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Waste Site Cleanup Advisory Committee Meeting June 23, 2011 MassDEP Reform Initiatives.

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1 Waste Site Cleanup Advisory Committee Meeting June 23, 2011 MassDEP Reform Initiatives

2 Reform Initiatives - June 2011 MassDEP’s Challenge Issue There is a mis-match between agency responsibilities and resources. Resources Budget: $62m in FY02; $46m in FY11 Staff: 1,200 in FY02; 840 today Mandates/Requirements Expansions to federal air and water programs; new MA rules on climate, mercury, UST, well-drilling, etc.; no reduction in mandates/programs.

3 Reform Initiatives - June 2011 Three Priority Reform Initiatives & New Clean Energy Efforts 1.Information Technology Upgrade Initiative 2.Internal Restructuring & Efficiency Initiative 3.Clean Energy Results Program 4.Regulatory Reform Initiative

4 Reform Initiatives - June 2011 Information Technology Upgrade Goals: Use IT to increase agency efficiency to make up for staff losses and to identify new ways of doing business. A comprehensive redesign and rebuilding of current IT Systems, building on the C&E project and many other recent IT efforts Objectives: Update outdated systems, put more files online, use databases to spot violation and track compliance trends, automate notices to regulated community. Will integrate with Regulatory Reform efforts. Resources: Seeking ITD capital funds for options assessment & implementation. Timeframe: Options assessment in 2011; Implementation in 2012-2015.

5 Reform Initiatives - June 2011 Internal Restructuring and Efficiency Goals: Improve functionality of MassDEP Objectives: Review our 20-year old management and operational structure; consider other organizational structure models; identify improvements. Timeframe: Undertaken in phases to ensure coordination with Reg Reform efforts; solicit ideas and evaluate options; make recommendations to Commissioner re: 1) ideas for implementation; 2) ideas to be considered in coordination with Reg Reform efforts.

6 Restructuring/Efficiency: Principles Ensure organization supports integrated approach, doesn’t create barriers to information sharing/“silos”. Increase flexibility to deploy resources to address evolving environmental concerns in a timely way. Make the agency more “user friendly” and easier to understand for the public/regulated businesses. Ensure mgt structure provides support/oversight but is a streamlined, clearly defined structure. Evaluate if structure fosters clear communication and uniform, consistent decision-making. Increase efficiency of internal processes/operations. Reform Initiatives - May 2011

7 Reform Initiatives - June 2011 Clean Energy Results Program Goal: To advance development of clean energy in the Commonwealth, support the green economy and achieve environmental protection benefits of clean energy by further integrating energy & the environment @ MassDEP. Objectives: Provide project-specific support and facilitation; review & streamline regulations/policies to facilitate siting and permitting of clean energy projects; and assist DOER Green Communities with public and municipal education & outreach. Timeframe: TBD, Targeting Launch summer 2011.

8 Reform Initiatives - June 2011 Regulatory Reform: Overview Goal: Continue to achieve strong environmental & public health outcomes with current agency resources. Objectives: Solicit and evaluate ideas from internal and external stakeholders. Explore successful models used in the past, including semi-privatization (21E model), general permits, self-certifications, ERP. Evaluate new ideas to meet the same goals. Timeframe: Solicit input Spring 2011; Commissioner recommendations Summer 2011; Implementation goal is Winter 2012.

9 Reform Initiatives - June 2011 Regulatory Reform: Scope of Work / Principles Comprehensive effort to ID and implement reforms to regulations, policies and practices. Seeking additional efficiencies & alternate models among ALL major MassDEP areas. No weakening of environmental protection. Will not consider: o increases in DEP staff; o transferring MassDEP responsibilities to already- strapped municipalities. Will not prioritize: o Statutory changes, changes to federal responsibilities

10 Reform Initiatives - June 2011 Approach: key Questions & Consultation Plan Key Questions: Where can DEP involvement be altered to achieve results with less labor-intensive efforts? Different ways to do work? Elements needed to ensure env/health protection? Obstacles that must be addressed? 3 Tiers of Consultation: –Internal to MassDEP –External Working Group –Other Outside Stakeholders (including existing Advisory Committees & Ad Hoc)

11 11 Pause and Reflect - Which BWSC- related ideas are the most promising?

12 Reform Initiatives - June 2011 Regulatory Reform Project Schedule Spring 2011: –Solicit ideas from internal and external consultations (informed by scan of innovations in other states). Early Summer: –Refine ideas and develop recommendations for Commissioner Kimmell. Summer: –Commissioner Kimmell’s recommendations to Secretary Sullivan.

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