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Welcome to Lincoln Elementary Monday, November 22, 2010.

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1 Welcome to Lincoln Elementary Monday, November 22, 2010

2 CSIP Efforts Lincoln continues to focus its efforts to improve written communication and math problem solving. While it is not included in our “official” goal, great attention and effort is applied to improving our students’ oral communication skills also.

3 Math Problem Solving Lincoln Students’ ability to communicate their math problem solving has been a focus for a long time. Our students do well on our local assessment, a one question test. However they do not do as well on the Terra Nova which of course has a plethora of questions.

4 Read, Plan, Solve, Look Back Kindergarten and First Grade teachers decided at the end of last year that they needed a different problem solving model. After all most K students are not reading independently and many 1 st graders do not read well enough to tackle a challenging math problem. That made 25% of the adopted problem solving method invalid for their students.

5 The Super 3 The Super 3 was selected as the Problem Solving model for K and 1. This model is appropriate for students up through 3 rd grade. K and 1 are piloting it to see if it is something our 2 nd and 3 rd graders might benefit from.

6 Here are some first graders to explain the model.

7 Plan

8 Do

9 Review

10 Changes Six months ago when our CSI team addressed the School Board we said we were determined to involve our stakeholders more fully in our CSI process. We weren’t kidding…

11 Parents on CSI Committees During our Fall Dance and at parent teacher conferences, parents were invited to join one of our four CSI Committees. We currently have parents actively serving on our committees which have been working on finalizing our school improvement interventions and strategies, as well as setting up the Parent Resource Room, and revising our school profile.

12 Parent Resource Room New at Lincoln this year (aside from our administration) is our Parent Resource Room. Located next to the cafeteria, the Parent Resource Room is a place parents can go to check out learning games, get information on educational issues and attend workshops.

13 Parent Workshops Our counseling staff, MFLC, and CAPS therapist work with our Stakeholder Committee to plan workshops that our Lincoln parents have suggested/expressed interest in attending.

14 Questions Questions? Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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