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Lesson 4 Phrasal verbs Past simple – Past continuous.

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1 Lesson 4 Phrasal verbs Past simple – Past continuous

2 Complete the sentence with the following words: climb down, run into, cycle through, sail around, fall off, run around, swim across After the goal the footballers began to ---- the stadium. Be careful! Don’t ------ that chair and break your leg. It’s very hot today! I want to --- the sea and wear my bikini. It’s impossible to --- the Atlantic! He loves the water. He wants to --- the world in a boat. We need to --- the mountain now because it’s getting dark.

3 Choose the correct words: I always cycle slowly so I don´t fall... my bike. (a.-up b.down c.-off d.-around) At the moment they’re driving ---- Europe. (a.-across b.up c.-down d.-off) She’s very good at winter sports. She can ski---- that mountain in three minutes. (a.-through b.-down c.-out of d.-under) Tom climbed... the tree to get an apple. (a.-off b.-under c.-around d.-up) Last year María jumped---- a plane at 1000 metres. (a.-out of b.-around c.-up d.-through) In July we cycled --- the mountains in Italy. (a.-off b.-through c.-under d.-out of)

4 Write affirmative or negative sentences using the past continuous: I /walk / across the park/yesterday Mike /play / football/ an hour ago they / climb down/ the mountain/ at seven o’clock yesterday evening she /not ski / last Saturday at this time Alex and James /swim / half an hour ago it / not rain/ this afternoon you / sail/ last Sunday at this time

5 Read the definitions and complete the words: This is a lot of water in one place....... This is a place at the top and bottom of the world...... These are very high hills........ This is a long line of water that goes down to the sea..... This is a very dry place with a lot of sand and rocks.... This is where water comes down from a very high place.... This is a very big sea......

6 Order the words to make questions in past continuous: Who/ Fernando/ talk/ to Where/ she/ ski You/ walk/ to the mountain It/ rain/ a lot Nuria/ who/ talk/to It/ rain/ yesterday afternoon

7 Order the words to make questions: Maria/ who/ talking/ was / to/ ? in/ doing/ class/were/ last/ week/ what/ we/ ? it/ raining/ yesterday/ was / afternoon/ ? big/ why/ you/ climbing/ were/ up/ rock/ that / ?

8 Translate into Spanish: I was cycling through the mountains last week. We weren’t watching TV at ten o’clock What were you doing yesterday evening? She saw the shark while she was swimming.

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