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An Alaskan Adventure By Elly Pickette, Passenger on The Seabird.

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1 An Alaskan Adventure By Elly Pickette, Passenger on The Seabird

2 6/28-First Day Right now I am on the bow of the Seabird, curled up in the most up-front seat I can find. The crew is preparing to set off, and so am I. I can feel that this trip will be amazing, as well as very rainy. Sitka(and most of Alaska) are part of the Tongas National Forest, the northern-most temperate rainforest in the world. Today we went to the Sitka National Historical Park-what a mouthful! It was really cool, with all of the totem poles. Plus, I got to touch a sea otter pelt, something I’ve wanted to do since I learned how soft they are. Also today we got to go to the raptor center, which was amazing. A rescued bald eagle was used for the presentation, and it was not scared of humans at all. Finally today we went to downtown Sitka, and we just kind of looked around-there was a cool Russian church. Then we went to the boat, had an emergency drill, and had dinner. -Elly Pickette -Elly Pickette

3 6/29 Wanna know what’s really cool? I’ll tell ya. Waking up in a sea of golden sunlight, stepping outside and remembering you moved miles overnight, and are still moving. Pure beauty. This morning I spent nearly an hour watching whales, but then had to go breakfast. Right now I am watching baby whales. -Elly Pickette

4 6/29-Later that day I just got back from a hike and kayaking. I saw so many cool things including a beaver dome and a waterfall with “salmon steps”, which are steps salmon can jump up. I also went to the bridge, which is where the captain and first, third, and second mates drive the boat from. I learned all about the navigation equipment there. I saw some whales, and they were fluking, and waving their pectoral fins in the air, and you could see the patterns on them clearly. While I am on the subject of aquatic wildlife, you will not believe what I saw- a sea lion! It was so cool, and so are the jelly fish I see near the boat. Its awesome here! -Elly Pickette

5 6/30 We just got back from a sick Zodiac ride. I saw sea lions, and government officials, all in there natural environment. I‘m not kidding. The government officials were from fish and game, and were going to save a sea lion caught in a net, I think. During the ride, sea lions came right up to us, and put on a show. They were hilarious! We were all soaked because it was pouring rain, but it was awesome anyway. Also today we went to George Island, and I took a race hike up to a World War 2 cannon, then climbed on some rocks, and saw an oyster catchers’ nest. Then I went on another Zodiac ride, and saw a rock in the shape of an arch. -Elly Pickette

6 6/30-Later Just finished watching killer whales. I’ve gotten so many pictures, and am so glad I had to go to the bathroom. You read that right. I left the movie I was watching with dinner because I really had to go to the bathroom, and came to a tiny group of people watching killer whales. I got to watch for nearly 45 minutes before other people came-it was awesome! I got shots of the whales jumping in the air. I also saw sea lions, and it looked like the killer whales were after them……or maybe there was just a good fish supply there. Who knows? -Elly Pickette

7 7/1-Early That Morning Last night rocked! See, after my last entry, I got ready for bed. But then an announcement came on, saying that humpback whales and killer whales were outside. So, I sprinted outside. I watched for a while, but knew I had to go back to bed. But then, another announcement came, that said humpback whales were bubble net feeding, and that killer whales were breaching. I could not miss that, obviously, so once again, I ran outside. Sadly it was too dark for pictures, but oh well. Two rangers and a cultural speaker came. -Elly Pickette Note: The picture on this is not from this actual day- it is, however, a humpback whale waving its pectoral fins above water.

8 7/1-Afternoon note I haven’t been off the boat today. I did, however, get an awesome picture of a mountain goat and a bald eagle in its nest. I have also talked to the rangers, and seen two new types of puffins. -Elly Pickette

9 7/1-Later Oh my gosh, I just saw a massive brown bear. It was sick. Literally. It was old and starving. Then we saw the Marguerite Glacier, and the Great Pacific Glacier. It was so covered in dirt and grit that you could barely see the ice under it. It was so cool because the Marguerite Glacier started calving, which means the ice started falling off. Another big glacier is right near by, although I forget the name of it. Today I also started trying to identify the killer whales. I am 90% sure that the whales were mammal eating, or transitent. -Elly Pickette

