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1Page - Your Coast –to-Coast Converter Connection.

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1 1Page - Your Coast –to-Coast Converter Connection

2 2Page -

3 3 NYSDEC announces Enforcement Discretion Effectively delaying enforcement of the new law until January 1, 2014

4 4Page - So 2014 brought about cataloging changes affecting how we sell catalytic converters in the State of New York

5 5Page -

6 6

7 7 Each vehicle’s engine family or test group is a distinctly different vehicle. Under C.A.R.B. Regulations

8 8Page - Engine family data must match exactly. You cannot assume that if only one engine family is listed by the California Air Resources Board that there weren’t additional engine families produced.

9 9Page - EPA Annual Certification Test Results & Data - The Federal EPA tested the vehicles in this spreadsheet

10 10Page -

11 11Page - 1999 Lincoln Town Car All 6 pages on the ARB site regarding this vehicle contain only the following 2 Engine Family Numbers: XFMXV04.6VDRLEV1 LEV XFMXV04.6VG5LEV1 LEV Yet the EPA site clearly recognized another: XFMXV04.6VBE

12 12Page -

13 13Page -

14 14Page - Enforcement and Penalties

15 15Page - DEC currently has over 1,000 C.A.R.B. compliant direct fit catalytic converters in our catalog, ready to ship today, and we are adding more every week. If there’s an EO available, DEC builds the direct fit cat.

16 16Page - New Product Announcements emailed each week

17 17Page - With a link to download all application and attribute data

18 18Page - Technical support is always available online at

19 19Page -

20 20Page -

21 21Page -

22 22Page -

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