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PEGA Competency Presentation

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1 PEGA Competency Presentation
Anantara’s Solutions PEGA Competency Presentation 8 Feb 2012 M : +44(0)

2 Table of Contents Competency Overview Service Offerings Implementation
People Case Studies Testimonials © Anantara Solutions Private Limited All rights reserved

3 Competency overview Highlights PEGA COE
Mapping to SGO ( Second Generation Outsourcing) Sample engagements © Anantara Solutions Private Limited All rights reserved

4 PEGA PRPC Competency Overview
Over 60+ PEGA PRPC certified consultants across the globe. Presence across USA, Europe and India. A huge associate and partner network to provide the ‘right fit’ at the ‘right’ time at the ‘right’ place. Engagements include from staff augmentation to fully managed services including onsite-offshore engagements delivered via robust SCRUM methodology. Areas of expertise Business Analysis & Requirements gathering End to end Pega Implementation Pega Application Design, Development and Maintenance Pega Quality Assurance & Testing Expertise Upgrades 24*7 Application Support Cost effective Dual-shore Delivery of BPM Projects Complete spectrum of frameworks – vertical frameworks, foundation frameworks and vertical frameworks. © Anantara Solutions Private Limited All rights reserved

5 PEGA CoE Key Focus Areas
Business Analysis & Requirement Gathering End to End Implementation Application Development & Maintenance QA & Testing Upgrades 24 x 7 Support Scrum based delivery PRPC Platform frameworks Complex Architecture PEGA COE PRPC Vertical frameworks Automation Frameworks PRPC Foundation frameworks End to end offerings delivered in a dual-shore model © Anantara Solutions Private Limited All rights reserved

6 Ecosystem enabled Delivery
Mapping to SGO markers Business Solutions Engagements begin from business requirement analysis & span to end to end implementations. Business case development for BPM implementations with ROI. Business Solutions Ecosystem enabled Delivery A network of global partnerships for access to PEGA resources. Access to Lead System Architects through partnerships. Enables quick deployment on demand. SGO Markers Value Based Pricing Anantara team will conduct a detailed analysis to determine the measurable business benefits from BPM projects Value-based pricing to share the benefits realized from the new implementations. Support based engagements have commercials liked to SLAs. Ecosystem-enabled delivery Valued-Based Pricing © Anantara Solutions Private Limited All rights reserved

7 Sample Engagements Type of Engagement Customers Country A leading bank
Key BPM architecture design Europe Enterprise Order Processing System End to end sales order processing system Germany Hungary Upgrade and Roll Out Development of critical applications USA UK Automating the process for switching customers A leading bank A leading telecom player A leading financial BPO firm A leading airport authority Automating and Imaging and Workflow process End to end support on mission critical applications Customers © Anantara Solutions Private Limited All rights reserved

8 Service offerings Key Focus Areas Service Offerings
© Anantara Solutions Private Limited All rights reserved

9 PEGA Key Focus Areas Pega PRPC Implementation Support & Maintenance
Product Upgradation Anantara provides SmartBPM and Pega implementations based on Pega Scrum methodologies that adhere to global standards and processes. Anantara provides end-to-end post go-live support and maintenance on existing implemented Pega PRPC Application on 24 x 7. Anantara provides Pega product up gradation for any existing PRPC Implementation. Development QA & Testing & Automation Business Analysis & Requirement Gathering Anantara does complete development on end to end Pega PRPC Implementation & other Pega frameworks Implementation. And also provide staffing & resources. Anantara also performs QA & Testing for any Pega projects with high quality. Anantara does complete requirement gathering & Business Analysis based on Pega Methodology with Scrum Master. Captures and maintains business objectives, requirements, use cases, and user stories © Anantara Solutions Private Limited All rights reserved

10 Offerings span all PRPC frameworks
© Anantara Solutions Private Limited All rights reserved

11 Business Analysis Anantara provides complete requirement gathering services using Pega DCO (Direct Capture of Objectives) . It encompasses ccapturing and maintaining business objectives, requirements, use cases for iterative as well as scum based implementations. Requirements Gathering Requirements Traceability Use Cases Elaboration Requirements Validation Business Rules Requirements Analysis Screen Mock-ups Requirements Sign-off Done using SmartBPM, Scrum Based Methodologies and DCO (Direct Capture Objectives)

12 Application Development
Anantara completes development on end to end Pega PRPC Implementation & other Pega frameworks Implementation. Low Level Design Correspondence Rules Development Unit Testing Integration Automated Unit Testing (AUT) Reports Code Review Onsite+Offshore model delivered using Agile Scrum methodologies.

