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Perceptions of Risks and Harms. Affect participation in C90s? Judged “Cos when we come yeah you know about, what you are like, piece of paper we write.

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1 Perceptions of Risks and Harms

2 Affect participation in C90s? Judged “Cos when we come yeah you know about, what you are like, piece of paper we write where we go to college and like you might need to know like some sort of medication like, say like epilepsy we need to take some medication but then benefits you don’t know what happens behind our closed doors you just see us here. So it might make them think oh I can’t go and see them because they know this about me and they know I’ve done a crime.” (Helena, 18, studying GNVQ, 14 GP visits, C90s engaged)

3 Affect participation in C90? I : Do you think that’s a good way of getting the information? R: Yeah it’s OK. I’d rather come in though. (Whitney, 18, doing A-levels, LT illness, C90s engaged)

4 Data loss “…well they could find out like, or if it gets leaked, because I know there’s been a lot of stuff about how informations might have been leaked out and if something like that happened then you kind of, yes… if it got leaked out and then you found out that they’d done something and like if you’d wanted to know about it, but then never got asked it would be like….there’s been things in the news about how things have like that’s been leaked out or like stupid reasons like and then, yes…. but then it’s like it’s usually the government, I don’t know how all these things happen to them, it’s like.” (Felicity, 18, doing BTEC, C90s engaged)

5 Disclosure/ wrong hands “It falling into the wrong hands I guess like other people getting access a bit like you, you shouldn’t really have access of it…. So like like business and companies and things like that because they might like target certain people like whose vulnerable and more likely to give into things. I don’t think they should like find out about it.” (Jake, 17, doing A-levels, C90s engaged)

6 Affect Dr – P relationship “So I think if I knew where everything my um medical records was going to be shared around ain’t the correct phrase then I would consider not going to the doctors if I had a cold or whatever because it’s just – oh he’s got a cold wow here’s some paracetamol and spend three days in bed….And again more serious things the kind of could um effect job, family whatever um I would again try and find a confidential source. … I’m quite lucky because my mums a nurse so it’s quite easy just oh I’ve got this wash it out, take what ever or I don’t know yeah anyway.” (Ben, 18, about to go to uni, C90s engaged)

7 Criminal behaviour I:Is it kind of a combination of different pieces of information then, together that could be a bit freaky? R:Yes. Yes. I think so. I mean I, I’d like to think I’m not that interesting and no one’s really going to care, but, I guess it is a little bit worrying. I:And what, what are the bad things that you’re kind of thinking of that could happen if people had access to your information? R:Identity theft I guess or stalking (laughs) does that sound paranoid, maybe. (Kerry,18 uni student, C90s engaged)

8 Discrimination “Sometimes likes if it can get back to your employer say that you’ve got like a long-term illness that could affect your life in future then maybe you think that they might fire you earlier or it might have an impact on your employment…. Um or maybe your bank might not give you a loan if they knew you wouldn’t he- weren’t able to work… f the researchers worked out that a certain demographic people never paid their loans say, like people who had this illness never paid their loans then, announce that then maybe all the banks would look at all their customers and work out whose in that and then not give those people loans.” (Martha, 18, employed GAP year, C90s engaged)

9 Ability to understand risks “If I had found out probably wouldn’t have thought much into it at that stage in life maybe like three years it wouldn’t have meant anything to me maybe if it had happened 5 years down the line it might have meant something so I would have got a bit angry, um I think the stage we’re at in life means that we don’t quite understand the implications of people having our records and stuff, but once we start to get more information like our bank details, increase and our medical history increases so maybe.” (Martha, 18, employed GAP year, C90s engaged)

10 Impact on people “Yeah I think… I think being asked first would be better because obviously it can affect a lot in your life like umm career an what not… an [sic] I suppose it could affect people around you as well so I suppose being asked.” (Maddy, 18, doing A-levels, C90s engaged)

11 No risks I:So you wouldn’t need to be asked? R:Probably not no. I:The data could have your name on it? R:Yeah, like yeah. I:Right. R:Yeah me personally I won’t [worry]. I:It could be anybody looking at it? R:Yeah. I:[laugh] OK. Why’s that? Why are you so not worried? R:I don’t know it’s the sort of thing what’s the worse that can happen I mean it can- I:I don’t know what is, yeah what is the worse R:There isn’t I don’t think … I don’t know. (Jake, 17, doing A-levels, C90s engaged)

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