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ALLA PINNAN TOISEUS PIILEE (beneath the surface the Other hides)

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1 ALLA PINNAN TOISEUS PIILEE (beneath the surface the Other hides)

2 THE AUTHOR Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen (b. 1966) Teaches Finnish and literature in Jyväskylä Lyseo High School Has recieved several awards and won many writing contests Describes his work as ”Fantasy Realism.”

3 THE PLOT Montgomery gets a job assignment and leaves for the seashore. He meets sailor Erasmus who begins telling his story to him. The tale of Erasmus: Erasmus used to play with dolphins in secret as a child. He then later returned to the sea as an adult and with his family, and noticed that the heavily polluted sea had corrupted the dolphins. His wife is frightened by them and she falls off a cliff with Erasmus' son. He then leaves to the sea to kill or in this case, to save the dolphins and eventually ends up in a storm. The dolphins save him and he goes back to his house to find a screwdriver to set off a bomb. After sharing his story Erasmus goes back to the sea to blow up as many sea creatures as possible.

4 THEMES Everything that isn't human is evil Vision of the world: contaminated, evil place, the other vs. humans People are self-centered --Erasmus is a slight exception Dolphins represent the theme well Humans destroy their surroundings and run away from the consequences. --They should take responsibility. --They worship themselves. The idea is expressed indirectly with hints of irony

5 CHARACTERS MONTGOMERY LAURENTIUS Has dog dreams Works at the department of mythology Lacks ambition Is sent out to investigate the myth of Erasmus

6 CHARACTERS ERASMUS Captain of the ship Cousteau The central figure of the Erasmus myth Has dolphin dreams Is drawn to dolphins and the ocean

7 CHARACTERS OTHER CHARACTERS Erasmus' wife Meredith and son Oswald Professor of the department of mythology, Anne Albelbaum

8 THE CONCEPT OF EVENTS The time of events: future The place of events: an island in the middle or by the edge of the sea The SEA: -both good and evil -scary to humans -a familiar and safe place to Erasmus from his childhood The HOUSE: -a haunted place, like a miniature ghosthouse

9 EXCERPT When he wasn't sleeping, Montgomery was killing time around his work desk. Sometimes he tried to further his research, which would probably never be finished. Most of the time, however, he'd just rearrange his books, video recordings, and notes from one place to another. He'd listen to the maples, which shaked and clanked behind the window, and tried not to think about the dogs. The machinery which made the maples wobble required constant care, just like all the other ancient mechanical plants at the campus. They produced oxygen and made the stalled air breeze for the delight and refreshment of all the people at the campus; the town's ventilation system still had it's shortcomings. There had been talks about changing the trees to modern day lungs, but the university people weren't happy with the idea. The relaxed atmosphere was an illusion: Montgomery's under-acheaving hadn't gone unnoticed by his superiors, and at 8 o'clock on one autumny Monday morning Montgomery was called to see the head of the department of mythology...

10 Fin.

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