13 QA, Testing & Automation
Anantara provides high quality testing services for different types of testing like system testing, integration testing, user acceptance testing, performance testing, pre-production testing and security testing. Test Strategy Defect Management Test Plan Defect Triage Test Scenarios Reporting Test Cases/Scripts Test Result Sign-off Onsite+Offshore model delivered using Agile Scrum methodologies.

14 End-to-end Implementation
Anantara provides end-to-end implementation services for waterfall, iteration and scrum based agile implementations. Implementation adhere to Pega best practices and use SmartBPM/Scrum methodology. Agile Implementation (Scrum) Program Management Iterative Implementation (SmartBPM) Scrum Coaching Stakeholder Management Waterfall Implementation Stakeholder Reporting Initiation Inception Elaboration Construction Transition Go Live

15 Upgrades Anantara provides Pega version upgrade services with extensive regression testing to ensure smooth functioning of application. Pega Version Upgrade Ensuring upgrade prerequisites Framework Version Upgrade Key experiences- v4.2 to v5.2 ; v5.1 to v5.3 ; v5.3 to v5.4 Regression Testing Customer Specific upgrade process Pega upgrade checklists Environment Upgrades

16 Support & Maintenance Anantara provides end-to-end post go-live support and maintenance on existing implemented Pega PRPC Application on 24 x 7. Level 1 Support Onsite-Offshore support Level 2 Support Performance Reporting Level 3 Support Release Management Enhancements Dedicated Helpline Strict SLA adherence

17 Implementation Key Differentiators Program Management
Engagement Models © Anantara Solutions Private Limited All rights reserved

18 Key Differentiators Pegasystems’ own methodology Scrum based delivery
End to end implementation Industry best practices Rigid Project governance Measurable reduction in IT costs and Process Improvements © Anantara Solutions Private Limited All rights reserved

19 Program Management Approach
One Release ahead of development Vision & Roadmap Complete, update process to be initiated for keeping current One Sprint ahead of development Development in Sprints for quarterly production deployment Epic Stories, User Story Elaboration and Sprint Execution will be done in a phased manner as per Release/ Sprint Plans 1 2 3 4 HIGH LEVEL VISION / ROADMAP DIRECTION: BPM/ MID LEVEL VISION (INCLUDES EPIC STORIES) DEFINITION: USER STORIES / REQUIREMENTS/ ARCHITECTURE IMPLEMENTATION: DEVELOPMENT / TESTING / DEPLOYMENT High level vision Roadmap Architecture Platform Strategy Epic Stories User Experience Logical Architecture User Stories Requirements User Experience Solution Architecture Development & Unit Testing System, Integration & Performance Testing Usability Studies User Acceptance Testing Deployment User Training ** Depending upon the size of the program/project, initial phases may be eliminated. © Anantara Solutions Private Limited All rights reserved

20 Program Management Approach contd…
1 High Level Vision / Roadmap Roadmap 1:n 2 Epic Stories Direction: BPM/ Mid Level Vision (includes Epic Stories) n:1 1:n 1:1 3 User Stories (PMF) Parent Use Cases (PEGA-DCO) Ux Prototypes Gets Attached Definition: User Stories / Requirements/ Architecture 1:n 1:n Atomic Use Cases (PEGA-DCO) Requirements (PEGA-DCO) Gets Migrated 1:n 1:1 4 Implementation: Development / Testing / Deployment Rule Object (PEGA –PRPC) Test Cases (TMF) Testing Tool (TMF) ** Depending upon the size of the program/project, initial phases may be eliminated. © Anantara Solutions Private Limited All rights reserved

21 Business Analysis to end to end implementations
Engagement Models Contract Resources On-demand resources at reasonable notice period. Resource management by client Effort based billing Core Team Create a Core Team of key resources Core Team works along with Client Team onsite Core Team manages work allocation and deliveries. Effort Based Billing Work Assignments Certain identified work packages are outsourced offsite Core Team manages delivery of the outsourced work packages Fixed Price mutually agreed upfront. End-To-End Projects Entire Projects are outsourced Core Team onsite manages delivery of overall project Business Analysis to end to end implementations Copyright Anantara Solutions Private Limited All rights reserved.

