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The Waterfall vocabulary

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1 The Waterfall vocabulary
Theme 1, Story 3 Key Vocabulary

2 What is a waterfall? Quiz

3 boulders Large, rounded rocks
We set up camp on a sandy flat beside a pool in a ring of boulders. Quiz

4 canyon A deep valley with steep walls on both sides, formed by running water. Then we waded against the little rapids deep into the canyon. Quiz

5 cauldron A large pot used for boiling
The waterfall roared by our ears into a great rumbling, boiling cauldron far below. Quiz

6 rapids A group of small waterfalls in a river where the water flows very fast. We hiked farther upstream, against little rapids, picking our way among slippery boulders. Quiz

7 scouted Observed or explored carefully for information.
I scouted a way, alongside the falls, and then we climbed like mountain goats. Quiz

8 ledges Flat spaces like shelves on the sides of cliffs or rock walls.
We inched our way up and up - the tips of our toes gripping thin ledges, our fingers finding cracks. Quiz

9 sheer Very steep I never felt more anxious - seeing my parents clinging to that sheer rock - or more proud, either. Quiz

10 Quiz Yourself! boulders canyon cauldron rapids ledges sheer scouted
waterfall End

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