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Building Applications in a Day…or Less By Ano Tisam.

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1 Building Applications in a Day…or Less By Ano Tisam

2 Overview  Short Story  Current ICT Environment  How software is normally built?  How we build software?



5 Current ICT Environment  No Buy in to ICT policy => Where? …and Why?  No Strategic Plan => How?  No Programmes & Projects => What?  What happened? Chaos  Ministries doing their own thing  Ad-hoc IT procurement and projects  Duplication of effort due to decentralisation of systems,  OPM ICT unable to coordinate effectively due to resource constraints  Rely on Foreign Consultants backed by donors  Local IS/CS grads out of work in their fields

6 USP IS/CS Graduates Job placement of USP IS or CS grads from 2001-2010

7 Foreign vs. Local  Foreign  Tourism $50,000  Annual $10,000  Local  MFEM $4000  Annual $0 o Average Govt cap exp: $354,363 per software project o 100% sent overseas

8 Government Contracts For software development goes overseas

9 Viviki Reason why we built.

10 How is software usually built? Web Applications

11 Build Database Layer  Modelling entities and their relationships (ERD)

12 Build Logic Layer  Model processes/business logic

13 Build a User Interface Layer  Modelling user interaction with system


15 Tried many Alternatives  Various tools and methodologies have been created to deal with complexity  Coding frameworks e.g. CodeIgniter, Ruby on Rails,.NET  Development Methodologies e.g. Waterfall, SCRUM, Lean IT, Extreme Programming  IDE’s, Code Gens  Object-Oriented Programming

16 Brief Demo  http://localhost/viviki/ http://localhost/viviki/

17 The End Thank You –

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