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2015 FB Changes Changes to implement now. How This Benefits Us People don’t want to be sold to in FB so this causes us to get VERY defined in our business.

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1 2015 FB Changes Changes to implement now

2 How This Benefits Us People don’t want to be sold to in FB so this causes us to get VERY defined in our business. – Building relationships is top priority. Your posts should be about: WHO will benefit from you/your product WHY people should use you/your product HOW you can enhance their life WHERE your product can be used Imagine going to a page that’s all about you and catered to how to fix your problems. There are very few pages out there like that now. How much would you stand out? You could be the Frank Kern of FB!

3 How This Benefits Us 2 You now have a platform that is forcing you to focus solely on your customer. – What fears do they have? – What problems do they have? – Where do they want to be? – Do they know how to get there? – Why are they not already there? – What tools do they need under their belt – Think about how you can help them like no one else can.

4 How This Benefits Us 3 You want to be in the FB elite sandbox. Where FB no longer sees you as a potential threat against all that they stand for. You want them to see you as loving their platform and loving their mission. Every company has its inner circle – Amazon, Google, and even Facebook. If you get here, you won’t be scrutinized for what they believe could be nefarious intentions.

5 How This Benefits Us 4 People are jumping the FB ship that know about the changes. This leaves a lot more customers looking for what you have. You also will have more credibly. More believability and trust. People will know you care about them and not their wallet. All of this equals more loyalty, more sales, and teaches people how to be a people person and not a corporate mind.

6 Something to Think About! Something to think about: People are complaining about FB changes. They say FB only wants ad $ and they feel FB should be free to do business on. – WHAT?!? I can bet you that those people will never make any amount of money online. – Why? They don’t believe a business should expand, branch out, and grow in revenue. They believe in getting things of value for free. Think about that mindset and the impact it has on their own business?

7 Avoiding the FB Slap 1 Make sure all of your bio information is filled out completely. Change out your cover photo often. This is where you can highlight your brand! No free promotional posts – You cannot ask someone to: Buy something Download something Enter into promos or sweepstakes To like To Comment To Share your post

8 Tips 1 Remember the 3 E’s- educate, engage and entertain. Using emotions. Get people to feel. And always get them to agree with you. If you can get a yes, you’ve got loyalty. Always lead people to want your product on their own – don’t try to convince them. Make them come to you. Make sure you are fishing with the juiciest worm!

9 Tips 2 Gear all your posts towards your avatar. – Talk about the food they like. – Fun and interesting facts they would like. – Cater your FB page solely to everything avatar related. Hit all aspects of their life. – Your FB page can’t be about in you/your brand in 2015. It has to be about your customer. This will take some trial and error to find what works for you. Watch your competitors carefully. Mirror what they are doing and see what your results are.

10 Tips 3 Remember the 3 E’s- educate, engage and entertain. Using emotions. Get people to feel. And always get them to agree with you. A laugh and a cute moment with babies/children/or animals always gets good engagement. Always lead people to want your product on their own – don’t try to convince them.

11 Tips 4 Deal with the emotions of your avatar. While creating emotions is good, you then need to follow up and deal with them. Interact with them. Give them so much value they fall in love and can’t live without you. Share your Blog but know that FB gives more post reach to staying within their interface. Always, always, always give a call to action on your blog! This will become an important part of your FB business strategy. – People do better when they know what they are supposed to do.

12 Avoiding the FB Slap 2 Don’t rehash same “shared on FB” info. Try not to link to content very often that is not a well known personality or site. Memes are OUT! Do not hide posts or comments. It is rumored deleting posts (even old) may count against you. Don’t neglect daily posting and interactions. FB will penalize you the longer your new post sits without interaction.

13 Avoiding the FB Slap 3 Likes are losing their ground. FB wants to see real interaction. Shares are becoming more important. The quality of interaction must increase. A simple “Thanks” or “Good Post” isn’t going to make the cut in 2015. My guess is that is in response to bumping groups. If you go look at popular FB pages, you rarely see a 1, 2, or 3 word comment. Quality of comments matters! FB wants conversations! Think of talking to your friends.

14 Bumping Groups This is where bumping groups need to either change or be specifically created for the people that truly want to help each other climb to the top. I am in a couple bumping groups and most people don’t really engage much past a few words. They aren’t watching vids all the way or even clicking through the links. If they do, they aren’t reading the blog/website all the way. FB is going to be tracking all this and it WILL end up hurting us.

