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1 2 Mountaintop house in the mist, Kalabaka, Greece.

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2 1

3 2 Mountaintop house in the mist, Kalabaka, Greece

4 3 Island of Vágar in the Faroe island

5 4 The Natural Swimming Pool in Chichen Itza, Mexico

6 5 Frosty Antarctic Shipwreck.. Ghost Ship

7 6 “TeshKooh” Firey Mound, Ramhormorz, Khuzestan, Iran Ever-burning hills in southern Iran

8 7 A Restaurant at the foot of a Waterfall. The Philippines sure is a one-of-a-kind place, Villa Escudero, Quezon

9 8 Beautiful Dudhsagar Falls (Sea of Milk) Situated on the River Mandovi on the Goa-Karnataka border, this is India's 5th tallest waterfall.

10 9 Pongua Falls, Vietnam

11 10 This is a rare meteorological phenomenon called a 'SKYPUNCH'. Ice crystals form above the high-altitude cirro-cumulo-stratus clouds, then fall downward, punching a hole in the cloud cover.

12 11 Sigiriya Rock - Sri Lanka

13 12 Giant Crystal Cave... ♥ Naica, Chihuahua. Mexico

14 13 Aogashima Volcano, Japan

15 14 Natural Rock Pools, Turkey..

16 15 This recently discovered cave in Vietnam is massive beyond description. An entire forest is growing inside! -- The Empire State Building will fit inside--

17 16 Abiqua Falls, Oregon, USA

18 17 Amazing Bridge... The Helix Bridge, Singapore

19 18 The Fly Geyser, Nevada, USA

20 19 Amazing Large Icebergs, Newfoundland

21 20 Selva dei Molini, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy

22 21 Ice Hotel... Sweden

23 22 The world's longest traffic jam took place in Beijing, China. It was 60 miles long, and lasted 11 days...!

24 23 Iceberg Pleneau Bay, Antarctica Wow....

25 24 The Langkawi sky-bridge in Malaysia is suspended at 700 metres above sea level and spans 125m across the mountains, offering magnificent views of the Andaman Sea and Thailand’s Tarutao Island.

26 25 Star Castle in the Netherlands

27 26 Confusing But Amazing Roadways... Los Angeles, California

28 27 Beautiful Moss Bridges, Ireland There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. William Shakespeare

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