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Custom Report Development

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1 Custom Report Development
Current Process SuccessFactors Professional Services v 6.0

2 Premium Report Delivery Model
Our Shared Goal Service Offerings Service Process Report Feasibility/Solution Assessment Timeline Pricing Matrix How Can I Get Started? Supporting Documents/Examples

Our Shared Goal Set proper scope, timeline & cost expectations Clear Reporting Requirements Timely & Accurate Report Delivery CUSTOMER SATISFACTION

4 Report Service Offerings
Current Offerings Pixel Perfect Talent Cards Ad Hoc/BIRT Reports Custom PM form layout Maintenance of existing reports Future Offerings Compensation Statements (Q2) LMS Reports (Q3) YouCalc Dashboards (Q3) Alternative Offerings* RDF Reports * Only available when all other options are not feasible

5 Report Services Process
INITIATE Sales & PR consultant meet with the customer to review report mockup PR consultant performs data availability and solutions assessment with dev team SOW & Scheduled A created and submitted to customer by sales DOCUMENT Report Specs documented Project Plan created Dev resources planned & allocated DEVELOP Build out report templates per requirements specification TEST Test report against a set of technical criteria as well as specific functional criteria Testing is performed by SF & also required by customer ACCEPT Customer approves reports & formally signs off on report MAINTAIN Customer contacts the CS team to request changes to existing report that are covered under subscription fee CS Team creates JIRA ticket Reporting team works on changes

6 To Partner Referral (RDF) To Partner Referral (RDF)
Report Feasibility/Solution Assessment From PS/CS Team To Partner Referral (RDF) To Enhance Platform No Gaps Fixable? Platform enhancement time estimate Yes Yes Price and Time Frame Discovery Meeting Solution Assessment Gaps? Yes No Data Gaps? Price and Time Frame Communicate Timeline to Customer Time line OK? No Yes No Data Gap Assignment SDS enhancement time estimate To Partner Referral (RDF) PR Lead Dev Team To Enhance SDS = Use JIRA to communicate ATY Eng. Module Teams Sales

7 Report Services Timeline
INITIATE/SCOPE DOCUMENT DEVELOP TEST ACCEPT 5-7 days 6-8 weeks MAINTAIN 2 weeks * RDF reports can take up to 16wks.

8 Compensation Statements
Report Pricing Matrix Report Types Complex Medium Simple Subscription Fees PPTC 15K – 20K 10K – 15K 10K 5K Ad Hoc/BIRT 8K – 15K 3K – 8K 2K* Compensation Statements 10K – 20K 5K – 10K 3K – 5K RDF** 18K – 25K 12K – 18K 8K – 12K *2K per report, 5K max ** Only Developed by Partner

9 How Can I Get Started? Contact the Premium Reporting Team (Morgan Hunt: to arrange a customer discovery meeting Request a report mockup from your customer Set the right expectations regarding costs and turnaround times in your initial customer initiation meetings

10 Appendix: Pixel Perfect Talent Cards (PPTC)
Report Objective: Displays a comprehensive view of an employee’s professional work history and career information. Business Need: Mainly used for succession planning, career development, and recruiting purposes. Dependencies Capabilities Limitations Data fields need to be defined on the Employee Scorecard tab, and/or performance form and/or goal plan Supports pulling data from up to 3 sources (scorecard tab, PM form, Goal Plan form. For data pulled in from the scorecard tab, the permissions defined in the data model and are observed in the scorecard and PPTC. Field permissions from performance form and/or goal plan form are NOT carried into the PPTC. Therefore, to protect the confidentiality of data from these sources, an individual’s access to print PPTC can be restricted in Admin Tools. PM/GM processes are defined in Admin Tools Batch Print and Archive & Print is available Supports multiple processes (forms) Character limitation & restrictions are supported Supports custom design, layout, formatting, graphs, logos, branding Field calculations & logic supported Report output options are PDF, RTF, PPT, HTML Only one type of report output can be chosen.

11 Appendix: Ad Hoc Visual Publisher (BIRT) Reports
Report Objective: Displays simple & complex reports using the BIRT design tool to extract data for Succession Planning, Recruiting, Compensation, PM, GM, Employee Profile, Employee Central, and LMS. Business Need: Recommended when conditional logic, calculations, special formatting, graphical charts are needed to be displayed in a report. Dependencies Capabilities Limitations All data fields needed in the report output need to be made reportable in Ad Hoc Report outputs are PDF, Excel, PPT CSV output not supported Activate Report Builder 2.0 Able to consolidate data into 1 line per employee. Foreign language translations not supported Supports joining multiple modules Graphs not supported in Excel output Supports joining multiple forms/data sets Multiple worksheets not supported in Excel output Supports custom design, layout, formatting, graphs Supports scheduling reports offline through FTP process Supports custom calculations Supports conditional report logic Custom filters at runtime are supported Visibility of the reports can be set for a defined group

12 Appendix: Compensation Statement Reports
Report Objective: Displays merit and bonus information for an employee. Business Need: Recommended when conditional logic, calculations, special formatting, graphical charts are needed to be displayed in the compensation letter. Dependencies Capabilities Limitations Images/logos/graphics need to be on the internal customer FTP folder Supports pulling data from the User Import file and/or compensation form. The statement is effectively static per customer with the only dynamic attribute being the field data values per employee. Customer will provide language translations where needed Supports multiple foreign languages and there is no limit on # of languages to supported. Does not support JavaScript (e.g.: dynamic graphs) List of currencies and conversion rates are to be supplied by the customer Supports custom logic No filters are available for generating statements Compatible with IE 7.0 and up, Firefox 3.0 and up browsers No ability to generate a subset of statements. All statements needs to be recreated each time a modification is made. Supports all foreign currencies. Supports bulk printing (from the completed comp form).

13 Appendix: Pixel Perfect Talent Card Examples

Competencies Future Leader Overall Rating Retention Actual Rating Expected Rating Yes Risk of Loss: High Communication 3 4 3 Customer Focus 3 3 Impact of Loss: High Hiring 3 3 Personal Information Integrity/Ethics Job Knowledge 5 3 Division Department Hire Date Time at Company Listening Skills 3 4 Negotiation Skills 3 3 ACE Software Sales 07/12/1995 16 years, 8 months Sense of Urgency Location Team Size Manager Time in Position Teamwork Boston, MA 3 Carla Grant 9 years, 7 months Education Work Experience From - To School Major Degree From - To Job Title Company Harvard University Business High School Diploma 08/ /2001 Associate Principal McKinsey & Company Florida State University Environmental Engineering Bachelors 07/ /1997 Manager Deloitte Consulting Mobility Current Nominations Willing to Relocate Location Desired Division President - Software - 3+ Years Yes Canada VP, Sales Years Sales Director, Canada - Ready Now SuccessFactors Talent Review Proprietary and Confidential March  29, 2012 Page  1

15 Appendix: Pixel Perfect Talent Card Examples of Charts
Sample Charts for PPTCs Incorporating logic into the PPTC, numeric data entries residing in the scorecard, performance form and /or goal plan form can be displayed in a various chart layouts in the PPTC.

16 Appendix: Ad Hoc BIRT Report Examples

17 Appendix: Ad Hoc BIRT Report Examples

18 Appendix: Compensation Statement Examples

19 Appendix: Compensation Statement Examples

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