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Auto Repair Management System I. System Request Done by Alan Korulla William Hellela.

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1 Auto Repair Management System I. System Request Done by Alan Korulla William Hellela

2 Contents Project Sponsor Business Background Business Need System Functionality System Development Methodology Expected Value Cost Benefit Analysis Issues and Constraints

3 Project Sponsor Francis Gibbs Phone: 281-983-0404 Fax : 281-983-9070 Quality Auto Mechanic Center 8800 W. Sam Houston Pkwy. Houston, Texas 77099.

4 Business Background Quality Auto Mechanic Center (QAMC) has been in business of car/truck repair and selling auto parts since February of 1989. It is a family owned business venture. In pursue of customer satisfaction, competitiveness and taking advantage of the 21 st century technology, QAMC has decided to upgrade its computer system for better business performance.

5 Business Need This project has been initiated to provide an automated computerized system for QAMC The new system will automate the daily processes that are involved at the center and also improve the overall management of data with the use of a web enabled DBMS thereby enabling efficiency, flexibility, customer satisfaction and increase in sales.

6 System Functionality A Customer information management system with login authorization. An online appointment management system where customers can set appointments and employees can manage them Send automated service reminders to customers and surveys via email Send and document customer feedback Study customer demographics/trends

7 System Development Methodology The project implements the structured design methodology using the Waterfall development because activities involved are faster and more accurately if done in sequence.

8 Expected Value Tangible Benefits Increase market share by 30%. $3000 yearly reduction in customer service calls as feedbacks are now received online and better documented. 15% percent jump in total annual sales $45,000 / year savings from the reduction in number of employees needed to manage inventory.

9 Expected Value (Continued) Intangible Benefits Improved customer service Leveling the competition Better inventory management [reducing order delays/ overstocking risks] Time saved for both the customer and the service manager [online appointments] Well documented customer feedback

10 Cost - Benefit Analysis

11 Benefits

12 Issues and Constraints The development and implementation of the system should be completed by one year without major interference to the business Budget constraints Time needed to enter paper based documentation into database. Business need scope: all activities should be within the scope of the business need

13 The End Any Questions

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