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Karen Rice Osterman Middleton-Cross Plains School District.

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1 Karen Rice Osterman Middleton-Cross Plains School District

2 Total number of ELLs: 348 Total number of Spanish-speaking ELLs: 210 Total number of parents needing language support services: 179 How/why we keep track of parents needing LSS

3 Dramatic shift in population during last 5- 10 years Historically, same parents attending every event Goal to increase numbers of parents participating in events, increase parent engagement

4 What goals does your district or school have for parent engagement? Have you noticed trends with attendance at school or events?

5 Use of Google Translate Available in MANY languages Not perfect, but makes websites accessible

6 We noticed families weren’t reporting attendance Each building had different procedures for contacting families when a student was absent Using in-building vs. district staff Promotion of attendance line use

7 How does your district or school handle attendance for speakers of other languages? Have you noticed that families call in or don’t call in to report attendance? How is attendance an important part of parent engagement? What can you do to increase engagement in this area?

8 The use of conference calls has increased school- home connection New practice that’s being done to contact families More efficient than scheduling meetings for smaller issues, concerns, or questions Message is more accurately relayed Parents talk directly to school staff, which further improves school-home connections Parents have a chance to ask questions directly

9 Partnership with Latino Academy of Workforce Development LAWD provides teachers and curriculum District provides space, computers, childcare, coordination of events, outreach, promotion Teaches parents basics, including setting up email, using the parent portal, checking their child’s Facebook account, typing, etc. Classes offered two different years Has led to increase of parents using email to communicate with school

10 Use of Portal taught during computer classes Translated Parent Portal guide All parents have an account Parent Portal has Google Translate option so families can navigate in other languages Parents requesting additional training

11 Done through Infinite Campus Can be automated, although automatic pronunciation of other languages is unclear and causes confusion We record our own through Audacity Send them out through filters to families requesting Interpreters Use to promote events, parent meetings, weather closures, etc. Challenge: parents don’t answer phones, call back to ask what message was about; often creates more work Has helped communicate messages, especially about school events and school closures

12 Created to streamline language requests Used for requests for all languages Managed by district ESL/Bilingual staff Use of the email account has improved communication with staff, and between home-school Increase in documents translated and meetings scheduled with an interpreter

13 We recently purchased equipment for meetings Allows parents to be discreet in large group meetings regarding language needs Increased participation in parent meetings Parents feel a part of the school community

14 How are you using technology resources to increase parent engagement? Do you use features in Infinite Campus or other student management systems? Which ones? What’s working well? What goals do you have with regard to use of computers and computer systems?

15 Chromebooks Graphing Calculators Mi-Fi Purpose: increase student and parent engagement by making technology accessible to ALL families Provides option to purchase technology at reduced rate for F/R families or families asking for scholarships Initiative began as a part of our Technology Department

16 –Purpose is to increase awareness among school staff on increasing school-home connections Training staff at building staff meetings: –How do know if a student/parent needs language services –Why we need to provide language services –How to access language services –Available outreach services –Language services video

17 Overall, yes! We still have a long way to go, but we’ve made great strides too Increased attendance at parent meetings, events Increase in staff using language services Increase in services provided There are still challenges

18 We try to work with all staff in our district Spreading the word to the community Partnering and sharing with other districts Networking and partnering with community agencies

19 How do you engage parents? Are there any of these strategies or ideas that would be useful? Any strategies or ideas that you do that might be useful to us? What will you take way from what MCPASD is doing, both positive and negative?


21 Karen Rice Osterman 608-829-9977

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