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1 AASHTO Trnsport ® Contractor’s Report Thomas P. Rothrock, Ph.D. Senior Vice President November 6, 2005

2 Presentation Overview Strategic Focus New Development and Maintenance Licensing, Implementation and Support Trnsport Related Work Conclusion Appendix -- Product Details

3 Strategic Focus

4 Quality Improvements Next Generation Trnsport Agile and Test Driven Development Long Range Work Plan posted on

5 Quality Initiatives Continued focus –Packaging and Installation –Configuration management –Call Ticket and TMR Tracking system upgrade –User Stories (requirements) lead to Test Cases –Cloverleaf content and navigation improvements Extended Maintenance warranty provision in effect with 04-05 end of year releases

6 Some Observations Fewer reported issues –Warranty –Urgent/Critical –Maintenance Increased number of functional enhancements Installation improvements –Database script packaging and instructions streamlined with fewer errors –Installation instructions streamlined and improved organized –Continued preview installations and user testing

7 Trending Down

8 A few stats from last fiscal year… 16 tables and more than 150 columns were added to Trnsport databases last fiscal year 38 warranty issues reported last fiscal year (average of 42 each year since 2001) 435 Maintenance TMRs delivered 58 Enhancement TMRs delivered 1,041 call tickets last fiscal year (26% average reduction each year since 2001) 1,250 Cloverleaf downloads

9 Info Tech Organization Update Help Desk reorganized –First and Second Level support combined and now managed by the Services Department Agency Account Managers established –track activities and needs of each state agency –Develop proposals and RFP responses –Monitor overall quality of work Client Representative/Project Manager –Work directly with agency on active projects

10 Next Generation Trnsport Complete re-write for the modern web platform Using Microsoft’s.NET Framework Unified database, business rules, security model New reporting tool to replace reporting aspect of RTF Phased transition from client/server based on Roadmap Focus on wider access for users and lower cost of distribution and support for the agency

11 NGT Business Areas Current Phase 1 –PES/LAS functionality –Impact Assessment Next Phases currently under consideration for start up beginning early next year –Materials Management –Civil Rights –TRACER, Phase 2

12 Materials Management Trnsport SiteManager Enhancements completed –Materials Sample Information (Big 15) delivered –LIMS integration analysis Michigan sponsored requirements JAD NGT Materials Backlog drafted NGT Materials work plan drafted and provided to Michigan DOT and TTF

13 Civil Rights Minnesota hosted JAD in April 2005 provided initial set of requirements Prioritized Backlog created for TTF consideration To be developed using the same methodology and architecture as Next Generation Trnsport Will operate standalone or integrated with other Trnsport components Proposed Work Plan submitted to subgroup

14 Agile and Test Driven Development Goals –Improve quality by reducing errors in code as you go –Code based on user stories, requirements and test cases –Automate testing –Broaden test database coverage of lifecycle –Monthly production-ready software increments Next Generation Trnsport –User stories and product backlog –TTF oversight and prioritization with user collaboration –Automated testing of UI and web services –Automated unit testing –Acceptance Test Process

15 Agile vs. Waterfall Waterfall (typical plan-driven approach) –Define Requirements up front –Design the solution –Build the software –Test the results Agile Approach –Refine and prioritize requirements as you go –Design, build, and test a subset of high priority requirements in short “time-boxed” increments –Issue a release when sufficient functionality exists to deliver a working product –Stop when the value of remaining requirements is less than the cost of incorporating them into the software

16 Trnsport New Development and Maintenance

17 Major Deliverables Since Last TUG Next Generation Trnsport Phase 1 work plan approved and progressing well Delivery of Trnsport SiteManager  Materials Sample Information (Big 15) enhancements Test Suite 1.0a delivered to licensees and used by Info Tech for release testing Delivered FieldNet 2.0a rewrite

18 2004-05 MSE Enhancement TMRs More than 55 functional enhancements delivered Object Store 2 Integration RTF-to-PDF output (Improves printing capability) Generic Fields Several enhancements in estimation functionality including Trnsport CES  Scatter Plot and BAMS/DSS HREG

