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Irish Culture By Aoife and Amy Glynn. Dublin Dublin is Ireland’s capital city.

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1 Irish Culture By Aoife and Amy Glynn

2 Dublin Dublin is Ireland’s capital city.

3 This is a map of Ireland This is a map of Ireland. There are 32 counties in Ireland. There are four Provinces in Ireland.

4 River Shannon The river Shannon is the longest river in Ireland.

5 Mountains This is a map of the mountains in Ireland. Ireland is like a saucer because all the mountains are around the coast.

6 This is Ben Bulben Ben Bulben is in County Sligo. It is 1,726 ft high! Many people climb it each year! It is a huge tourist attraction.

7 Mourne Mountains The Mourne mountains is in county Down. It is (2,785 ft) high. We have many songs written about beautiful places like this.

8 Irish seas This is the Atlantic ocean. This is the Irish sea. They both surround Ireland.

9 Galway! Galway is in the west of Ireland. It is in the Province Connacht. The population of Galway is 250,541 people. This is Galway on the map This is Galway’s Coat Of Arms.

10 Torc Waterfall This is Torc waterfall in Killarney, Co. Kerry. It is an amazing Waterfall and many people go to see it. It is about 5 miles from top to bottom.

11 Connemara Connemara is on of the nicest places in Ireland. It’s national park covers It2,957 hectares. Connemara is in County Galway The twelve pins are mountains in Connemara. These are Connemara Ponies This is Connemara National Park This is the Twelve Pins.

12 Giant’s Causeway This is a wonderful natural feature steeped in legend and tradition. It is a hexagonal shaped granite rock formed from volcanic activity and is found in County Antrim in Northern Ireland. Legend has it that the causeway was built to enable a giant named Fionn McCumhaill to fight a Scottish giant. The legend concludes with the destruction of the causeway by the Scottish giant after his defeat.


14 Our Irish Language We have our own Irish language which is learnt in all Irish schools. Here are some examples: Dia Dhuit-Hello, Dia is Mhuire Dhuit(Reply) Failte-Welcome, Slan-Goodbye Slainte-Good health Buachaill-Boy, Cailin-Girl

15 Galway City Galway city was once a walled city with evidence still to be seen at the Claddagh. It is our nearest large city and it was once invaded by the Spanish and our ancestry has some Spanish influence as seen in dark hair and sallow skin and brown eyes.

16 Castles and Towers of Ireland Bunratty Castle, Cong, County Mayo

17 Bunratty and Slane

18 Irish food Nowadays we eat a range of foods including McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Burgerking. In our past we depended heavily on the potato which we still love!! Famine caused by an over-reliance on potatoes resulted in millions of deaths from starvation and mass emigration.

19 Religion Ireland is still very much a catholic country. There is huge devotion to our Lady to be seen in holy shrines such as Knock, County Mayo near to Galway. Every year thousands of people climb our holy mountain, Croagh Patrick.

20 We hope you enjoyed our brief introduction to Ireland-Please come!

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