22 People skill sets Team Highlights Sample Profiles
© Anantara Solutions Private Limited All rights reserved

23 Resource Mix Experience level mix Geographic mix
% of resources with experience in key PEGA technologies © Anantara Solutions Private Limited All rights reserved

24 Key Highlights Team consists of resources who were responsible for PegaSystem‟s CPM Product Development 2 of our resources were Head of BPM-Pega CoE for World‟s 2 largest Financial Institutions respectively All team members have an excellent exposure to client facing roles 12 resources highly recommended by Pegasystems. ITIL process compliant Production Support and Maintenance Team Expertise in Performance tuning of PRPC Applications Proficient in testing PRPC Frameworks (SI, CPM, HC, IIF, SA,SD and others) Expertise in upgrading to new versions of PRPC All resources are PRPCV5x and 6.x certified. © Anantara Solutions Private Limited All rights reserved

25 Sample Resource Profiles
M C One of the most expert and successful Pega RULES Process Commander (PRPC) consultants in the world He has over 15 years of implementation experience with Pegasystems Has been mentoring LSAs and is a PEGA Technical Fellow. He has held technical accountability for projects ranging in scale from £1M up to £10M-20M or more A B PEGA PRPC Certified CPM Architect, PEGA PRPC v6.1 Certified Business Architect (CBA) Strong experience in business process modelling, AS IS / TO BE analysis, process decomposition, gap analysis process improvement and business rules harvesting Exposure to large business transformation programs for clients like Bank of America, UBS, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), MassMutual Life Insurance Company and CVS Caremark, includes establishing BPM Center of Excellence (CoE) Experience of functional areas like Client Onboarding, KYC, Account Opening, Trade Exception Management, Loan Disbursement, Cash Transaction Reporting, Merchant Onboarding, Financial Messaging and Customer Contact Optimization for Banking, Financial Services, Insurance (BFSI) and Healthcare clients. A S Pega COE Lead for JPMC performing an LSA role from 2006 at JPMC, HSBC & other FS organizations Over 12 years of industry experience of which 8 years are in Pega Rules Process Commander (PRPC) Has been providing architectural guidance and technical leadership to the team. Has worked directly with PEGA for 2 years and specifically head-hunted by Anantara on PEGA advice Highly experienced in leading onsite and offshore models with clients such as JPMC, HSBC, Farmers Insurance, AIG, etc. © Anantara Solutions Private Limited All rights reserved

26 Sample Resource Profiles
G D Over 5 years of Pega PRPC experience Has led development teams in an onsite + offshore model Client facing experience in requirement analysis, design and development testing and maintenance with clients such as JPMC, Xchanging, etc. N S More than 6 years of experience in the information technology industry with superior experience in PEGA, FileNET and Staffware, with a focus on BPM and EDM applications Extensive client facing experience with PEGA in the UK Hands-on in PRPC Pre-Sales and Client Engagement activities including support and maintenance for a UK bank Has been leading development, support and architecture teams and end to end experience from requirement analysis, design and development and testing with clients such as O2, Xchanging, HSBC, etc. R D More than 12 years of experience Experienced in involved in architecting, designing and developing of BPM,CRM projects He is proficient in developing eCRM-BPM Workflow Solutions using Pegasystems for more than 8 years – Pega Rules Process CommanderV5.4 Good expertise in training and mentoring team members Excellent Management and Leadership skills Key Clients : NAGE, Xchanging, AIG, Mastercard, Amerigroup, Verizon, Farmers Insurance P S Over 4.5 years of core PRPC experience Specifically head hunted by Anantara on PEGA recommendation High reference available directly from PEGA Significant client handling experience for UK banks End to end experience in requirement gathering, designing, development, testing, deployment and post release support for clients such as HSBC, Lloyds, etc. © Anantara Solutions Private Limited All rights reserved