10 7/1-Late That Night Just walked around Bartlett cove. I got a cool t-shirt with a killer whale at a lodge. I learned about a new plant called goats beard, and saw a bunch of taxidermy animals at a small museum. I also saw this cool whale skeleton! -Elly Pickette

11 7/2 Today I took a hike to Lake Eva and kayaked. One of the guys, Mark, picked up this massive crab! So many incredible photo ops-I feel like I’m living in a postcard. Today I also saw this awesome guy talk about humpback whales. What a great way to live-only I would rather learn about killer whales. He taught me so much! I also mastered the cork trick Rab taught me. This trip is turning out so differently then I thought it would. I literally see the world differently now. I see the world in photographs. I now want a camera and a chance to help id killer whales. I still want to be an Olympic athlete, but after that, who knows. Maybe I’ll be a photographer on the Seabird. How awesome would that be? Oh yeah, I also saw 3 bear cubs and there mother. The mother was trying to chase them away from there father so the dad could not attack them! Sadly, I did not get any pictures, but it was still awesome. -Elly Pickette

12 7/3 Today we went to Ideal Cove and Petersburg. In both places, I took a photo walk. If I may be so bold, I gotta say- I’m getting pretty good at this whole photo thing. I also walked to a muskeg in Petersburg. A muskeg is a bog. On the photo walk in Ideal Cove, I took an awesome picture of a bee. My only regret is that I couldn’t go to downtown Petersburg- I heard there was a great bookstore! -Elly Pickette

13 7/4-Fourth of July Today rocked! I did a polar plunge, went on two Zodiac rides, and was in a parade done by kids as a surprise for families! The first Zodiac ride was right near the South Sawyer Glacier, and there was this cool beachy area right next to this powerful waterfall because of so much eroding from the waves of the waterfall. The polar plunge was also near the south sawyer glacier, and I did a sailor dive in. The second Zodiac ride was also near the South Sawyer Glacier, and the captain drove the Zodiac really fast! The parade was on the boat, and it was really funny. Oh, yeah, Justin did a live dive, so we could hear him from underwater. -Elly Pickette

14 7/5-Last Day Today was the last day on the boat. We had breakfast, said goodbye to everybody, then left. Once we got to Juneau, we disembarked, and went on a tour to the Mendanhall Glacier. At the visitor center, there was this 200 year old piece of ice. After that, we walked around the area with all the stores. Unfortunately, the airline put our luggage on the wrong plane, so it won’t come until midnight. Oh well. This trip has totally changed my perspective. Now the world is a picture through a camera lens. Because that is how I enjoy the big moments, and the small ones. By making them last forever. -Elly Pickette -Elly Pickette

15 Photo Gallery! From top to bottom: This is a perfect example of white thunder. White thunder is what the T’linget people called it when ice calved. This photo was at the Marguerite Glacier. This a picture of Jawdrop Point, at the John Hopkins inlet. It is in Glacier Bay Park, named because of the breathtaking view. It is literally a river of ice.

16 Photo Gallery con. From top to bottom: this picture was taken from the back of the Seabird. The light that day was perfect, as it was a beautiful night. For me, it represents the fact that Alaska is far away from the lower 48, but still proudly bears our flag, as well as celebrate there vast cultures. This picture is of a peregrine falcon, flying over a muskeg near Petersburg. It is literally only accessible by plane or boat, and since there is no landing strip in the forest, only really by boat. So being able to go to this almost perfectly secluded place was amazing.

17 Photo Gallery con. From top to bottom: Buoys at a dock area in Petersburg. I took this picture while taking a photo walk in Petersburg. All the colors really compliment each other, and it is fun to look at. A little reflection work in Petersburg! I love reflections of buildings. These buildings are especially cool because you can see the stilts that they stand on

18 Photo Gallery con. From top to bottom: a red paintbrush. It looks similar to an Indian paint brush, but to a botanists, it is very different. From what, you may ask. The pistols are different. This is a timed photo where you have to keep the camera still for up to a second, which is way harder then it sounds. To do this, I had to change a bunch of settings on my camera. Then I had to hold it on a branch in view of the river.



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