19 TMR Maintenance Backlog

20 MSE Activity Trends

21 2005-2006 MSE Focus Develop Next Generation Trnsport No AASHTO funded enhancements to AASHTO owned modules Focus on urgent/critical TMRs Installation and testing improvements TTF approved high priority TMRs One release per module combining technology upgrades, maintenance, enhancement and warranty resolutions in February 2006

22 Standard TTF Reports on Cloverleaf Implementation Status Matrix Agency Status Report Maintenance Report Supported Releases Platform Status TTF Meeting Minutes

23 Cloverleaf Web Site hosted by Info Tech for our Trnsport related activities General Trnsport information and software updates Call tickets, TMRs, Agency Product and Platform environment, TTF Meetings Host TUG Web Site and several List Servers Trnsport NGT Message Board and Forums Currently undergoing a facelift

24 Licensing, Implementation, and Support Activities

25 Trnsport Licensees Alaska Hawaii New Brunswick 39 State Agencies, 1 Canadian Province, FHWA Federal Lands Highways, District of Columbia DOT, Pennsylvania Turnpike Trnsport Implementation Status

26 Beyond State DOTs Trnsport Licenses –FHWA Federal Lands –Penn Turnpike –District of Columbia DOT FieldManager Licenses –Over 150 Local Governments –Over 400 Consultant/Contractor Estimator Licenses –Over 500 Design Consultants for 13 state transportation agencies

27 Service Unit Activity Continues Growth Completed 636 Service Units –5.6% increase over the previous year Over 300 trips to 27 Agencies Began 2 new implementation projects Began 3 New Materials implementations On-site dedicated teams in 5 Agencies

28 Darleen Randall Customer Support Activities Improved on-line electronic support –Combined ERF and Warranty Report for easier support request submittal Ongoing Help Desk and Call Ticket Resolution –Increased training and knowledge of help desk staff –Improved tracking and resolution time frames Customer Surveys –NGT External Authentication –SiteManager OLE Attachments

29 Trnsport Marketing Activity 15 tradeshows attended & presented 5 additional conferences attended & presented 27 agency visits with presentations Improved materials available –Individual product webinars available on request –Updated Trnsport workflow documents & product sheets –Trnsport Newsletters (Fall & Spring)

30 Meeting and Conference Attendance AASHTO Meetings –National and Regional (WASHTO and SASHTO) –Subcommittees on Information Systems, Construction, and Materials –Civil Rights Conference HEEP International and Regional I-V American Public Works Association (APWA) TEA and TUG Meetings

31 Outreach Initiatives DBE Initiatives –Working with several states to provide Bid Express and FieldManager to DBE contractors to give them better access to contract information in a timely manner Local Transportation Assistance Program –Working with several states to provide Estimator and FieldManager to local agencies for Federally funded contracts Academic Alliance Program –Estimator and FieldManager are being used in several Civil Engineering Departments

32 Trnsport Related Activities

33 Bid Express Continues to grow with 20 Agencies in production Roughly 2,300 contractors signed up Approximately $28 billion in bids submitted in 2004 On-line bid bond validation available with Surety 2000 Corporation and Insure Vision Technologies New features added in 2004 –Bid Data Analysis –Credit card billing with VeriSign –Plan Room capabilities

34 Progress with Internet Bidding using Expedite and Bid Express In production (20) Implementing (7)

35 Collusion Detection Training Workshops Held in March at Info Tech office in Gainesville, Florida Provides hands-on, in-depth training using BAMS/DSS with case studies using real Agency data Next workshop scheduled for March 1-3, 2006 Enrollment is limited to 15 participants A two-day Introduction to BAMS/DSS Training will be offered February 27-28, prior to the Collusion Detection Training workshop Sign-up available on Cloverleaf Events Bid collusion workshop Tuesday Nov. 8 th, 8-10 AM at TUG

36 Conclusion

37 Summary Next Generation Trnsport –Greater emphasis on user collaboration, test driven development, and incremental deliverables Planning for the future –Materials Management –Civil Rights –Estimation and TRACER Supporting the users –Continued growth in on-site services –More and better collaboration with the TTF, TRTs and users –We’re fully committed to providing excellent service to all our customers

