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WinBot II AS-0.3200 Automaatio- ja systeemitekniikan projektityöt.

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1 WinBot II AS-0.3200 Automaatio- ja systeemitekniikan projektityöt

2 WinBot II Wind powered robot for winter conditions Attempt to improve WinBot I design Project split in to 4 main milestones: – Initial planning and component ordering – Defining robot dimensions – Creating initial structure – Testing and adjusting created structure

3 Initial planning Target was to work on the flaws of WinBot I: – Lego structure not very sturdy – Robot fell over with stronger wind Desided to make structure out of carbon fiber with longer skis to try fix the problems in WinBot I Considered some form of sail size control

4 Component ordering For controlling we ordered RC servos and a radio controller for easy control of the robot without the need for a heavy control unit onboard Carbon fiber tubes and sheets were ordered for the chassis, however the delivered sheets were too low quality to use and we decided to get glass fiber sheets of higher quality instead

5 Defining the robot dimensions WinBot II was designed to be slightly wider than WinBot I for increased stability Longer skis were selected to lower the chance for the robot falling over The sail was decided to be made of some plastic or fabric with increased size to accomodate the slightly larger robot structure

6 Creating the initial structure Initial chassis was built from glass fiber Controlling servos were directly connected to their target parts Sail area control was built with a hinge on the mast allowing vertical tilting Sail was built out of a plastic sheet attached to two vertical carbon fiber beams that were connected to the mast via the hinge

7 Testing and improvement Early tests showed that our sail was too weak, we had to remake the sail with a sturdy frame Sail turning and tilting servos weren’t good when connected directly, connections were made with strings and reels instead Later tests showed that our sail was possibly too big, high winds would throw the robot around in worst case

8 Testing and improvement Vertical tilting of the sail was scrapped, the designed tilting mechanism wasn’t good enough for efficient use Weather didn’t permit testing on snow, test on a parking lot with wheels showed that the robot moved forward

9 The Result WinBotII motions

10 Pictures









19 What we achieved / failed Achieved: – Sturdier structure for robot – Better remote controls Failed: – Sail size control

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