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Object-Oriented Analysis and Design LECTURE 2: INCEPTION PHASE.

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1 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design LECTURE 2: INCEPTION PHASE

2 Objectives  Systems Development Life Cycle  The Unified Process  UP Models  Inception Phase

3 The Systems Development Life Cycle  SDLC: The process of planning, analyzing, designing, building, deploying, using and updating an information system  SDLC Variations  Predictive: project planned entirely in advance  Adaptive: planning leaves room for contingencies  Pure approaches to SDLA are rare  Most projects have predictive and adaptive elements

4 Predictive vs. Adaptive SDLC approaches

5 SDLC Phases and Objectives

6 Predictive: The Waterfall Approach

7 Adaptive: The Spiral Life Cycle Model

8 The Unified Process SDLC

9 Unified Process Phases and Objectives

10 UP Models

11 UP Life Cycle Model

12 Business Modeling  Major Activities  Understand surroundings  Create the system vision  Create business models

13 Requirements  Major Activities  Gather detailed information  Define functional and nonfunctional requirements  Develop user interface dialogs  Evaluate requirements with users

14 Design  Major activities  Design support services architecture and deployment environment  Design the software architecture  Design the use case realizations  Design the database  Design the system and user interfaces  Design the system security and controls

15 The Unified Process and the Inception Phase  Inception Phase has 5 objectives:  Identify the business need for the project  Establish the vision for the solution  Identify scope of the new system and the project  Develop preliminary schedules and cost estimates  Develop the business case for the project

16 Inception Phase Documents  Project Charter and Business Case  Stakeholder Analysis  Essential Use Case list  Risk Analysis This is not a complete list – it focuses on the documents your team should produce

17 Project Charter and Business Case

18 Project Charter and Business Case (cont.)

19 Stakeholder Analysis Form

20 Essential Use Case list

21 Risk Analysis

22 Completing the Inception Phase  Key deliverables of inception  Project charter package  Essential use case list  Project schedule  Cost/benefit analysis  Project feasibility and risk analysis

23 Next Three Weeks  Next Week  Labor Day – No Class  Two Weeks  Sponsor Interview  6:30 – 7:30p: Baseball League Information Manager  7:30 – 8:30p: Degree and Certificate Auditor  Three Weeks  Requirements Discipline

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