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Son Duong Cave Quảng Bình – VIETNAM Music: Quê Hương Artist: Nhã Phương Pps: Pham hong Hai 21-12-2010.

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2 Son Duong Cave Quảng Bình – VIETNAM Music: Quê Hương Artist: Nhã Phương Pps: Pham hong Hai 21-12-2010

3 Here are some pictures of the journey to find out what new wonders of Vietnam in Quang Binh expedition:

4 The team members must go through terrible rain forests and wilderness dangers.

5 Cave expedition team, and Mr. Khanh Ho (X), who discovered the cave Son Duong. X

6 The team must overcome many streams and mountains to reach the venue.

7 On the way sometimes the team encountered the beauty and the peace and the wonder of nature.

8 Accidentally the team discovered sinkholes over 400 million years of sediment depth to 255m, the deepest hole in VN.

9 Forest type "spray" from the grotto.

10 The only way to enter the cave system is climbing down the wire, about 80m deep.

11 WOW... And then stunned by the spectacular scene of cave Son Duong!

12 ... where ever footprints, never !

13 Pristine clear lake not knowing where it originates from.

14 The cave haves a width of 200 meters, a height of 150 meters, and at least 6.5 km in length. It surpasses Deer Cave in Gunung Mulu National Park of Malaysia (with a height of 100m, width 90m, 2km long) to rank the largest natural cave in the world.

15 A spectacular scene of the cave has never seen before.

16 The explorers were amazed by the beauty beyond imagination



19 Son Duong cave has many stunning stalactites and not seen in other caves, including Phong Nha cave.

20 Photo taken by the British Royal Expedition Association.

21 A cave roof collapse brought light to create a great tropical forest. The explorers called it the Garden of Eden.

22 The expedition members entering Swallow Cave, an underground cave was fenced by the river barrier. In the dry season the river narrowed into a small pond, but in the rainy season it can rise up to ten meters.

23 The column stalactites have bizarre shapes. Called the Cactus Garden.

24 The explorers swimming under a giant column of slatactites in the cave of cocoons.

25 A cave with the width about 90m, 250m high near the cave roof, high enough to contain a 40-story building.

26 About the shrinking middle row, flowing a river brought the aircraft shells, accumulating in the layers on the riverbed.

27 Through thousands of years, calcium has surrounded the small sand particles forming the giant “pearls”.

28 Like a petrified waterfall, the strips near the entrance of the cave stalactites Swallow brings the green moss.

29 “While very large”, but almost 'invisible' until the local people found the cave by wind blowing up from the underground.

30 Lightning strikes somewhere where there are green grass and trees. In the forest under the collapsed roof of the cave, the explorers found the appearance of many kinds of animals such as birds, snakes, squirrels, monkeys.

31 The explorers passed thru a pecfect sculpture of nature, covered with moss.

32 From November to April, it is safe to explore cave Ken, with a small pond on a dry cave. In the rainy season, the water will engulf much the cave.

33 The biggest challenge for the expedition was a high stone wall about 70 m in depth blocking the 6 km in length inside Son Duong cave.

34 Cannot overcome this obstacle, the explorers had marked memory. They hope the back wall will be a stalactites and other natural wonders.


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