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NetReality™ Product Overview Allot Communications.

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1 NetReality™ Product Overview Allot Communications

2 2 NetReality overview NetReality controls the assignment of bandwidth, ensuring delivery of critical applications Dedicated monitoring and traffic shaping device with central management software Integrated software & hardware solution WAN based or LAN based multi service platform – one device, multiple functions: 7-layer real time and historical monitoring, traffic shaping, SLM, CSU/DSU functionality, Accounting, Security, VoIP management

3 3 NetReality overview Without NetReality: Bandwidth is used inefficiently, creating uneven traffic flow, and dropped packets. Business suffers while non-critical applications crowd out critical ones. With NetReality: Assignment of bandwidth is controlled, ensuring delivery of critical applications

4 4 Key Principles Behind NetReality The WAN edge is the site of critical network application exposure – the bottleneck. NetReality WAN based platform protects the site of greatest bandwidth constriction scalable architecture: The NetReality system uses a central monitoring and policy management system with distributed remote devices, performing as both probes and shaping policy execution points User friendly, point & click, JAVA based Graphical User Interface

5 5 NetReality System Architecture The NetReality system is comprised of three basic modules: NetReality WiseWan Devices NetReality Server and Database - Central management server built on top of an industry standard SQL database NetReality Console (GUI)

6 6 Router CSU WAN Router CSU HQ Site A WiseWan NetReality Server and Database Traffic Data sent Using Compressed SNMP NetReality System Architecture

7 7 TCP/IP SQL Queries Reports Generated in Console Router CSU WAN Router CSU HQ WiseWan NetReality Server and Database Console Site A Dial Up Console

8 8 NetReality System Architecture Router CSU WAN Router CSU HQ WiseWan NetReality Server and Database Console Site A Shaping Policy Update Policy Stored in Database

9 9 NetReality System Architecture Router CSU WAN Router CSU HQ WiseWan NetReality Server and Database Console Site A Policy Stored in Database Policy Distributed automatically

10 10 NetReality Benefits Ease of Installation: Fully automated install scripts for software installation Modest system requirements WiseWan devices use auto-detect features to allow very simple installation on the WAN link Multiple remote management functions available after installation

11 11 NetReality WiseWan The WiseWan is a dedicated hardware device located on the WAN edge. It functions as a QoS Policy Execution Point, manipulating the traffic on the link to conform to the corporate policies In addition the WiseWan functions as a remote probe monitoring traffic at all 7 layers The WiseWan Classifies more than 700 applications and protocols and performs deep packet inspection classification based on content

12 12 NetReality WiseWan The WiseWan is a powerful network device, with multiple CPU architecture Based on an industry standard real time operating system - VXworks Remote management of the unit is done through the standard WanXplorer console Supports telnet, SNMP and FTP version download for maintenance

13 13 NetReality WiseWan The WiseWan is an SNMP agent: Generates standard traps to alarm on events in the network RMON2, MIB2, FR-MIB and other standards compliant (Concord support) compressed statistics are transmitted to the WanXplorer database using SNMP with a private MIB – reducing the telemetry overhead up to 5% of typical RMON2 solutions 2 management connection options: 10/100 Ethernet side-band IP connection 10/100 Ethernet or on-the-WAN in-band IP connection

14 14 NetReality WiseWan Multiple WAN & LAN Interfaces: Low speed serial lines – up to 12 mbps (V.35, X.21, X.24, RS232, EIA530, RS449) High Speed Serial Interface (HSSI) – up to 52 mbps Native DS1 E1/T1 lines – 4 wire (BNC, RJ48, DB15) CSU/DSU Model (DS1 and Serial) Channellized T1/E1 10/100 BaseT Ethernet

15 15 WiseCable The WiseWan WiseCable is an intelligent cable that bypasses any power failure or hardware breakdown. In such an event, the WiseCable ensures that the data continues to flow on the line by detaching the WiseWan from the network as soon as a breakdown occurs. The network continues to operate smoothly until WiseWan is operational again.

