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Business Opportunities Dorothy McKelvin. Doing Business with MCC Types of Opportunities: Procurements Grants Public Private Partnerships.

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1 Business Opportunities Dorothy McKelvin



4 Doing Business with MCC Types of Opportunities: Procurements Grants Public Private Partnerships

5 Procurement at MCC MCC corporate procurements - Administered by MCC -Opportunities published at MCC also has an agreement with the Army Corps of Engineers for some engineering support work Compact procurements - Administered by MCA Entities in Country Contract opportunities are published at:



8 Top 10 Reasons to do Business with MCC 1. All Money Up-front 2. Paid by the U.S. Treasury 3. Fair - MCC Checks Ensure Fairness 4. Enforced International Environmental Standards 5. Open and Competitive - No Local Preference

9 Continued… 6. No Government Owned Enterprises (GOEs) 7. Winning Contracts = Price Reasonable Contracts 8. Expert Evaluation 9. A World of Possibilities 10. The Business of Doing Good Business partners in MCA countries help reduce poverty through Economic Growth


11 Procurement Timeframe Lusaka Water and Sanitation Projects – Works2014-15 -Lusaka Drainage Project – Works2014-15 Technical Assistance Consultancies2014 - 15 ZAMBIA Water Sector Concentration $355 M

12 Procurement Series of works for city’s water supply network, rehabilitate and enlarge select sewer networks, engineering and resettlement services. Several works construction projects Construction Supervision (Closes October 2014) Institutional Strengthening - Technical Assistance Information, education and communication campaigns. Social and Gender Integration MCA Procurement Director: Chibwe Mwelwa MCC: Dot McKelvin ZAMBIA Water Sector Concentration $355 M

13 ProcurementTimeframe Supply and installation of Management Information System for Malawi Power Utility ESCOM (in dgMarket, UNDB) Now Power Utility Procurement and Performance Audit September 2014 Now Supply/Installation of Supervisory and Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System 2015 Power lines, distribution, rehabs & upgrades 2015 MALAWI Power Sector Concentration $350 M

14 Environment and Natural Resources Management)Timeframe Meters for Malawi Power Utility ESCOM2014 Baseline survey of existing power supply to local enterprises September 2014 Now Weed, Silt Management-weed harvesters, dredgers2015 MCA-Malawi- : MCA Procurement Director – Raphael Mboozi; MCC Procurement Director- Carlton MALAWI Power Sector Concentration $350 M

15 Power Utility Financial & Operational TurnaroundTimeframe Access2015 -- ECG Financial and Operational Turnaround2015 -- NEDCO Financial and Operational Turnaround2015 -- Energy Efficiency/Demand Side Management2015 -- Power Generation Sector Improvement2015 -- Regulatory Strengthening and Capacity Building2015 -- GHANA Electricity(Electricity) Sector $498 M MCC Procurement Director: Mike McEnitre; MCA: tbd

16 Remaining ProcurementsTimeframe Water: Pipes - Water Smart Homes (WSH) Activity: Construction of small works October 2014 Proc. Dir. Mutaz Qutob JORDAN Water Sector Concentration $275M

17 Remaining ProcurementsTimeframe Electronic Tax Information System Computer Equipment Large Works Roads 2014 Website: www.mcap.phwww.mcap.phProc. Dir. Ruby Alvarez PHILLIPINES Reforms, Community Development, Roads $434 M

18 ProcurementsTimeframe Lab equipment/ School furniture2014-2015 Design/ Construction of educational facilities2014-2015 Technical and Vocational Training Programs2014-2015 Science/technology related educational materials2014-2015 Rehab, design packages, construction RAP for 140 schools2014-2015 Data Collection Services M&E2014-2015 Teacher Training and Assessments2014-2015 MCA PD: Dimitri Kemoklidze, MCC PD Preston Winter, GEORGIA Technical, and Higher Education $140 Million

19 ProcurementTimeframe Remaining Procurements Small consulting and small works for Design/Supervisory Engineer – Water and Sanitation Projects 2014-15 Land – Rights Registration2015 Cape Verde II WASH Land 66 M

20 TANZANIA – In Development Energy investments: -Reform in the power sector -Access to electricity, mainly in rural areas. Roads investments targeted Rural roads to improve access between agricultural areas in the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT) and internal markets MCC Country team lead: Jay Scheerer MCC Procurement Director: Dot McKelvin

21 LESOTHO – In Development Early phase of compact development. Studies being conducted to determine focus. Findings expected by the end of the Year. First $360 million USD compact ended in January 2014 and focused on health infrastructure, rural water and sanitation, Metalong dam, land administration reform, and access to credit Country Team Lead: Laura Rudert

22 LIBERIA – In Development Investments in transmission and distribution to develop more reliable and affordable electricity Support for a more robust, modern and commercially viable utility (LEC) Strengthening of sector legal and regulatory frameworks Road maintenance component to assist with year-round accessibility Country team lead: Evan Freund (

23 MOROCCO – In Development Proposals under development for potential financing related to: Improving quality of education: secondary and professional training Improving commercial justice Improving land governance to enable private sector investment Country team lead: Ariane Gauchat (

24 EL SALVADOR – In Development Education, Logistical Infrastructure, and Investment Climate Construction/Supervision Highway Construction of Customs Infrastructure Public Private Partnerships (looking at Airport and Wind Farm concessions) Regulatory Reforms Design/construction of educational facilities MCC Proc Director: Preston Winter,


26 PPPs

27 Grant Opportunities: Investment and Innovation Challenges Indonesia –Green Prosperity: low carbon economic development –Community-based Health and Nutrition to Reduce Stunting: public-private partnerships to improve food quality and promote sanitation as a business –Launched in July 2014

28 Grant Opportunities: Investment and Innovation Challenges Zambia –Innovation Grants for Pro-Poor Service Delivery: innovative projects targeting peri- urban service improvement and adoption for water, sanitation, hygiene, and “keeping drains clean” (solid waste and recycling) –Launching in October 2014 –Innovator Forum to showcase ideas on October 8, 2014 in Lusaka

29 Grant Opportunities: Investment and Innovation Challenges Georgia –Industry-led Skills and Workforce Development Project: support industry and technical education partnerships to improve employability and promote STEM –Launching in mid-2015

30 Grant Opportunities: Investment and Innovation Challenges Cabo Verde –Infrastructure Grant Facility ( “FASA”): competitive funding for local utilities to improve water and sanitation –Launched in October 2013

31 For more information, visit

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