15 Bumping Groups 2 I have found very few people actually engage with what is being asked to do by the poster. I have watched very closely what people are posting and asking their fans to comment about. Usually a few bumping people will actually do what is asked of them. This is not good and it is not natural. You don’t see this in organic FB conversations. I love our bumping groups because they have helped me greatly over the past 2 months. In the future, they can end up being very detrimental to us.

16 Bumping Groups IMO, we should really be there to make other business owners successful. There are no I’s in success. The more people that are successful the easier it is for all of us to achieve success quickly. Think 100 th monkey. If someone is very busy with their own business or does not want the responsibility of that engagement, then they may want to consider a different avenue of bumping their posts in 2015. Be selective about the bumping groups you are involved with in 2015.

17 Avoiding the FB Slap 4 FB wants to see a good description if you are going to post a picture. Click bait headlines are a big NO-NO – FB will be monitoring the time someone spends actually reading the article or watching the video you sent them to. – People looking at your post but not interacting with a like, share or comment hurts you.

18 Avoiding the FB Slap 5 No more removing the links that you are posting so that only the picture is clickable. – FB calls this burying links in photos. The “I don’t like this” function will become more visible to users in 2015. FB won’t like this link being clicked. – This is where content needs to be carefully written. If you post something sad or controversial, people don’t want to LIKE something sad, scary, or controversial. I have read many people commenting on posts like these saying they wish there was an unlike button. This didn’t have to do with the page owner but with the content and how it made them feel.

19 Avoiding the FB Slap 6 Unfollows are not favored. – I experimented with this a bit. I used some of my other SM accounts just to drive non-targeted traffic to my FB page. People obliged and liked my page but because some weren’t into my message, I found myself with 3 unfollows in my stats and a drop for 2 weeks in my post reach. Not good. No like-gating. – I know I’ve said this before but you cant tell people to like or comment to receive something in return.

20 Tips 5 Target your posts in the post targeting section of your settings. Use a social media calendar. Consistency matters. Know your insights! Use high quality lifestyle images and make sure you add in a professional description. Consider your page to be about customer service not sales. It’s okay to brand yourself but we need to approach this differently in the coming year.

21 Tips 6 VINES!!!!! We will see videos begin to really increase. Vines & IG vids will be where it is at. – 6-15 second videos (uploaded to facebook) WILL keep your customers engaged and interested. Mix it up. Have a revolving collection of text, video, links, and photos. Drive your fans to your own site 80% of the time when using links. 20% of external links should be to reputable sources.

22 Tips 7 Run a test on your FB page of posting times. KNOW your insights! – Many people see a spike in the 2 am range because this engages people in other countries. For every 4 posts (mix of text and photo, engagement, and reshares), have 1 post with a link out. Every 5 th post should be a video- this will probably change in the future! – 4-6 posts a day seems to be the sweet spot for many. – Track all of the above on your own page and look at insights for the engagement. Change accordingly. People love avatar focused trivia, tips, tricks, funny things and answering questions!

23 Tips 8 The faster you can get people to engage on your new posts the more FB likes you. Hit post and immediately like it. Also like it from your regular page within 5 minutes. Tagging people within the text of your post is really good! Fanpages have made it difficult for to use this option. Here is a hack I figured out… – Publish your post, right click and open the picture in another window. Scroll down to see the tag option. Tag someone. It now shows in your regular post.

24 Tips 9 FB loves when you reshare posts from: – Pages where their fan base overlaps known high quality pages. – Pages where their complete profile is filled out. – Pages where you interact often. This is the exception to only posting from authority content and rehashed material. Make sure you include reshares based on your avatar’s needs, wants and desires!

25 Tips 10 FB loves: – Posts that reference a trending topic. – Videos (uploaded to FB) that have a large number of views and a longer view duration. – The more you upload to FB the better. I use YouTube downloader and then upload them into FB. – Your interaction with other pages! The more the better. FB doesn’t love: – Post that the likes and comments are not proportional. – Negative comments – Pages that use text only updates. These are still fine for regular FB accounts, just not fan pages.

26 Tips 11 Concentrate on sharing images and videos that are unique and do not appear already in open graph. Keep videos short. People have a short attention span and FB will penalize you if people are not watching your video through to the end. Remember you will get more FB kudos from very short videos. FB loves authority links from material that is related to your message. You are sharing the love & being a community player.