16 16 NetReality WiseWan Serial Connection

17 17 NetReality WiseWan Inline T1 Connection

18 18 NetReality WiseWan CSU DSU Connection

19 19 NetReality WiseWan On The WAN Solution

20 20 NetReality WiseWan Can see all traffic on star topology networks ? Can see WAN circuits - Frame Relay, channellized E1/T1 ? Can monitor WAN layer 1 & 2 - errors, performance, congestion ? Can have QoS adaptive to WAN circuit congestion ? Can be managed from the WAN without LAN access ? Supports multiple LANs in a router with one device ? Can handle router based VoIP/SNA gateways ? LAN Product WAN Product       

21 21 NetReality WiseWan The VoIP Advantage WiseWan PBX Router DSU LAN VoIP Traffic LAN Shapers Serial V.35, X.21 WAN

22 22 NetReality WiseWan WAN ONLY Deep Packet Inspection Application Transport Network Link Physical T1,E1,CHE1/T1,G.703,V.35, X.21… Frame Relay, PPP, HDLC … IP, IPX, DECNET, SNA, APTLK … TCP,UDP,SPX, ICMP… 700+ Applications over IP and IPX including dynamic port tracking HTTP analysis for URL and MIME type, Citrix – Application over MetaFrame, Oracle SQLNET info, H.323 call information…

23 23 NetReality Server Central management software running on Sun/Solaris 2.51, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8 or MS Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 using an industry standard SQL database – Sybase is included and embedded in the product Enables easy integration with third party applications The database is self-managed; therefore database system administrator intervention is not required – it will perform automatic database management, backup, data aging and purging This integrated database extensively and periodically polls the WiseWan NAPSs it manages, and inserts the information into the database

24 24 NetReality Server WanXplorer features include: Management of multiple NAPSs from one central location Integration with leading management platforms, such as HPOV and CiscoWorks Acts as the Policy Server (PDP) for the WiseWan devices – The servers is a central data repository for the system - statistics, configuration, shaping policies Allows distributed deployment across multiple server to enhance performance and scalability

25 25 NetReality Console Java based, platform independent application - Unix, NT, Win95/98/2000 Pure client - connects to the NetReality server, does not store anything on the client station Can be launched from a web browser or as a native Java run time program Provides reports based on statistics from the database for viewing or export Acts as the event console for all system and network events detected by WiseWan

26 26 NetReality Console Multiple consoles, can reside anywhere on the network Easy to use, point and click GUI, with both graphical and textual views, and drill down capabilities Password protected to restrict access - Embedded security with multiple access levels for different users and groups Integrates with HP/OV NNM

27 27 NetReality Monitoring Measuring the real bandwidth on the WAN The available bandwidth on public networks varies continuously, and may be below, at, or above the bandwidth the carrier agreed to deliver (in Frame- Relay - the CIR) The WiseWan can analyze the circuit performance and report back to the user Real time monitoring and analysis for troubleshooting purposes Long term storage of all monitoring data for History analysis and capacity planning

28 28 NetReality Monitoring Line utilization, errors and bursts Frame Relay analysis: Congestion - FECN, BECN PVC performance (can you reach your CIR) Response time measurement per PVC PVC Usage Protocol / Application / Host distribution analysis Conversation monitoring: top hosts, talkers and listeners, application bandwidth distribution per session

29 29 NetReality Monitoring

30 30 NetReality Monitoring

31 31 NetReality Monitoring

32 32 NetReality Monitoring

33 33 NetReality Monitoring Line and PVC Service Level Agreement: Availability Mean Time Between Failures Mean Time To Repair Response time average and breaches Frame Relay congestion breaches (BECN below CIR) Summery and detailed failure reports available

34 34 NetReality Monitoring

35 35 WanTel Enhanced management and control facilities for voice-over-IP H.323 and SIP traffic WanTel enables NetReality WiseWan to recognize VoIP traffic, and perform monitoring and traffic shaping of that traffic WiseWan will distinguish between voice, video and data sessions, as well as RAS, RTP (Real Time Protocol) and RTCP (Real Time Control Protocol) conversations WanTel is an add-on for the WiseWan product family, requiring an additional license for usage

36 36 WanTel Used to monitor and shape VoIP traffic WanXplorer provides reports for VoIP in Real-time and History. This includes information regarding VoIP PBX statistics (call and signaling information) and a detailed calls report The traffic shaper can guarantee bandwidth or limit the number of voice calls, Prioritizing voice and data transmissions for best bandwidth utilization

37 37 WanTel

38 38 WanAccountant Application usage accounting tool for Frame Relay and IP networks, Works in conjunction with the WiseWan server management system Enables allocation of WAN charges to enterprise users based on service level criteria Tracks usage by applications or groups of applications; application servers or application server groups; departments or business units and even time-of-day WanAccountant is an add-on for the WiseWan product family, requiring an additional license for usage

39 39 WanAccountant

40 40 Classification and Prioritization Shaping policies are configured by the user using a point and click central policy console, and then distributed to the WiseWans WiseWans use advanced protocol and application decoding to classify the traffic in wire speed and determine if shaping is necessary Traffic to be shaped will be queued by priorities WiseWan releases the frames back at line speed, but different order - according to policy Low priority sessions will be delayed and slowed down, high priority sessions will be accelerated

