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Hey! That’s the Parthenon!

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1 Hey! That’s the Parthenon!
Democracy in Action Hey! That’s the Parthenon!

2 Tyrants Solon Pisistratus Cleisthenes Pericles Reformed Draconian Laws
Champion of the Poor Cleisthenes Established the first true democracy Pericles Ruled during the Golden Age of Athens

3 Agora Large open space in the middle of the city-state that contained a marketplace as well as government buildings Citizens mingled and discussed the issues of the day before gathering for the assembly meeting

4 But…How can I vote? I don’t have any arms.
Voting Only citizens of Athens could debate important laws Pynx = the assembly meeting place About 1 out of 5 Athenians were citizens Direct democracy; voted with their hands 3 Main Branches: The Assembly The Council of 500 The Courts But…How can I vote? I don’t have any arms.

5 Red Paint All citizens were required to participate in Athen’s democracy, but sometimes there weren’t enough people present at assembly meetings A red painted rope would be used to corral citizens from the Agora into the Pynx If you had red paint on your shirt, you would have to pay a fine

6 Who’s getting voted off the island?
Ostracism Ostracism literally means “judgment by shards” Citizens would vote for the person they wanted exiled from Athens for 10 years by writing a name on a pottery shard A quorum, or a minimum number, of 6,000 citizens required Usually for people who were too personally powerful, or who threatened influential people Who’s getting voted off the island?

7 Kleroterion Device used for randomly selecting members to the jury in Athens A small bronze plate used to identify the citizen was placed into each slot Dice were rolled to decide the row chosen to serve on the jury for that day

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