –Lagging on transfer pipes –Level indicators –Heat flues not to pass thru vapour space –Tanks must be marked Manual 25: Quality management in the handling of bitumen Code of practice for storing and heating bitumen

24 11. Operate and maintain plant Use drip trays on spray sites Use non petroleum based release agents on tippers and pavers Code of practice for spraying bitumen

25 12. Limit GHG & conserve energy Promote –Warm asphalt mix technology –Use emulsions Industry position paper on sustainability

26 The way ahead Explanation document on the scheme distributed to members Following documents circulated to members for comments: –Bitumen incident reporting –Pre audits checklist requirements Make presentations to management of members Appoint and train auditors Implement & award Clients to make certification condition of contract

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