27 Tips 12 Be mindful of the bundled posts in the news feed. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to put out posts every so often reminding your fans that they may have to click a link to see all your posts. Additional controls for choosing what people see in their news feed is being rolled out. – People can filter views according to people, groups or pages. – They can also unfollow or hide your posts all right there with a simple click of the button.

28 Techniques 1 Interviews are a big deal in 2015. They lend authority and FB loves authority. Go to Reddit and search AMA with the following search terms: use [your topic] ama Example: use [social media tips] ama This helps you to create plenty of quality content from interviews.

29 Techniques 2 Interests stories are really good. I put out a few ads because I want to collect average people’s stories and highlight them and their struggles. This is very effective when you niche target them. It gains you exposure and shows your fans the struggles of other people and how they did or did not overcome them! VERY powerful!

30 Techniques 3 My go-to apps or inspirations for finding content and creating a super fast library. – BuzzSumo – Feedly – GetPocket – My email! – Trending topics

31 Techniques 4 My #1 Social Media Scheduling & Management Tool is – This is still invitation only (go there to generate the invitation) but it is a huge productivity app across multiple platforms. There are many scheduling tools out there, (like Buffer) but get one that can do ALL social media and does not brand itself in your posts. – This may mean you have to buy a subscription.

32 Techniques 4 LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest will be huge in 2015. – Start learning them now. Instagram is hot now, so take what you learn there and move it to other platforms with a change in feel. Keep in mind the overall energy or purpose of the SM platform: – FB – community coffee shop – Twitter – becoming less smarmy and more business. Breaking news and important story platform. – LinkedIn- for people that sleep in their suits and are serious about business. No memes, no funny stuff. No fooling around. Well researched articles and serious business promoting where you can back up what you say/promote. – Pinterest – DIY moms. GOLDMINE!!! Use this to inspire. – Instagram- spirited wanderlust. Great for company culture. All SM platforms will be cracking down through the next 1- 2 years as all the spammy people head there.

33 My <3 Techniques 5 Make use of “tag your fanpage” which actually run on all days of the week. You can search for these in your graph search. I spend 30 minutes a day doing this. I also ask people to message me once they like my page so I can share the love. Once they message me, I go to their page, like it and comment on a couple of their posts. I then message them saying I liked them back and I make a comment about some of their specific posts that I commented on.

34 Techniques 6 I also tell them that I believe that we business owners should stick together and help each other to be successful. I tell them I don’t want them to be a one hit wonder and I’d love if we can make it a point to like and comment on each other’s posts when we see them in our feed. 75% of the time, I get some really excited comments back and I get more people interacting with my posts that they resonate with. I spend 30 minutes in the AM and 30 mins in the PM (or when I’m using the bathroom!) scrolling my feed to like and comment. If I find people commenting on my stuff, I’ll always click them and head over to their page to comment there. It has been working out really good and has proven better than even running ads on my best performing posts.

35 Ninja Technique How to set up your own network that begins to feed on itself! – FB Loves Tumblr. You need to set up a network of sites that include Instagram, Youtube, FB, Tumblr, and your own blog. If you don’t have an EN blog, get one. Make this your money site. – Direct FB to Tumblr and Tumblr to EN blog. Direct FB to Instagram. Direct Instagram to your funnel system and EN blog. Direct YouTube to your funnel system and to EN blog. I would be careful of directing FB directly to EN very often, even though you have your own domain name on your blog. If FB penalizes you, it will take months to get back what you lost. Once you have that mastered, you can add in the other SM platforms you learn throughout the year.

36 Ninja Technique 2 Buy people’s fan pages. – Search your niche and find people that have not posted in the past few months but have 400+ fans. Offer to buy their page. You can buy a fanpage for anything from $25-$50. If they have a lot of followers, you may have to spend $100 or more. You can then use their fanbase to get more recognition. I have a VA that goes through all the fanpages for me. – I currently have a few programmers working on an app that will mine the data and do all this with a push of a button. I’ll release it for free to all the FB superstars that stay relevant in FB’s eyes.

37 Why the FB Changes Rocks for Us People are jumping off ship and cancelling their pages. We are already in the business of building people not building a business so this just pushes us faster towards our goals. Less competition. FB is like every other group. It loves the ones that will play by its rules. Advertise. FB will repay you for being loyal just as you repay your fans for being loyal. $5 a day once a month is enough for FB to see you as loyal.

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