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1 Participant Introductions Worksheet #1

2 Influencing Change Name Location / Date

3 Today’s Agenda Habits that Limit Your Influence Tips on Being Heard 8-Step Change Model Different “Change Styles” Your Change Commitment

4 Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity Encouraging girls and women to get off the bleachers, and onto the fields and playing courts, into the pools, the locker rooms and boardrooms of Canada

5 CAAWS at a Glance  Women and Leadership  Professional Development  Women on Boards  Women & Leadership Network  Lunch & Learns  On the Move  Aboriginal, Newcomer & Racialized girls & young women  Quality After School Programs  Mothers in Motion  Physical Activity for Women 55-70+  Addressing Homophobia in Sport  Active & Free: Young Women and Tobacco  CS4L Supplement  Psycho-Social Factors  Ontario Project  Awards & Scholarships  Most Influential Women in Sport and Physical Activity  WISE Fund  Website & eNewsletter  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn  Photo DVD LEADERSHIP  PARTICIPATION  EDUCATION  COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT


7 Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO What Would You Do if You Weren't Afraid? Leaders Talk

8 1.Tiara Syndrome 2.Treating Work Like School 3.Wanting to be Liked 4.Not Taking Opportunities 5.Imposter Syndrome 6.Not Speaking up +/or being Interrupted Habits that Limit Influence Worksheet #2

9 Benefits of Speaking Up Tips when Speaking Up Tips for Good Listening Personal Reflection Being Heard

10 Improves Organizational Performance Commands Respect Strengthens your Influence Leads to Unexpected Opportunities Accelerates your Career Benefits of Speaking Up

11 Tips When Speaking Up Be prepared and informed Ask questions and listen to responses Indicate the benefits of the idea Create and maintain rapport

12 Tips for Good Listening Listen to Understand Remove Distractions Be Silent Use Body Language Empathetic Sounding Back Ask Questions

13 Self-Reflection Worksheet #3 Think of a time when you haven't spoken up, or your voice wasn't heard. What could you have done differently so that you would have been heard?

14 Kotter’s Change Model

15 Preparing to Change

16 Implementing the Change

17 Managing the Change

18 Kotter’s Change Model Worksheet #4

19 Change Activity Partner with someone you don’t know Introduce yourself & then stand back to back Without talking, make 3 changes to your physical appearance Turn back to face your partner - identify the changes

20 How do you respond to change? Stress Frustration Pain Anxiety Discomfort Overwhelmed Uncertain Fear Excitement Challenge Accomplishment Growth Pride Reward Appreciation Success Reflection

21 Change Styles Change Style Indicator – measures your preferred style in dealing with change 3 styles on a continuum

22 Conservers Accept structure Prefer retaining existing systems and paradigms Prefer gradual change May appear cautious and inflexible Ask the hard, detailed questions

23 Pragmatists May adapt/evolve the structure Operate as mediators and catalysts Are results focused May appear reasonable, practical and flexible but also noncommittal

24 Originators Challenge the structure Enjoy risk and uncertainty Prefer quicker, expansive & radical change May appear disorganized & undisciplined Original thinkers

25 Change Styles Continuum Worksheet #5 Where are you on the Change Styles Continuum? Discuss the characteristics & negative perceptions Consider effective approaches for dealing with each of the styles

26 I will… Commitment to Change Worksheet #6

27 Next Steps Workshop Evaluation Other resources? CAAWS eNews

28 Parting Thoughts… “Don’t think that a small group of committed individuals can not change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead “The shift to a more equal world will happen person by person. We move closer to the larger goal of true equality with each woman who leans in.” Sheryl Sandberg

29 Thank You! Facilitator Name + contact information

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