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Spring 2011. What is happening with higher education in California?

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1 Spring 2011

2 What is happening with higher education in California?

3  Significant decrease in freshman admits  Decrease in overall admits from Ohlone to CSU/UC  Increase in competition for freshman and transfer students

4  Fall 2010 largest number of applicants in the University’s history  For the 2 nd year in a row, UC is reducing freshman enrollment  System-wide, the admission rate is declining  Increase in competition


6  Increase in students  Increase in competition for classes  Decrease in classes  Decrease in funding



9  Unemployment in Oakland-Fremont-Hayward was 10.8% in February 2011  Compared to 9.5% for the nation ONE-STOP Career Center  500-700 individuals a month  Needing help with unemployment insurance, resume development and job searches  Will be down 7 staff members as of June 30th

10 Ohlone Students report stress:  Not getting classes  On waitlists that don’t materialize like they used to  Not being accepted for transfer  Can’t find a job  Parents being laid off  Parents losing their homes  Being homeless STRESS LEVELS ARE OFF THE CHARTS!


12  Laid off workers  Students not admitted to universities out of high school  Unmotivated Students (no major/no direction/no jobs out there)  Students seeking to remedy basic skills (keyboarding, English)  More anxiety, stress (from home issues, lack of classes, no money)  Students with families in crisis (i.e. Tsunami – International Students from Japan)  Students balancing school with supporting a family These are the students are sitting in our classes

13  Fall classes will probably be full in June  Looking at an additional 12% cut next year Students will show up in June, July and August needing to go to Community College because: a. they didn’t get into the university b. change in finances at home & can’t afford the university c. students who weren’t planning for college, but who can’t find a job d. laid off workers e. Veterans What will they do?

14 Assisting students with academic, personal and career goals  More College Success classes  More Career Planning classes  Freshmen Connection Day  Late start Personal Development classes  Transfer workshops  Retention programs  Outreach

15  What else can we do to help these students?  What do you do if a student sitting in your class needs help?  How can you access counseling for your students? (early alert) Student issues are on the rise…  How can we support the college?


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