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The character of Flexibility

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1 The character of Flexibility
Flexibility vs. Resistance: Willingness to change plans or ideas according to the direction of my authorities.

2 Flexibility is change. The hardest thing for some people to do, is change. Most are “resistant” to do so. We are here to help change one another. When a baby is dirty, he does not change himself. He must be flexible.

3 Growing up The way that we are raised has a big effect on the plans for our life. Our culture also plays a major part in determining who we are going to be. In order to make positive change, we must be flexible. Flexibility is a part of growing up.

4 Exercising character Flexibility is determined by how much we can stretch ourselves in any direction. And stretching can hurt. But the more we stretch, the more flexible we are. Sit flat in your chair feet in front of you. Turn your body and look at the person behind you. Was that easy?

5 How far can I flex? I like to think outside of the box. Just because no one else has thought of it, or done it, doesn’t mean that it can’t be done.

6 How flexible are most people?
The only change that most people enjoy, is the change in their own pockets. Being flexible should benefit all, not just yourself.

7 More exercise How many of you can stretch backward and touch the ground behind you? Now, how many of you could spend 30 minutes a day stretching until you could bend over backward? This, on an average, would only take two weeks. Point being: we don’t know what we can do until we stretch ourselves to do it.

8 How far do I go? Flexibility is the discipline to accept change without compromising morals and values. We can be flexible without being immoral.

9 Who are we looking at? Flexibility in character is an issue for each individual. We are to be flexible ourselves, and not expect everyone else to be. Some people continue to change jobs, mates, and friends but they never think of changing themselves. They are resistant, while expecting everyone else to be flexible.

10 Flexibility starts in the mind.
The only way to have a clean mind is to change it sometimes. The longer one dwells in the same rut, the dirtier the rut becomes. It sometimes takes facing our biggest fears to get out of the rut. A mind that is flexible can think more logically.

11 When do people start to become flexible?
One does not become flexible because they have seen the light, but because they have felt the heat.

12 But, my boss and I don’t see eye to eye…
You may not see eye to eye with your employer; but then again, you weren’t asked to. Being flexible will help you be less resistant. You can change, giving yourself the opportunity to see things from your boss’s point of view, to better understand his goals and ideas, and not just yours.

13 We need everyone to be flexible
Our world must be flexible; we must listen to others and be willing to change. We need to listen to the older generation as our link to the past, and the newer generation for our link to the future. As for now, it will change, that is for sure.

14 Are you stuck in the rut and don’t like to give in?
Eddy Ketchursid stated: “If your horse is dead, for goodness sake, dismount.”

15 Story When Robert Raikes started the Sunday School movement, the Archbishop of Canterbury called together the bishops to see what could be done to stop him. He said it was a violation of Exodus 20:28. In the late 1700’s, “Sabbath School Societies” were started here and there throughout the young United States of America. But, at first, many members of the clergy were opposed to them, maintaining that it was a desecration of the Lord’s day to hold any school on Sunday. A pastor in Connecticut said of a class held in his church on Sunday, “You imps of Satan, doing the devil’s work. I’ll have you set in the street.” I wonder if that stopped Sunday School from happening. Again, you can have flexibility without compromising your goals and morals and ideas.

16 How flexible are you? Surgery before the age of anesthesia was painful. Patients were strapped down while saws and knives cut through tissue and bone. One Christian doctor thought to do something about this. Sir James Young Simpson ( ) practiced medicine in Scotland. He became senior president of the Royal Medical Society of Edinburgh when he was only twenty-four. Within a short time he had received every honor and position that he dreamed. He had always dreamed of putting patients to sleep during surgery so they would not feel the pain. Every Monday night, he would invite all the local doctors to his house to experiment with chemicals and crystals, and powders that he would make. They would all sniff the chemicals after they were made to see if it effected them. Nothing seemed to work until one Monday night on Nov 4, 1847 when one man found a chloroform crystal and burnt it.

17 The rest of the story When they sniffed the fumes, they passed out on the floor, feeling nothing. But now he had another problem. The churches came against him, stating that pain was a part of God’s plan, and that peace and no pain would only come in heaven. They tried to stop him. Being a man of character, Sir James went to the scriptures seeking if this was right. Upon opening the Bible, he read, “And the Lord caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and he slept; and he took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh in its place.” After studying the text he wrote an article entitled, “Answer to Religious Objections Advanced Against the Employment of Anesthetic Agents in Midwifery and Surgery.” It was he who convinced the religious community that they must be flexible and ready for change, always willing to study another mans idea to see if it is from God.

18 Break up in groups: Leon and Nelda had always wanted to have a baby, but were not able to until their 15th year of marriage. Leon had built a house 20 miles from the nearest hospital for their family. It was a cold January night when Nelda went into labor. Leon had tried to get the car started but it was too cold. He frantically ran to get the charger put on the car, which took him another 15 minutes. After Nelda had got in the car, Leon drove off without the hospital bag of necessities. Driving back cost Leon another 15 minutes. While on their way to town, Leon was pulled over for speeding. While the officer was filling out the ticket, Nelda started delivering the baby in the seat of the car, and Leon pulled away from the officer to get his wife to the hospital. The officer followed him to the hospital where Nelda was admitted immediately, but Leon was arrested for running from the officer, reckless driving, and speeding.

19 Assignment What Leon did (speeding) was against the law. But, could there have been flexibility in this case? And what if Leon had got in an accident if the officer let him go? Come up with the best conclusions on how both could have been flexible in order to accomplish the goals of both men.

20 Flexibility is: F-Forgoing one’s ideas for a better idea.
L-Lending a hand to further another’s idea. E-Enthusiasm about others thoughts and wishes. X-X-ray your own heart to see if your motives are pure. I-Imagining change before it happens. B-Bending backwards for the people that are over you. I-Imitating your employer’s best moves. L-Listening so you will learn more to help you. I-Inconvenient, but necessary. T-Taking the time to learn new things. Y-Yielding to authority without grudge.

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