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更多精彩请点击这里访问 美丽的台湾 (下) Chengz605 改编.

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2 更多精彩请点击这里访问 美丽的台湾 (下) Chengz605 改编

3 Beauty of Taiwan 美丽的台湾 The island of Taiwan (Republic of China) lies some 180 kilometers off the southeastern coast of China, across the Taiwan Strait, and has an area of 35,883 km2. The East China Sea lies to the north, the Philippine Sea to the east, the Luzon Strait directly to the south and the South China Sea to the southwest. The shape of the main island of Taiwan is similar to a sweet potato seen in a south-to-north direction, and therefore, Taiwanese, especially the Min-nan division, often call themselves "children of the Sweet Potato." The island is characterized by the contrast between the eastern two-thirds, consisting mostly of rugged mountains running in five ranges from the northern to the southern tip of the island, and the flat to gently rolling Chianan Plains in the west that are also home to most of Taiwan's population. Taiwan's highest point is Yu Shan (Jade Mountain) at 3,952 meters, and there are five other peaks over 3,500 meters. This makes it the world's fourth-highest island. Taipei is the capital city and economic and cultural centre of the country, and New Taipei is the most populous city. To know more about TAIWAN and it’s political situation see

4 Haizang Temple Buddha Burmese style Buddha statue at Haizang Temple in Xindian, Taipei County 新店缅甸风 格的佛像

5 Guan Yin at Guan Yin Dong near Fuxing in Taoyuan County. 桃园县复兴 寺的观音像

6 Temple of Taiwan. 庙宇

7 Ghost Festival temple parade 鬼节寺游行

8 Gold Waterfall 黄金瀑布

9 台湾金光寺的关帝像

10 Mountain Road - Shuangxi, Taiwan 山路 - 双溪

11 Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall - Taipei, Taiwan 中山纪念堂

12 Taiwan landscape 风景

13 Bitou Cape Lighthouse. Longdong Bay 龙洞湾灯塔

14 Nanya Rock 南亚岩石

15 Taïwan Comté de Changhua Changhua - Buddha 台湾彰化的大佛

16 Taiwan Chilung - Golden temple 台湾 Chilung - 金庙

17 Taiwan Chilung - Tianhou Temple 台湾基隆娘娘庙

18 Yin-yang Sea 阴阳海

19 Front Gate - National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine - Taipei, Taiwan 民族革命烈士圣地

20 Dried Fruit - Nanmen Market - Taipei, Taiwan 干果市场

21 Lotus Lake Kaoshiung Taiwan 莲花湖

22 Chinese Pagode at Lotus Lake, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 莲花湖中的宝塔

23 Lotus Pond, Kaohsiung,Taiwan 莲花池

24 Temple of Lotus Pond, Taiwan. 寺庙的荷塘

25 Temple of Lotus Pond, Taiwan. 莲花寺的菩萨

26 Temple of Lotus Pond, Taiwan. 莲花寺宝塔

27 Kaohsiung City 高雄市

28 Kaohsiung 高雄市


30 Temple, Taipei Taiwan 台北寺庙

31 Taitung 台东海滩

32 Kenting National Park 台东国家公园

33 Hsinchu 新竹市

34 Nanyuan in Hsinchu, Taiwan. 新竹的南苑,

35 Hsinchu 新竹市

36 Temples in Caotun 草屯镇

37 Taiwan Taroko National Park Temple, Wonders of Nature 太鲁阁国家公园的自然奇观

38 Sun Moon Lake Sunset Wallpaper, Taiwan 日月潭日出

39 Taichung Park 台中公园


41 Shihfen Waterfall is the largest waterfall in Taiwan. 台湾最大的瀑布

42 Keelung Harbor 基隆港

43 Jiufen

44 Puli

45 Taroko gorge 太鲁阁峡谷

46 Yushan National Park, Taiwan 玉山国家公园

47 Alishan Forest Park, Taiwan 阿里山森林公园


49 更多精彩请点击这里访问

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