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Randolph Hollingsworth, M.A.T., Ph.D. University of Kentucky.

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1 Randolph Hollingsworth, M.A.T., Ph.D. University of Kentucky

2 Don’t worry about a thing, ‘cause every little thing gonna be alright! Women don’t have any history – not really… Women’s history isn’t about me or you. Women in KY were poor, illiterate, pregnant and sick – dodging bullets from all the feuding, right? ‘nuff said! Women and children on the front porch of a mining company house at Four Mile, Bell County KY, 1946

3 Don’t worry … Wait – weren’t Kentucky women Southern belles … and wily whorehouse madams? Sallie Ward, Louisville 1860 Belle Brezing, Lexington 1895

4 Pre 1750s: sustainable agriculture, international markets, healing aspects of spirituality 18 th and early 19 th centuries: agri- business, church as microcosm of local social reform, public education, transnationalism, patriotism Sing sweet songs of melodies pure and true …

5 19 th & early 20 th centuries: war resistance, memorialization of warriors, white supremacy, free love, literacy, defining citizenship, kinship networks across boundaries, rely on federal funding while emphasizing states rights Every little thing’s gonna be all right…

6 20 th & early 21 st centuries: conservation, improved labor conditions, internationalism & human rights, how to woo an international company to Kentucky – and when not to, polite racism Everything’s gonna be all right

7 Sisters in the Struggle: KY Women in the Long Civil Rights Era, 1920s-70s Historical records and record-keeping The promise of our youth Digital media and the Internet History in the open – each 1 teach 1 Everything’s gonna be alright

8 Created new Wikipedia category: History of Women in Kentucky Joyce Hamilton Berry Joy Bale Boone Anna Mac Clarke Dolores Delahanty Audrey Grevious Elizabeth Fouse Julia Britton Hooks Kentucky Female Orphan School Lucille C. Little Anita Madden NAACP in Kentucky Judi Patton Lena M. Phillips Suzy Post Jeanette B. Priebe

9 Research Journals in the open

10 Research fueled by Reinette Jones’ UK NKAA database

11 Research fueled by others’ findings … & supportive messages

12 Oral History Group Projects


14 Can help us focus and refocus our lens on our future Kentucky women’s history

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