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Session X: A Cloud based - Dev. and Test as a Service Robert L. Linton.

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1 Session X: A Cloud based - Dev. and Test as a Service Robert L. Linton

2 Robert Linton CorTechs, Inc. V.P. ALM Today’s applications are increasingly complex and distributed, making proper software validation practices difficult and time- consuming, as well as costly to support with conventional test environments. HP ALM solutions, when coupled with Cloud-based provisioning approaches, offer a compelling solution to these challenges. This presentation will introduce the concepts necessary for a cloud- based (public or private) instance of HP ALM Solutions to support Dev. and Testing as a Service (DTaaS). In a Cloud allows IT organizations to begin testing applications earlier in the SDLC, thereby realizing better quality and performance, with real cost and capacity efficiencies. Abstract

3 HP Solutions –ALM Quality Center Performance Center UFT Fortify Dev. and Test as a Service ( DTaaS ) – Partnered with CSC –Testing Center of Excellence ( CoE ) Cloud based TaaS – *Testing* as a Service Subscription Model Benefits DTaaS – Live Demo Summary Q & A Agenda

4 HP Application Lifecycle Management Traceability New Updated Fortify

5 Mainframe Client/Server (including packaged Apps such as SAP, Siebel, Oracle…) Composite (Custom Applications, SOA, Cloud) … 1980 … 1985 … 1990 … 1995 … 2000 … 2005 … 2010 … 2015 Constraints Complexity Costs Changes in software development Traditional Testing Tools and Methodologies

6 RMI Objects Messaging Service BI Tools Busines s Rules File System ESB Web Interface Content Database Data Warehouse Financials Mainframe Web/WAP Interface EJB Virtual Service Routing Service SOAP CRM App Products Collaboration App Portal Help Engine BPMS Legacy Infrastructure Internal External Cloud Partners # of Interconnected Components # of Inter-dependent Teams # of Heterogeneous Technologies Rate of Change Change and Complexity Increasing: Composite Application Environments

7 Government IT Projects

8 Using traditional methods, government agencies cannot precisely represent real-world operating conditions in their application development and testing environments. This can introduce risks like:  Technical problems  Servers  Networks  Security vulnerabilities  Schedule delays  Budget overruns Challenge for Government Agencies: - development and testing environments

9 CPU/MIPS Costs 100.0 Units 10,000 Regressions Business Case for Massively Parallel Testing 10 Servers In Cloud 1000 Servers In Cloud 1 hour 10,000 Regressions Results Data Complete CPU/MIPS Costs 100.0 Units Test Suite 1: Limit to 10 Available Test Servers Test Suite 2: Provision Enough Servers to Finish Job in 1 hour 100 hours

10 What is a Center of Excellence ( CoE )? A logical or physical “service bureau” providing expertise across projects in a “shared services model” to drive standardization of quality products and processes across the Enterprise Non-CoE Approach Team B Team DTeam C CoE Approach Applications Expertise Infrastructure Team D Team A Team B Team A Team C Team D

11 HP ALM Solutions implemented in the Cloud

12 Cloud based DTaaS Production Infrastructure 1) Pool Lab Resources Together (Leverage the existing capacity) 2) Implement virtual lab provisioning 2a) Catalog the VM Images 3) Bring additional teams into the cloud instead of dedicating Catalog Central Repository Functional Testing Performance Testing Application Under Test Service Virtualization

13 CorTechs Experiences with DTaaS DHS DTaaS CorTechs has 2 years of experiences in supporting DTaaS Assisted CSC with implementing DTaaS Design the Portal HP CLIN items Design, Build, Test HP testing solutions Provisioning Capability Component Briefings Onboarding Scope Cost

14 Real World Government Entity’s dilemma Performance Testing –Owned the software – still in the BOX Authorized a STUDY to calculate - plan and costs Came back with 6 months to one year Costs would be close to $ 100K before it started RFPs – Award Assign tasks to Gov. and contractors –Then they could start Performance Testing Possibly, if the environment is ready… Dev. and Test as a Service - DTaaS What one Government Agency had to decide -

