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PENN MICROFINANCE Introductory Meeting Wednesday, September 14, 2011.

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1 PENN MICROFINANCE Introductory Meeting Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2 AGENDA What is Microfinance? About Penn Microfinance Project Teams – Bangladesh – China – Ghana – India – Nicaragua – United States The Penn Microfinance Conference Professional and Social Events How to Join 2


4 ABOUT PENN MICROFINANCE THE FIRST AND LARGEST UNDERGRADUATE MICROFINANCE ORGANIZATION Founded in 2005 Mission: To raise awareness about microfinance while providing opportunities for students to get involved in the field To offer support to and consult for established international microfinance institutions To encourage networking and career development in microfinance for students To build a community of people who are passionate about poverty alleviation and social impact 6 Project Teams Bangladesh, China, Ghana, India & Latin America Chance to work with world renowned MFIs Sustained relationships with clients Annual Conference Professional and Social Events 4

5 DIVERSE RANGE OF OPPORTUNITIES 5 Field Work Research Consulting

6 PROJECT TEAMS Bangladesh | China | Ghana | India | Nicaragua | United States 6

7 UNITED STATES Facts about Microfinance in the US – 40 million households (106 million people) w/limited access to dominant financial institutions – In fact, 28 million people are completely unbanked – Microenterprises (<5 employees) = 18% US employment & create 900,000 jobs per year 7

8 UNITED STATES Goals Work with at least 2 microfinance organizations Accomplish well defined and important projects for the organizations Develop knowledge of microfinance in the US vs. International Microfinance Improve leadership skills through leadership positions (Research, Logistics, Marketing etc) Spring Site Visits: meet micro-entrepreneurs in Philly & NYC and present final projects Who are we looking for? All schools/majors; Passion for helping others/poverty alleviation Entrepreneurial spirit: 1 st Year of Initiative Language skills welcomed- diverse borrowers (many immigrants) Desire to provide domestic impact Individuals unable to travel outside of the United States in May (time/$) For more information contact Cindy Berman 8

9 BANGLADESH Birthplace of Microfinance Dr. Muhammad Yunus – First microloans in village of Jobra – Grameen Bank Over 20 million borrowers 9

10 BANGLADESH The Khan Foundation – Millennium University – Rural Credit Program – Samitis and IGAs – Democracy for Development Ghashful – Urban and Rural MIcrocredit – Microenterprise – Education: NFPEs – Health Clinics Goals – Support MFIs in development of potential projects – Produce and distribute literature – Conduct searches for funding possibilities 10

11 BANGLADESH Contact Mifta Chowdhury at 11

12 INDIA Introduction – Currently working with Bangalore based urban MFI, Ujjivan – Team successfully traveled to India last May in our first year of existence – Spent a week conducting field visits and observing loan officers and clients Project Goals for 2011-2012 – Work on deliverables Ujjivan requested Advertising campaign Improve outreach to sparsely populated areas – Return to Ujjivan next summer with a solid proposal – Stay informed on changes in Indian microfinance 12

13 INDIA Contact Risha Asokan: 13



16 GHANA Introduction – Ghana: the first sub-Saharan African nation to achieve independence in 1957 – English-speaking, former British colony – “Africa for beginners” –The Lonely Planet Our Work – Our partner (for 3 years): Village Exchange Ghana –an NGO registered since 2003 – Two consulting trips scheduled over the summer –flexible timing – 25-30 members (leadership positions available) – Looking for dedicated, passionate individuals with an interest to learn more about microfinance 16

17 GHANA Projects – Financial, accounting, marketing, and business development support for VEG – Strategic vision: research on successful models of microfinance and implementation – Fundraising projects – Summer consulting project: experience microfinance first-hand by visiting villages and interacting with clients 17

18 GHANA Recreation and Travel Opportunity to travel throughout Ghana Monkey Sanctuary, Cape Coast Slave Castle, Busua Beach, Wli Waterfall, Downtown Accra, Canopy Walk Strong Volunteer Network within Ho Meet other volunteers living and working in Ho Many social events to meet other native Ghanaians For more information contact Chloe at 18

19 CHINA Overview DABA Ecology and Poverty Research Organization ( 大巴山生态与贫困问题研究会 ) 10-20 Members (Leadership positions available) Skills: Relative comfort with Chinese, No prior microfinance experience necessary Commitment: 1-3 hours a week DABA Location: Pu Tong County, Sichuan, China Focus: Rural Development: Ecology (agricultural), Sustainability, Cultural Targeting 3 neighboring villages How we operate Teams and Meetings Grant-writing Microfinance Framework Contact: Skype and emails 19

20 CHINA Summer Trip 2011: May 13 th to May 22 nd Visited 3 target villages: Jobs & Wealth disparity Taught at 2 schools Discussions with DABA Recreation – Shanghai Three year plan Looking Forward Mission: Assist and guide DABA in launching a self- sustainable microfinance fund Grant-writing: solid business plan and grant template Microfinance Framework: efficient program Challenges Cash strapped Interest rate / loan aversion Building an entire microfinance project from scratch – Please contact if you have any 20



23 FAST FACTS First and largest undergraduate conference in the country Network with high level professionals, researchers and students in the field 3 conference teams: (1)Speakers (2)Marketing & Logistics (3)Sponsorship 23

24 SPEAKERS, MARKETING AND LOGISTICS, SPONSORSHIP For the past five years we have had keynotes such as Rupert Scofield, CEO and President of Finca, Matthew Flannery and Premal Shah, CEO and President (respectively) of Kiva, Alex Counts, CEO and President of Grameen Foundation, and Mary Ellen Iskenderian, the President and CEO of Women’s World Banking, Gina Harman, CEO of Accion USA Sponsors have included Accion, Morgan Stanley, Opportunity International, IBM, Deutsche Bank, CGAP and Standard Chartered Benefits: (1)Communicate directly with established professionals in microfinance (2)Engage in high level discussion about microfinance topics (3)Gain research experience by brainstorming the direction in which you want your panel to go (4)Leadership opportunities: 4 to 5 panel heads for each conference, marketing and sponsorship leaders 24

25 MARKETING AND LOGISTICS Time commitment is mostly during the second semester Deciding on a theme and the panels – leadership opportunities Creating marketing materials and spreading the word on campus Lots of logistical work to be done through the second semester to pull of a conference as big as ours 25

26 EVENTS 26

27 SOCIAL EVENTS 27 Welcome to Penn Microfinance BBQ Saturday, October 1 1-3 PM October Movie Screening 2011 Trip BYO November BYO – India/Bangladesh December Study Break - Simpson’s Episode January BYO – Latin America February Service Day March Pubs Against Poverty* April Race Against Poverty* BYO – China May BYO - Africa

28 PROFESSIONAL EVENTS Wharton Social Business Plan Competition – March 2012 Subcommittee Applications Due October, 8th – Marketing – Sponsorship – Logistics – Content Microfinance 101 Workshop – Last Week of September – Location: TBD Social Business 101 Workshop – Spring 2012 – Location: TBD 28

29 JOIN US 29

30 APPLICATIONS DUE SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 18TH, 11:59 PM Applications will be available online at For more information please email 30

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