38 Some ways to stay connected Web Sites –Cloverleaf: –TUG: –AASHTOWare: –NGT Message Board: Tug List Server Materials –Trnsport Newsletter –Long Range Work Plan –Maintenance, Support, and Enhancement Work Plan –AASHTOWare Catalog

39 More Information… Product details follow closing slide for reference –Accomplished last fiscal year –In Progress this fiscal year –Future or planned items

40 AASHTO Trnsport ® Contractor’s Report Thomas P. Rothrock Senior Vice President November 6, 2005

41 2004-05 Updates and Releases ProductReleasesUpdatesEmergency Fixes BAMS/DSS24 CES33 Estimator13 Expedite22 FieldMgr/FieldNet232 Intranet21 PES/LAS/SAPW/CAS24 SiteManager1220 SitePad21 SiteXchange11 Test Suite11 Totals18741 For specific information visit:

42 SiteManager, SitePad, SiteXchange Accomplished –4 releases, 1 product update, 116 TMRs SiteManager 3.5a, 3.6a; SitePad 1.1e, 1.0b-3, SiteXchange 1.0b –Materials Sample Information (Big 15) Enhancements –Mississippi Limited Access Enhancement –Oklahoma Superpave & PCC Mix Design Enhancement –Continued improvement for installation procedures In Progress –Warranty and urgent/critical TMR resolutions Upcoming –LADOT funded TMR 8135 – Update Stockpiled Material Payment Conversion Factor Enhancement –February 2006 Release

43 PES, LAS, SAPW, CAS Accomplished –2 PES releases, 61 TMRs PES/LAS 5.8a, PES 5.9a –2 LAS releases, 16 TMRs PES/LAS 5.8a, LAS 5.9a –2 CAS releases, 6 TMRs CAS 5.4a, CAS 5.5a –2 SAPW releases, 4 TMRs SAPW 5.8a, SAPW 5.9a –Several Enhancements including Tabbed Folder, Lock Projects, CAS Site time records, LAS Pass to SiteManager In Progress –Warranty and urgent/critical TMR resolutions Upcoming –February 2006 Releases

44 Expedite Accomplished –2 releases, 12 TMRs Expedite 5.5a Expedite 5.6a –Ability to create additional Miscellaneous Data folders –Automatic Bid Withdraw feature –Add support for radio buttons –Add Generics to print sequences In Progress –Warranty and urgent/critical TMR resolutions Upcoming –February 2006 Release

45 BAMS/DSS Accomplished –2 releases, 1 Product Update, 93 TMRs BAMS/DSS 6.5a BAMS/DSS 6.6a BAMS/DSS 6.6a-1 –9 HREG Enhancements In Progress –Warranty and urgent/critical TMR resolutions Upcoming –February 2006 Release

46 CES Accomplished –2 releases, 39 TMRs CES 5.5a CES 5.6a –Scatter Plot, Bridge Info, Expand XML import/export In Progress –Warranty and urgent/critical TMR resolutions Upcoming –February 2006 Release

47 Estimator Accomplished –1 release, 19 TMRs –Estimator Build Project in Item Order Enhancement –Estimator Build History Catalog Filter Enhancement –Estimator Undo/Redo Requirements Analysis In Progress –Warranty resolutions, maintenance TMRs –Undo/Redo Functionality Upcoming –April 2006 Beta Release

48 FieldManager, FieldNet Suite Accomplished –2 releases, 3 Product Updates, 62 TMRs –Michigan funded enhancements and development –FieldManager Contract ID and Type During Import –FieldManager Assign Items to Subcontractor –FieldNet 2.0a Rewrite In Progress –Warranty resolutions, maintenance TMRs –Contractor Performance Evaluation Enhancement Upcoming –Warranty Release

49 Scheduling / Project Management System (SPMS) AASHTO IT Survey identified planning as one of the top 5 desired tools to implement SPMS in production with INDOT since 2000 Uses the same technology as c/s Trnsport and has interfaces to Trnsport CES and MS Project Provides enterprise level planning, scheduling, coordinating, tracking of projects and their costs SPMS Demo is available upon request at TUG

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