27 Case Studies © Anantara Solutions Private Limited All rights reserved

28 PEGA PRPC End Customers
© Anantara Solutions Private Limited All rights reserved

29 Largest Telecom Provider in Germany
Project Background EOPS EOPS (Enterprise Order Processing System) positions itself as a process hub and manages the data it needs for the duration of an order and the associated activation process Project Scope To provide a process-aided tool in the form of job lists and (semi-)automated tasks in order to optimize the lead times and quality of the activation processes. Benefits Executed the onsite-offshore model for development cycle which improved team productivity and ensured timeliness of final delivery. Built functionality which ensured the success of the final product with the customer. 29

30 A leading bank in Hungary
Project Background – E2E Automation of the End to End sales process and its implementation steps Project Scope E2E provides efficient routing of work, BPM automated steps, standard tools and a single user interface. To provide automatic of metrics on the sales process steps performed by agents which allows sales management and marketing to keep track of the agents’ activities, and monitor sales progress and success rates. Benefits E2E Improved productivity of the team by independently delivering critical functionality. Managed team during Transition to ensure timely defect resolution before Go Live. 30

31 A leading Financial BPO Firm
Our Contribution eAccounts Involved in the initiation, design and development of the project. Responsible for the design, architecture, and implementation of PRPC based solutions. Accountable for ensuring the business and technical architecture of the delivered solution matches customer technical and functional requirements.  Project Background eAcounts The eAccounts initiative will enable brokers to submit ACORD RLC Technical Account messages to XIS (Xchanging Insurance Services) workflow in order to instruct Premium and Policy processing. Project Scope eAcounts The Technical Account messages will be used to generate LPANs (London Premium Advice Notes) and Work Orders. It involved basically creating a work object as soon as the message was received from an external Web Connectivity. The interface was Oracle AQ messaging. Benefits eAccounts Executed in Pega Scrum methodology for development cycle which improved team productivity and ensured timeliness of final delivery. 31

32 A leading Airports Authority in Europe
Project Background Anantara has been providing mission critical support to their applications. Being an airport authority the applications are used for day to day flight operations. Applications in Scope A-CDM application – provides critical data for flight monitoring/reporting, arrival-departure, situation awareness and airport performance. Asset Net application – manages all assets across the airport including BAA and vendor assets. SCMT application – Security Coach and Mentoring tool that provides critical reporting on all security standards. Highly sensitive and legally binding requirements. Works application- is used to automate Airside & Landside Work Permit approval process. Benefits Anantara took over the support at onsite from the UK for a 3 month period and did smooth transition to its offshore locations. The support is provided on a 24 X 7 basis with strict SLA monitoring. All SLA’s have been met consistently. 32

33 testimonials © Anantara Solutions Private Limited All rights reserved

34 Client Testimonials “I have really enjoyed working with both Mayank and Vijay and would happily work with them again and recommend them to my Pega colleagues. “ Andy Churn – Engagement Lead, Pegasystems “Thanks. We will look for the right opportunity and have already received great feedback from the Pega team at BAA. “ Matt Leamy – Head of Service Delivery , Pegasystems “I was very proud to have you on board. Offshore is always a challenge, but we found a very successful way to involve you efficiently into our work stream. You have done an excellent job, provided skilled expertise and delivered very reliable results.”....Thorsten Fiege – Engagement Leader, Pegasystems © Anantara Solutions Private Limited All rights reserved

35 Anantara Value Proposition in BPM-PEGA competency
One key factor differentiates us from the competition – THE ABILITY TO EXECUTE ! We provide the best people and proven methodologies at low cost. We also enable customers to manage their own projects, by training their managers on Project Management, Risk Management and Resource Management. Success through a simple, “no frills” approach to BPM Expertise in integrating with technologies complimentary to BPM like Business Intelligence, Archiving, Document Management etc. Our Mission - “Enable enterprises to derive all the benefits of BPM, by de-mystifying and simplifying its adoption and advancement.” © Anantara Solutions Private Limited All rights reserved

36 Thank You Helping you compete better!
© Anantara Solutions Private Limited All rights reserved

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