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Local Touch – Global Reach The New Tester Matthew Eakin, Manager Managed Testing Practice Sogeti, USA.

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1 Local Touch – Global Reach The New Tester Matthew Eakin, Manager Managed Testing Practice Sogeti, USA

2 2 Local Touch – Global Reach Tonight's Agenda Emerging Trends What is being “transformed”? Tasks of the New Tester

3 3 Local Touch – Global Reach Emerging Trends in Software Testing What we are seeing… Rapid delivery of software is necessitating rapid delivery and testing of code Change is part of the development process Rapidly changing technology is forcing new ways of testing Evolving testing tools Agile transformation is a cultural change Business pushing IT Emphasis on testing from a User/Business Point-of-View Testing is often the “Achilles Heel” of agile teams because… Testing is often the last to be brought onto agile teams Testing Teams don’t have the right testing tools needed to “go agile” Testers often lack automation skills Adversarial relationship with Development Team Historical emphasis on up-front analysis of entire Project “A Testers job is to find, log, and manage defects.”

4 4 Local Touch – Global Reach Agile Testing – What is “transformed”? Process Waterfall Iterative Incremental Parallel Test Driven Strategy Test Plan Risk Agile Written Once Evolving Per Project; Detailed; Fixed Scope Sprint Planning; Changing Scope Assessed Upfront Assessed Continuously Documentation Defects Test Documentation Working tests Logged, Managed A Conversation Metrics By Project; By App Team-based Resources Multiple Projects & Apps One App; One Feature at a Time

5 5 Local Touch – Global Reach The Agile software tester Task“Traditional” tester“New” tester Role ScopeTest-OnlyInvolved in all “phases” Script FocusWhat code isHow code behaves Script WritingStep methodGherkin scripts Script ExecutionManualAutomated Regression TestingManual, executed at end of Project Automated, executed first upon code delivery When to testTesting at the endContinuous Testing ToolsExcel spreadsheets, QualityCenter or TFS Ruby with Cucumber and Gherkin Gems

6 6 Local Touch – Global Reach The Agile Tester: Role Scope Recommendation: Involve Testers in story/feature decomposition –Creating Acceptance Criteria Recommendation: Testers need to Provide and Receive feedback on Scripts/Scenarios from: –Business/Process Owner –Other Team Members Success is measured at the Team level Testing time should be included in the Story estimate Testing drives the Acceptance Test Script/Scenario creation process –Collaborate with Team, especially Development

7 7 Local Touch – Global Reach The Agile Tester: Script Focus Recommendation: Scripts are written to describe the behavior of the user Recommendation: Scripts focus on obtaining a clear understanding of desired software behavior through discussion with stakeholders –Stakeholders are part of the team Single Purpose Scripts – each script should focus on a single purpose –The purpose becomes the “When” statement –There can be exceptions (regression testing, smoke tests) All scripts should be testable –If you cannot test a script, you need to re-write the script so you can test it

8 8 Local Touch – Global Reach The Agile Tester: Script Writing Scripts are written in a natural language that non-programmers can understand –All Team member can read, write and understand test cases –All team members are working from “the same page” Recommendation: Gherkin Scripts – connects the human concept of cause and effect to the software concept of input/process/output –Given – indicates something that we accept to be true in a scenario –When – indicates the event in a scenario –Then – indicates an expected outcome Recommendation: Paired Testing –Collaborate with another tester to ensure better scripts Scripts are “live” documents to be used throughout the life of the application Value working tests over test documentation

9 9 Local Touch – Global Reach The Agile Tester: Script Execution Recommendation: Automate, Automate, Automate –All scripts should be automated –Timely Feedback – automation enables testers to execute scripts very fast so they can provide programmers with immediate feedback on their code TDD cycle: Red, Green, Clean –Scripts are written and executed before code is written. This will cause the scripts to fail (RED) –As soon as the programmer has completed the code to pass the acceptance test script, execute the script. It should pass (GREEN) This should happen consistently throughout a sprint –As code is refactored (CLEAN) scripts are re-run to ensure all is still “green”

10 10 Local Touch – Global Reach The Agile Tester: Regression Testing Recommendation: Automate, Automate, Automate Collaborate with your agile team to determine which scripts/scenarios are best suited for Regression Testing You don’t need to run every test, every time Ideally executed first upon code delivery –If code delivery is continuous throughout the sprint, automation enables you to execute Regression tests every day

11 11 Local Touch – Global Reach The Agile Tester: When to test Recommendation: Test what you’ve got, as soon as you get it –Collaborate, Converse Starts with Development –TDD, Unit Testing –Tests created by QA, share early as it helps Dev QA needs to constantly ask ‘what can I do now?’ –What can be done? (test cases, test data, test env., …) –Incremental Approach Taking a multi-sprint view to align test activities Accelerating forward by looking backwards –Active participation in retrospectives –Leveraging resources

12 12 Local Touch – Global Reach The Agile Tester: Tools Recommendation: Cucumber –Enables you to write Gherkin scripts and tie each step to code –Reuse existing steps Cucumber empowers planning –Can see what has been tested and what is coming up –Can see all Testing Quadrants An Automated Testing Framework –Owned and maintained by the Testing Team –Can be created and maintained with the help of development –Executed when code is checked into a repository –Very rapid feedback on success of each build –Can execute broad tests (full regression, smoke tests) or go deep on specific functionality (execute all tests for one feature)

13 Local Touch – Global Reach Thank you

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