15 Testing Tool CLINs in Cloud Portal xxxx1AA-xxx0Quality Center Environment xxxx1AA-xxx1Quality Center User Licenses xxxx1AA-xxx2Functional Testing xxxx1AA-xxx3Test Data Management (1-500GB Database) xxxx1AA-xxx4Test Data Management (500GB+ Database) xxxx1AA-xxx5Performance Center - Controller xxxx1AA-xxx6PC - Standard Protocols (each) - 1,000 Virtual User Test xxxx1AA-xxx7PC - Standard Protocols (each) - 5,000 Virtual User Test xxxx1AA-xxx8PC - Standard Protocols (each) - 10,000 Virtual User Test xxxx1AA-xxx9PC - Standard Protocols (each) - 25,000 Virtual User Test xxxx1AA-xx10PC - Enhanced Protocols (each) - 1,000 Virtual User Test xxxx1AA-xx11PC - Enhanced Protocols (each) - 5,000 Virtual User Test xxxx1AA-xx12PC - Enhanced Protocols (each) - 10,000 Virtual User Test xxxx1AA-xx13PC - Enhanced Protocols (each) - 25,000 Virtual User Test xxxx1AA-yy00On-Demand Support - Grade 1 xxxx1AA-yy01On-Demand Support - Grade 2 xxxx1AA-yy02On-Demand Support - Grade 3 xxxx1AA-yy03On-Demand Support - Grade 4 xxxx1AA-yy04On-Demand Support - Grade 5 xxxx1AA-yy05On-Demand Support - Grade 6

16 End-to-end Test Orchestration Automated test lab provisioning –Application under test – accessible –Test Tools provisioned –Test Scenarios ( test data, test scripts, test scenarios ) Central Repository for secure test library - Reuse Functional Testing Performance Testing Metering Usage –Chargeback mechanism – Pay as you Go –Meter Virtual Machine usage Services –Consulting –Training “ Dev. and Test as a Service “ Key Features

17 Development and Test as a Service Service Description Fully functioning Dev-Test environment for use across multiple platforms: Open source,.NET, Agile and JAVA Development, test and prep/prod environments are aligned and problems are reduced because of differences between the development and production environments including security common controls Application lifecycle management; testing and resourcing available (PM’s, developers, engineers, etc.) Rapid boarding of user community Service Benefit Fast scale-up or scale-down of resources with usage-based billings, old servers can be decommissioned when project is finished High machine utilization, fewer physical servers less capital expense Time to market is reduced, services can be provisioned in 24 hours 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement in the contract Operational and maintenance costs included in the service 17

18 Compare - Traditional Costs vs. DTaaS Typical - separate Costs and Effort TOTAL COST to Test Tool Admin $ Hardware $ OS, DB License $ Lab Space $ O&M $ C&A $ Outages $ DTaaS - all included in ONE price TOTAL COST for - TaaS Tool Admin - included Hardware - included OS, DB - included Test Lab Space - included O&M - included C&A - included SLAs- included


20 DTaaS Benefits = more ROI Immediate Benefits: –“Ready to Use” Implementation for HP ALM Solutions HP ALM HP Performance Center HP UFT HP Fortify Reoccurring Benefits: –Eliminate ongoing maintenance, administration, upgrades Same Test Resources get more testing done –Reduce cost – Hardware, Software, Resources, Setup Time –Constant Improvement of Software deliverables Quality Integration Stability

21 Value proposition of CLOUD – DTaaS Speed-up release cycles Allow parallel development and earlier functional testing. Reduce wait time for unavailable systems. Reduce budgets Required to setup, manage, and run complex test environments Lowering the cost of additional Hardware Decrease third-party expenses Incurred by using 3 rd party production systems Lower the risk of project failure Reduce risk by engaging quality teams early. Decrease risk with broader test coverage Improve total user experience Achieve desired levels of quality and performance levels QUALITY COST

22 Make QA more efficient by testing more –Less time on support tasks, more focus writing tests and executing them Leverage CLOUD / TaaS solutions to our advantage –Save time and Money $ $ $ Use Virtualization – to Test more ! –compresses the implementation schedule Testing as a Service can be local, public or private Cloud –Increases the Stability and Quality of deployed application – Better utilization of Corp. resources across the Enterprise Major Government Entities are executing this CoE model More Government Agencies are embracing this approach –“X” as a Service –Center of Excellence Summary : A Few Words to Review

23 Questions and Answers Vision Deliver to the customer their Vision

24 For More Information CorTechs, Inc. 5900 Fort Drive Centreville, VA 20121 (703) 968 – 7021 © 2012 CorTechs, Inc.

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