41 41 Traffic Classification Applications and Protocol Support for more than 700 protocols and applications, including recognition of some applications using dynamic ports, user defined applications, and application header information – Citrix Published apps, Oracle information, HTTP URL and MIME type Direction Server and Client Host Source and destination: Hosts, networks, IP subnets and user groups, by defining their IP or IPX address Schedule Time of day, day of week Circuit Line or DLCI that the policy needs to be applied on

42 42 WiseWan Policy

43 43 Traffic Shaping Traffic shaping actions: Prioritization - the priority level of the rule by using the 6- level slider. The range is: Pass through, High, Medium- High, Medium, Low, and Block. Pass through allows data to be transmitted with highest priority with no constraints. Block prevents all data from being transmitted Bandwidth guarantee - minimum amount of bandwidth that this conversation/class should be guaranteed to Bandwidth limit - maximum amount of bandwidth consumption that you want this conversation/class to consume DiffServ Tagging – overwrite the DiffServ tag with a custom tag based on it’s calssification

44 44 WiseWan Bandwidth Policy Editor

45 45 Shaping Per PVC The Shaping Per PVC functionality allows WiseWan to guarantee bandwidth for congested PVCs regardless of the overall line congestion All WiseWan NAPS systems are defined by default for shaping per PVC. How Shaping Works - The user defines the Committed Information Rate (CIR) and the Maximum Information Rate (MIR) for each DLCI Shaping is triggered when traffic utilization on the PVC reaches ~85% of the MIR, and shaping stops when utilization drops below 60% Limits always work

46 46 WiseWan Shaping per PVC

47 47 Scheduled Reports NetReality console includes the ability to configure reports that will be created automatically Choose report type, object to be generated on Report format (Various HTML templates, PDF, applet, CSV) Customize reports to be generated (Graph type etc) Interval for report creation (hourly, daily etc) Time frame for report (hourly, daily etc) Target directory to publish the report to

48 48 Event Notification NetReality Console will allow the user to define which events (line up/down, high utilization etc) will trigger notifications Filter events by different parameters Define timeouts for event notification Forward events to email, pager Launch scripts as reaction to events Customize event notification message format

49 49 Product Family WiseWan 50: 128kbps WiseWan 100: up to 512 kbps WiseWan 200: up to 2mbps WiseWan 230: Channellized T1/E1 WiseWan 400: up to 12 mbps WiseWan 600: up to 52 mbps WiseWan 1001: up to 100 mbps Add-on software modules WanTel Voice over IP WanAccountant All WiseWan Systems come complete with: - WiseWan Device - - Cables - - Server and Database software - - Client Software Some models available as rack-mount or desktop models, Serial line, in-line DS1, CSU/DSU, or Ethernet (Broadband) models

50 50 Competitive Landscape BW Mangment (min/max) Application Priority WAN Monitoring/ Shaping Centralized Reporting/ Pol Mgmnt NetReality√√√ /√ NetEnforcer / NetPolicy √√- /-√ / - Packeteer√√- / -√ /√ Sitara√√- / -√ /√ Visual Networks --√ /- NetScout--√ /-

51 51 Market Segmentation Enterprise WAN BW Mangment Enterprise Application Priority Enterprise WAN Mon/ Shaping ISP (CPE) WAN Mon/ Shaping NetReality√√√ /√ NetEnforcer / NetPolicy √√- /- Packeteer√√- / - Sitara√√- / - Visual Networks --√ / - NetScout--√ / -

52 52 IDC on SLA Today’s cost-conscious IT managers are monitoring SLAs and the utilization of bandwidth as a way to optimize their relationships with carriers based on changes in their business, such as layoffs and downsized ecommerce initiatives, or simply making sense of over- provisioning practices

53 53 Contact Details Americas 250 Prairie Center Drive #335 Eden Prairie, MN 55344 Tel: (952) 944-3100 Fax: (952) 944-3555 International HQ 5 Hanagar Street Hod Hasharon, 45800 Israel Tel: 972-(0)9-761-9200 Fax: 972-(0)9-744-3626 Japan Nishi Ginza Bldg 2F 5-5-9 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0061, Japan Tel: 81 3 5537-7114 Fax: 81 3 5537-5281 Europe, Middle East and Africa World Trade Center 1300, Route Des Cretes BP 255 Sophia Antipolis Cedex France 06905 Tel: 33-(0)4-92-38-80-27 Fax: 33-(0)4-92-38-80-33 Asia Pacific 9 Raffles Place Republic Plaza #27-01 Singapore 048619 Tel: 65-6832-5663 Fax: 65-6832-5662 24/7 Support: 1-800-204-1364

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