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It’s Here! Introducing Student Manager 7.2.A An ACEware Presentation.

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1 It’s Here! Introducing Student Manager 7.2.A An ACEware Presentation

2 Look for new features when... Running Reports Modifying Reports Using the HTML Built-ins When Cloning Names (there’s new stuff) Here, There, & Everywhere

3 Running Reports

4 New Option on F2 Day of Week

5 Split Attendance Rosters SO..??? So if you want instructors to turn in Rosters Once per week?? Once per Month??

6 New View when hitting the on course number queries The OLD……

7 Course name displays when working with course number queries The NEW………

8 Refund Listing option in Cashbox

9 Enhanced Transcript Reporting

10 Name UDF’s added to Transcripts

11 Location defaults to “Print on Receipt”

12 HTML Features

13 Course Proposal Screen Aligns with ACEweb “Course Proposal” Form Fields for Dates, Sessions & Times

14 HTML Builder for Instructor Bio

15 Video Tag Support for HTML Editor

16 In case of emergency... Emergency email now has an option to email instructors along with students

17 New Name Merge Features Good vs. Evil

18 Good twin, Evil twin and their respective passwords Combining names? The most recent ACEweb password is saved

19 Good twin, Evil twin But Chuck! What about the email address? Last... We’ve been storing the evil twin’s contact info. Now this will include the email address.

20 Here, There & Everywhere!

21 Split, Subsplit & Ubersplit Room Locations

22 Now we’ll warn you! When deleting additional charges on the reg screen

23 Option to clone Instructor Pay Note Which USED to be in SM but got removed In an upgrade….. ( Sorry bout that…)

24 % Course Fee Discounts Enter on course fee screen as a negative, decimal, coupon code Student Manager will do the math for you!

25 Always end with a big finale!

26 A New tab on the Name Screen Allows storage of test results, credentials or whatever your imagination cooks up!


28 As if that weren’t enough...

29 New Financial Aid Reporting Key Think shortcut, perfect tool, one key wonder


31 BANG! Hey, it’s better than letting the fat lady sing.

32 When Can I Get 7.2.A? How do I install it? Watch the Student Manager Forum Student Manager Updates 1)Download SM72AUP.EXE ( Customers SM Resources) 2)Make a Back-up 3)Run SM72AUP (Let the Update Wizard be your guide) 4)Enjoy

33 Remember ! We keep improving SM … Check the SM Resources Page… ACEware Web site Customers Student Manager Resources New Goodies.. New Goodies details the Latest Updates/Enhancements For 7.2.A

34 Questions? 800-925-2493

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